Moon Resonance (MM)

Be-Were 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,506
4 Ratings (4.8)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, sex toys, HEA]

Charlie Throne never expected fate to pair him with a feisty Halfling who has a penchant for attracting trouble, but something about Xander captivates Charlie and he knows they were made for each other. Convincing the Halfling of this, however, is much harder than Charlie had originally thought.

Xander Wilde is a Halfling who has spent his life searching for a way to harness the power of the Resurrection Stone. But so far, the stone is proving to be more of a curse than a blessing as hits on his life from those that seek the stone’s power become more frequent. When a shifter comes to his rescue and agrees to help him, Xander is tempted by the dark promises that resonate inside Charlie’s soul and finds it impossible to resist the wolf’s charms.

But what price will the Halfling have to pay in order to have his happily ever after? Could surrendering his heart mean losing everything he’s ever known?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Moon Resonance (MM)
4 Ratings (4.8)

Moon Resonance (MM)

Be-Were 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,506
4 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




With both hands on his hips, Charlie got a good look at the brat who had dared to insult him. His messy auburn hair hung in front of his deep-green eyes. He had a much smaller build than Charlie and was clearly not a fighter. His ears were adorned with many piercings that had hoop silver rings through them, but the most noticeable of the punk’s piercings was the labret that had a silver stud jutting out just below his luscious lips.

Xander leaned forward, showcasing his slender form in the tight black T-shirt he was wearing. His eyes raked Charlie’s naked physique.

“Get some clothes on,” Xander scoffed at last, folding his arms across his chest and turning his head to hide his reddening cheeks.

Charlie couldn’t help but flash him a broad grin as he walked over to where he’d dropped his duffle bag. He had just arrived into town when he ran into Xander, so he had yet to get a hotel room. It took him only a moment to locate another pair of dark-washed blue jeans and a white shirt. He pulled on his clothes and turned around just in time to see Xander storming off back toward town.

Slinging his bag over his shoulder, Charlie jogged to catch up with him. “What? I don’t get a thank-you?”

Xander turned those vibrant green eyes on him, filled with irritation for the second time since their meeting.

“Thank you,” he said in a clipped tone, still not slowing his pace. “Now can you leave me alone? I have research I need to do.”

This wasn’t going as easy as Charlie had thought it would and this brat’s stubbornness was really beginning to annoy him.

He thought for a moment before speaking again. “Well, what if they come back? You know, I had better stick around just in case.”

Xander rolled his eyes.

Damn this kid has no manners.

Charlie grabbed Xander’s shoulder. “Hey, kid, what’s your problem?”

Xander shrugged off his touch. “I don’t have a fucking problem, and I’m not a kid! I’m twenty-one years old thank you very much, and I can take care of myself. I have been for years. I don’t need anyone watching my back now. I have everything under control.”

Charlie stood there with his mouth hanging open as he watched that fine ass in those tight-as-hell blue jeans walk away from him.

“Twenty-one? You have to be kidding me. You look like you just turned eighteen.” There was disbelief in Charlie’s voice as he stood there glaring at Xander’s backside.

Xander waved a hand of dismissal at Charlie.

Okay, he’s seriously getting on my nerves now.

Thoughts of dragging the brat back to his place and showing Xander a thing or two about respect brought Charlie great satisfaction. What he wouldn’t give to bend that sweet ass over and— Get ahold of yourself, man! Charlie shook his head, freeing himself from the thought.

This kid had his emotions all mixed up. Charlie wasn’t usually one to let his cock take charge, but he was finding it very hard to keep his head clear when it came to this punk-ass brat.

If he didn’t get it together, Xander was going to leave him here, and Charlie couldn’t stand the thought of returning back to the Pack empty-handed, especially not when he knew everyone else was working their asses off, preparing for war. He clenched his teeth and pushed his pride and naughty thoughts aside.

“Look,” he said, catching up to him again. “I don’t know what I did to offend you, but it didn’t look like you had everything under control back there. At least let me walk you home.”

Xander turned to face him then, finally stopping his advance. He placed one hand on his hip and a cocky smirk on his face. “What are you, some kind of weirdo stalker?”

A broad grin spread across Charlie’s face. “Consider me a concerned citizen. Besides, for some odd reason I kind of like you, and I’m not one to pass up on a good thing when I see it.”

Okay, so maybe he was stretching the truth just a little bit. In his book, Xander was in no way a “good thing.” He was trouble with a capital T, but he was hot as hell, and something about his feisty temperament had Charlie all in knots. He was torn between wanting to take him to bed and wringing his neck.

There was hesitation in Xander’s eyes, and he finally sighed in surrender. “Fine. You can walk me home, but don’t try anything funny, you got me?”

Charlie shrugged. “Whatever you say.”

“I mean it!” Xander turned his vibrant green eyes upon him once again and flared his nostrils. “I will seriously kick your ass if you turn out to be some psycho serial killer.”

Charlie smiled to himself as he tried to envision Xander overpowering him. Yeah, that would never happen.




“Charlie,” Xander spoke breathlessly in between kisses. There was no stopping him now. The wolf inside him let out a triumphant growl as he freed Xander of the last bit of clothing. He stood there naked and pinned against the wall. His emerald eyes shimmering with a guardedness that he had never looked at Charlie with before.

Charlie couldn’t help but notice Xander’s piercing hadn’t stopped with his labret and earrings. His hard nipples stood out, showcasing the black loops dangling from them. He hadn’t noticed them before when they were swimming, but now as Xander stood there staring back at him through his ruby-colored hair, covered in piercings, Charlie realized this punk was better than anything he’d ever fantasized about before.

Charlie gripped Xander by his hair, pinning his head to the wall as he traced kisses along Xander’s neck. Charlie’s canines elongated in anticipation of tasting the Halfling, but he resisted. It wouldn’t be right to feed off him on their first night together. Instead, he kept moving down Xander’s body until his lips found those perky nipples. He swirled his tongue, toying with the loop before biting down hard enough to make Xander cry out.

Charlie’s cock jumped at the whimpers coming from his Halfling. “You want me, Halfling?”

Charlie’s stared up at Xander, showing the animal inside him as his lips curved upward into a mischievous smile.

“Yes! God yes!” Xander struggled against Charlie’s hold on his hair as he reached for Charlie, pleading with his eyes to give him the release that he desired.

“I’m going to fuck you all night. Over and over again, until you know that you belong with me.” He didn’t know why he said it, but Charlie wanted Xander to know this connection was more than a one-night stand.

Xander closed his eyes and let out a moan as he ground against Charlie’s hold. When he opened his eyes again, they were filled with nothing but desire. “Anything,” he whispered. “I’ll do anything to have you inside me.”

Charlie released Xander and walked over to the couch, stripping off his own clothing. “Then get over here and suck my cock.”


* * * *


Xander did as Charlie commanded. When Charlie had sat down on the leather sofa, his dick stood tall, ready and eager for him. Charlie was hung like a horse, and Xander wondered if he would be able to take all of him.

“Well?” Charlie said as he raised his eyebrows. He didn’t need to say anything more. Xander fell to his knees and wrapped his hand around Charlie’s thick shaft.

Xander licked the mushroomed-shaped head, savoring the pre-cum that had gathered at the tip. Charlie gasped at the first contact, and it only encouraged Xander more.

Inch by delectable inch, Xander stuffed Charlie’s pulsating dick down his throat, taking him in as far as he could before moving back up his shaft to swirl his tongue on the tip. He repeated the motion again and again, quickening his pace each time.

Charlie ran his hand through Xander’s hair, gripping it so that he could take control of Xander’s movements. He forced Xander’s mouth back down his thick erection, each time pushing him a little further until Xander had all of Charlie stuffed in his mouth. Xander moaned against the throbbing member and eagerly sucked on it like the best damn tasting lollipop he’d ever had.

“That’s it, baby. Take it all.”

Xander stared up at Charlie, their eyes meeting just as Charlie pushed his dick back inside Xander’s mouth. He was so large that with every thrust he was hitting the back of Xander’s throat, bruising his soft palate, but Xander didn’t care. He wanted inside him in every way possible.

Xander reached up and fondled the ball sac nestled beneath the cock in his mouth, and Charlie gasped. He could tell the shifter was close to losing it. Charlie pushed at Xander, pulling him away and sliding his cock out from in between Xander’s lips with an audible pop. Xander wiped the saliva from his mouth as he grinned up at Charlie like a Cheshire cat.

“Damn, you’re good at that,” Charlie said, still breathing heavily. “Do you have any lube?”

Xander nodded as he stood and made his way to the bedroom. Charlie followed. Xander pulled out his stash from the nightstand and handed it to Charlie. His heart was racing in anticipation of what was coming.

Charlie poured an ample amount into his hand. “Bend over the bed,” he ordered, and Xander was more than willing to obey.

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