Josh Braden and Ryan Winters are like day and night – Josh is a defense attorney, Ryan is a cop. Josh is reserved, Ryan is laid back. Josh is openly gay, Ryan is in the closet.

Once they meet, however, there is an attraction that neither of them can deny. They suddenly have one thing in common – the need to be together, both in the courtroom and in the bedroom.

As time passes, they realize that their relationship has become more than just hot, satisfying sex. But will love be enough to overcome their differences? Will they be able to work through them, or will it take a near tragedy to make them see what is really important?

Forget Me Not (MM)
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Josh took a sip of his wine and thought about the first time he’d seen Ryan Winters. It was ten months before and Josh had been hired as the defense attorney of a local young man accused of statutory rape. He had stopped by the police station one day after court to speak with the investigator on the case, a detective named Jackson. It turned out that Jackson wasn’t on duty that day, but Ryan was and had agreed to speak with him.

Once Detective Winters led him to his office, Josh said, “I appreciate you seeing me. I should have called first.”

“No problem. I’ve pulled the file, so I should be able to help you.”

As a general rule, cops and defense attorneys weren’t the best of friends. But from this first meeting with Ryan, he’d been impressed with his intelligence and professionalism. He was easy-going and friendly, not displaying any of the cop attitude that Josh usually found so annoying.

He’d also felt an immediate attraction to the other man, which, for him, was unexpected. True, the detective was good-looking and sexy, and Josh hadn’t had a date in a while, but it was still surprising. He hadn’t anticipated even liking the man, much less being attracted to him. He couldn’t tell if the feeling was mutual, however.

Josh had maintained his own professionalism until the case was finally resolved, but as soon as it was over, he invited Ryan out for a drink to see if he could pick up any vibes from him. Maybe, away from the station, he could detect if Ryan was attracted to him or just being friendly. There had been a couple of times during the course of the investigation that he’d thought that he detected some interest from the other man, but maybe not. Ryan might not be gay, just friendly, or it could be that he was in the closet because of his job. Josh was hoping for the latter. It had been a long time since Josh had felt that strong an attraction to anyone. Not only was this guy hot as hell, he was intelligent and funny, and that was a winning combination as far as he was concerned.

Josh had been waiting for about twenty minutes when Ryan walked into the bar. Josh’s eyes locked on him immediately and he sent up a silent prayer that his gaydar was still functional because, when their eyes met, there was a definite connection. Jesus, he’s gorgeous. Those tight jeans, showing off a rather nice package and that light blue polo shirt, making his eyes look even bluer were a perfect choice. If he dressed for him, and God, he hoped he did, he couldn’t have done better. Ryan’s blond hair was shaggy and a little long for a cop, touching his shirt collar. At that moment, all that Josh could think about was how hot the other man was and he shifted uneasily in his chair. What if he’d misread the situation? What if he wasn’t into guys after all?

Josh took a deep breath to calm his nerves and raised his hand to wave at the other man. Ryan smiled and waved back, walking over to the table and taking a seat across from Josh, who was grateful that he was sitting down because his cock had begun to show its appreciation of Ryan’s body as well.

“Hey, Josh, how’s it going? You been here long?”

“No, not long.”

“I’m sorry I’m late. Got held up at work.”

“No problem. I figured you’d be here sooner or later.” Josh held up his Guinness and said, “I sort of got started without you.”

“I see that. Let me go up to the bar and get one and I’ll be right back.” Ryan stood up. “Do you want another one of those?”

Josh looked at his bottle and decided one more wouldn’t hurt. “Sure.” Then, he watched Ryan as he walked over to the bar. To be more specific, he watched Ryan’s ass in those tight jeans cross the room. As Ryan started back across the room with his Heineken and Josh’s Guinness, Josh reminded himself to keep his eyes above the waist or Ryan might begin to suspect that he was some kind of pervert.

When Ryan got back to the table, the talk was general. They laughed and joked for about an hour before Ryan said that he was going to have to leave. He had to get up early the next day to start looking for a new apartment. Josh was frustrated because he was still not sure if Ryan was gay. He used to be better at this, didn’t he?

He had learned, in the course of their conversation, that Ryan had never been married, had no children and didn’t date much, but none of those things said gay to Josh. What the hell? Had he been so busy with his law practice and the house that he’d lost his touch? Had it been that long since he’d tried to hook up with somebody? Come to think of it, he couldn’t remember the last time.

Adult Excerpt

Ryan dropped his towel on a lounge chair before diving off the side of the pool. Josh was at the other end of the pool and the splash of Ryan’s entry got his attention. When Ryan came to the surface, Josh had moved closer to the deep end of the pool.

“Hey, glad you decided to join me.” He was smiling.

“Yeah, me too. This feels great.”

They swam a few laps together before Ryan turned over to do the backstroke and accidentally bumped into Josh. He stood up quickly, but as soon as his feet touched the bottom of the pool, he got slightly off balance and his ass hit Josh’s hard cock. Ryan heard Josh groan and felt a strong arm come around him, holding him close. The feeling of that rigid dick brushing his crease was more than he could resist and he turned in Josh’s arms, putting his hands on the other man’s shoulders.

“Damn, I hope you want this, too, Josh, because I can’t fight it anymore. I’ve wanted you since the first time I saw you.”

Josh leaned down and brushed a kiss across Ryan’s lips. “Oh, yeah, I want it.” His lips covered Ryan’s, his tongue sliding into his mouth, and his hand moved slowly down Ryan’s back.

Ryan felt Josh’s hand cup his ass cheek for just a minute before a finger slid into his crease and tickled his hole. Ryan moaned and tried to move closer to Josh, rubbing his own swollen cock against Josh’s. “God, that feels good, Josh. I was beginning to think that this was never going to happen.”

“M-mm” was the only response he received because Josh’s tongue slipped into Ryan’s mouth again and began playing with his. At the same time, Ryan felt a finger slide into his entrance and that was it for him. The friction of their cocks rubbing together and Josh’s finger teasing his hole was too much. “Damn, I can’t hold back, Josh. I’m gonna come, can’t help it.” And he did.

“I’m guessing that that was okay for you, huh?”

Ryan laughed. “What was your first clue?” Josh laughed, too, and Ryan took his hand. “Come with me, so to speak.”

“Oh, that was really bad. Anyway, where are we going?”

They had been walking toward the shallow end of the pool and had reached the steps by this time. Ryan gestured to the top step. “Have a seat, sir.”

Josh sat on the top step, which had ankle deep water on it, his cock standing proudly up out of it and Ryan knelt on the bottom step. Putting his hands on each of Josh’s knees, he spread them apart and lowered his mouth to Josh’s dick, licking a drop of pre-cum off the head. Josh groaned and Ryan went to work in earnest. He put his mouth over the head and swirled his tongue around it while massaging Josh’s balls.

Ryan felt Josh’s hands on his head, sliding through his hair, and listened to his groans of pleasure, loving every second of it. He took as much of Josh’s shaft into his mouth as he could and sucked and swirled his tongue around the head some more until Josh couldn’t be still. When Ryan stuck his tongue in the slit that was the end for Josh.

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