Girl Fun Selections Volume Three

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 13,300
0 Ratings (0.0)

Five lesbian stories with varied themes including BDSM, menage and older woman.

Summer Camp by Eva Hore

She has had more than enough of camping life – the novelty of shearing sheep and milking cows quickly wears off! Just when she thinks she’s escaped her duties for an afternoon, she’s caught by the owner’s daughter who happens to be a dab-hand with the whip – in more ways than one.

Symmetry by Jeremy Edwards

Susan and Carla have often been mistaken as sisters they are so alike, but they’re bound solely by love and lust, not genes. After 15 years in a relationship, things might be getting stale, but not for these two. When you have sex with your virtual ‘doppelganger’, it’s like having sex with another and sex with yourself both at the same time. Sure opposites attract, but there are s-exceptions.

Losing It by Ashley Hind

Mandy might be her step-cousin, but she’s always had a secret crush on her big-busted relation, which always reaches fever pitch on her annual summer visit from the country. Except now, it’s not just Mandy getting under her skin. College-girl Emma might seem rurally innocent, but appearances can be deceptive on a sexy shopping trip into London. And when the Goth owner of the sex shop turns the sign on the door to say Closed, it seems this afternoon is going to see many a cherry popped ...

Holiday Camp Sharing by Mark Farley

Center Parcs might not immediately spring to mind on your top-ten list of raunchy holiday spots – least of all for a honeymoon. But newlyweds Alys and Dahlia prove that a destination is as sexy as you make it. And it seems German couple Magda and Christine live by exactly the same philosophy.

Meeting Jane by January James

Aurora has an unusual fetish: nothing turns her on more than a pregnant lady. When fellow writer Jane enters her life, she is just a friend in need of a place to stay, but over the months, Aurora’s lust for the other woman grows and grows, just like Jane’s baby bump and the attraction seems to be mutual ... Some people say that fantasies should stay just that, but Aurora discovers that reality can sometimes outdo make-believe – as well as change her love life for ever.

These stories have also been published in Girl Fun One ISBN 9781906373672

Girl Fun Selections Volume Three
0 Ratings (0.0)

Girl Fun Selections Volume Three

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 13,300
0 Ratings (0.0)
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This working camp was stupid. I hated it. Why we had to watch sheep being shorn, bulls being lassoed and cows milked was beyond me. It was a ridiculous waste of time.
While everyone was focused on the activities I decided to sneak down to the barn, smoke a joint and relax. Lying on the soft straw was as close to nature as I wanted to get.
‘And what do you think you’re doing?’ a voice in the stall next to where I was lying spoke.
‘I ... er ...’ I wasn’t sure what to say. Didn’t know who it was.
‘You’d get into so much trouble if I told anyone you were smoking down here. One spark and this whole barn would go up.’
It was one of the owner’s daughters. She looked butch and she was eyeing me like she was interested. I thought I’d bait her, see how far she’d go.
‘Well maybe you should punish me then,’ I said smugly.
‘You know I think I’ll do just that. Get over here.’
With the cigarette dangling from my lips I sauntered over. Snatching it out of my mouth, she drew on it before extinguishing it in a bucket of water and then grabbed me by the arm.
‘Get in there,’ she said, pointing to someone’s quarters.
As she slammed the door shut I took a quick look around. The room was neat and sparsely furnished. A chair, single bed, small table and a cupboard. I tried not to giggle as I looked back at her.
‘You think this is funny, do you?’ she asked.
‘Well ... yeah,’ I muttered.
‘Take your clothes off,’ she ordered.
‘What?’ I hadn’t counted on her being so forward, so keen.
‘I said take your clothes off and do it now,’ she said picking up a small riding crop that was hanging on the wall. I quickly did as she asked as she slapped the whip into the palm of her hand.
I was excited as I stood there proudly in front of her showing her she couldn’t intimidate me.
‘Now sit on that chair,’ she said.
‘What about I just lie on the bed,’ I said coyly. Being stark naked in front of a stranger was such a turn-on. I wondered what she thought about my body, how it would feel with her hands touching me.
‘I said sit on the chair. Now,’ she said menacingly.
I sat, the cold wood causing goosebumps to appear on my skin.
‘Put your hands behind your back,’ she said giving me a quick slap to the thigh with the whip when I took too long to comply.
The stinging pain shot through me as though zapped by lightning. My pussy began to throb and my nipples hardened. Holding my hands together she lashed rope to them and then secured me to the back of the chair. I was breathing heavily – turned on like never before. She stood behind me, her hands grabbing at my breasts and pinching the flesh cruelly. She pinched the nipples, pulling them hard until I cried out.
‘Quiet,’ she demanded. ‘I don’t want to have to explain why I’m doing this to you if someone walks in.’
Standing in front of me she licked her lips as she placed the whip hard up against my neck, before holding it to my lips.
‘Lick it,’ she said.
I opened my mouth and licked the leather staring up at her.
‘Very good,’ she said.

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