Girl Fun Selections Volume One

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 16,800
0 Ratings (0.0)

Five lesbian stories with subthemes of BDSM, paranormal, older woman.

Toy Story by Lynn Lake

Daisy gets on with goth chick Talia from the moment they start working together, but this is the first time she has visited her friend’s home. Talia’s convinced that her mother has become a lesbian, revealing the secret stash of porn and extensive collection of toys she’s discovered. But Daisy’s too distracted by her own sense of curiosity to worry about the sexuality of a woman she’s never met. Little does she know that Talia’s got a secret of her own, but the toy box is calling...

Come Dressed Up by Kitty Meadows

There’s no way that a self-confessed addict of sexy lingerie is going to turn down an invitation to the opening of a new shop – even if she is still getting over her ex-boyfriend. After a case of mistaken identity, she finds herself a sex-toy guinea pig for the night with a whole new world of possibilities opened up to her. A world full of accessories that not only look sexy, but feel it – plus where men are surplus to requirements!

Belonging to Grace by Lucy Diamond

Lucy has been dreading this dinner party for weeks and just when she thinks it’s going so well, her girlfriend Grace discovers her secret. If there’s one thing Grace can’t abide, it’s dishonesty. After ten years together, Lucy know there’s only one way to make things right and that one thing’s for certain: her bottom’s going to be very red by the time the night is out.

Siren by Beverly Langland

This holiday is a fresh start for Colleen – a time to shake off her small-village upbringing and embrace her adventurous streak. What could be better than a sailing trip with mature sexy siren Elizabeth? From topless sunbathing to skinny-dipping in the turquoise sea to a sensual body-to-body oil massage, this is a whole new side to Colleen. And the best thing? The raunchy adventure’s only just beginning...

Blood and Bliss by DMW Carol

Blonde, blue-eyed Aimee, dressed all in white, isn’t the typical girl Serena usually sees at her favourite goth nightclub – and the mutual attraction between ‘darkness and light’ is immediate. They can’t resist their bodies’ urges for long, and soon the two girls are enjoying a long night of fiery passion, all the way from dusk ’til dawn. And beyond.

These stories have also been published in Girl Fun One ISBN 9781906373672

Girl Fun Selections Volume One
0 Ratings (0.0)

Girl Fun Selections Volume One

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 16,800
0 Ratings (0.0)
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And that changed everything. Everything got all serious all-of-a-sudden. I got real scared then – scared and excited, actually – realising what I’d done, and what I’d never done before.
I mean, I’d practice-kissed with a couple of girlfriends before – you know, just getting ready for the big moment with boys – but that was all just giggly, girly, innocent stuff. I’d never, ever gone seriously lezzy with a girl before. Never even really thought about it. But now, with those two beautiful women going at it right in front of me, and with beautiful Talia breathing down my neck, I wanted to experiment – like now!
I stared openly into Talia’s dark, sparkling eyes, and she fed more of the dildo into my mouth. I sort of bobbed my head back and forth on it like I was sucking a boy’s cock. Then Talia pulled the dildo out of my mouth, all wet and glistening, and stuck it in her mouth.
I could hardly breathe. Talia put her arm around my shoulder again. She slid the dildo out of her mouth, swirled her pink tongue all around it, and then slid it back into my mouth. I kind of quivered with excitement, feeling the incredible heat of the girl, her softness, my cunny gone so damp and squishy I thought I was going to wet the bed.
Talia glanced at the TV, and I followed her eyes, still sucking on the dildo. We both watched what the brunette was doing to the whimpering blonde with her pink dildo. Then Talia shoved me back on the bed. She pushed my skirt up to my tummy, exposing my soaked panties, and I knew what she was going to do to me.
I held my breath, the blood pounding in my ears. Talia pushed my legs apart and touched my panty-covered cun with the dildo. ‘Yes!’ I yelped, my body jumping. I grabbed on to the bedspread, shaking all over.
Talia rubbed the dildo against my electrified cunny, sending blazing sparks arcing all through me, setting me on fire, turning me wetter and juicier than I’d ever been before. Then she slipped a hand inside my blouse and grabbed onto one of my titties.
‘Fuck, yes!’ I hollered.

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