Girl Fun Selections Volume Four

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 13,600
0 Ratings (0.0)

Five lesbian stories with varied themes including BDSM, menage and older woman.

Naseem by N. Vasco

The last time she saw Naseem, she’d inadvertently been a voyeur – watching the Iranian girl perform an erotic belly dance before making love to another of her girlfriends from secondary school. All these years later, the temptress is back, all grown up, still belly dancing, but this time Naseem only has eyes for her.

The Education of Clarissa by Izzy French

At a grand party at her country mansion, Clarissa is determined to lose her virginity before her parents marry her off to some “hideous cousin”. However, when the boy she’s set her eyes on is “otherwise engaged”, her first sexual experience ends up being brief and rough with an older married Lord. Best friend Sylvia is there to console her and to replace the bad memory with something much more pleasurable.

Lessons Learned by Lynn Lake

Marie hasn’t seen Josee since they graduated from high school and went their separate ways to different colleges. But now Josee’s going all out to persuade her close friend to transfer. And, if Plan A doesn’t work, she’s got a secret weapon in the form of her curvaceous dorm-mate, Taylor ...

Kaz in the Changing Room by Eleanor Powell

While trying on dresses for a family party, Kaz is joined by another woman in the changing room. Surely sex doesn’t come any better than with a beautiful stranger in a beautiful new dress with the added risk of getting caught? Only, Kaz finds out, when you get caught, it does.

Japanese Schoolgirls by Teresa Joseph

Everyone has their fantasy type and for her there’s no competition: adult Japanese schoolgirls. In fact, she’s so hooked on them, she travels all the way to Japan to experience her dream in the flesh. And when she finds an entire club dedicated to her beloved grown-up schoolgirls, she really has found heaven on earth.

These stories have also been published in Girl Fun One ISBN 9781906373672

Girl Fun Selections Volume Four
0 Ratings (0.0)

Girl Fun Selections Volume Four

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 13,600
0 Ratings (0.0)
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After a quick shower I slipped into a nice bubble bath, enjoying that sleepy afterglow and caressing myself. As I luxuriated in the warm tub I began to wonder why I was so turned on. The dancer was beautiful and yes, I had had my share of women in the past but this was completely different.
Then I remembered. My lips whispered a name I hadn’t uttered in a long time: ‘Naseem’.
It was during my last year in college when an incredibly sexy Iranian beauty moved into my dorm. Naseem was gregarious, beautiful and smart. She had this incredible, narrow-waisted figure she carried with a smooth elegance, her pearly skin, jet-black hair and huge, dark eyes reminding me of the beauties I read about in the Arabian Nights.
I did feel a strong attraction to Naseem but after we became friends I decided not to jeopardise our friendship, no matter how horny I got each time I saw her. She did have an active social life and at that time I was seeing the guy I would eventually marry (and later divorce), so nothing really started between us.
We used to borrow each other’s clothes and one night when I was in her dorm room, looking through her closet, I heard her voice and another girl’s out in the hallway. I don’t know what possessed me to hide in the closet and watch what would happen next but that’s exactly what I did.
Peering through a crack in the closet door I watched her and June, a pretty little Vietnamese girl with a deliciously curvaceous figure. I knew June from some of the classes we took together. Despite the attention a lot of guys paid to her sexy body, I never saw her out with anyone except Ann, a pretty, doll faced Filipina with a fantastic ass (someone once said she had the face of an angel and the body of a porn star) who was in an on-again, off-again relationship with her boyfriend.
Before the door even closed they instantly fell in each other’s arms while undressing and exchanging deep, probing kisses until they were completely naked, June’s pretty, brown body contrasting nicely with Naseem’s pearly-skinned beauty.
By then I was already touching myself, my fingers toying with my hard nipples while my other hand pulled off my shorts so I could stroke my wet crotch and before I knew what I was doing I was naked and masturbating.
I watched June lick and suck on Naseem’s big, brown nipples as the first hints of pleasure made my skin tingle but just then I saw Naseem get up and walk to the stereo she kept near her bed. I wondered what was going on until I heard this hard-driving Middle Eastern music just before Naseem began a very sexy belly dance. I had seen belly dancing on occasion and even got to watch Naseem perform during a cultural fair our Sorority held once but back then she wore a costume that covered her from head to foot.

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