Gladiator Games

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 74,449
13 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Historical Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, voyeurism, bondage, light consensual BDSM, spanking, HEA]

Having lost his lover and his family, lion shifter Antinious only wants to be left alone to wallow in his anger. The acclaim of being the best gladiator in the Roman Empire ensures there is never a shortage of people in his bed. He just didn't expect to be confronted by a stubborn slave with more than pleasure on his mind.

The house slave, Angelus, knows the legend of the Animal of the Gauls and finds Antinious's feral attitude absolutely alluring. He wants to be among the slaves the man takes into his bed, but he doesn't want only one night. Angelus wants to know the man underneath the rage.

A bid for freedom and a game of seduction bring the two together, but secrets from their past threaten to tear them apart. Can the pair overcome years of learned habits? Or will their inherent selfishness drive them apart?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Gladiator Games
13 Ratings (4.6)

Gladiator Games

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 74,449
13 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I loved this story because it contained all of my favorite things; gladiators, shifters, m/m, and Romans. I read the story that came after this one first so it was nice to read the story they talked about in the other one. I just wish there were more to this story.
great story well done!!

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“I don’t believe I called for you.” That gravel-filled tone speared him with desire. Damn. No one should possess a voice like that.

“I don’t believe I said I’d answer if you did,” Angelus returned. His quick wit was his only defense against the assault that Antinious represented against his senses. “I brought you wine, compliments of the Dominus.” He squinted in the dim light, trying to see the Gaul as he clung to the shadows. With a sigh, he put the wine jug through the bars to set on the floor.

With the speed of a snake strike, a strong hand gripped his wrist, causing the jug to slosh its contents onto the floor. Golden eyes were separated from his own by mere inches and a few plates of iron. Angelus was mesmerized.

The gladiator had a patrician’s nose, straight and high on his face. His lips were pursed at the moment, but they had the potential to look full and utterly kissable. A scar separated one of his eyebrows on the left side of his face. Others may have said it detracted from the gladiator’s beauty, but Angelus thought it only enhanced his rugged appeal.

“What game are you playing, slave? Was one taste not enough for you?” The savagery in Antinious’s eyes should’ve frightened him, but he could only shudder in desire.

“Release me,” Angelus demanded softly. “Save your aggression for the combat arena.”

The gladiator snorted.

“You certainly didn’t mind my aggression the other night.” He glared into Angelus’s face with a snarl that would’ve done Pluto’s dog, Cerberus, proud. “You took what I offered and could’ve taken more had I demanded it.”

“Had I wished it, I would’ve stayed. However, your after-the-moment manner leaves much to be desired,” Angelus said. His wrist was starting to ache now. Damn gladiator didn’t know how strong he was. Antinious’s eyes widened.

“Are you reprimanding me?” he snarled. Angelus’s eyes narrowed.

“I would never think to reprimand a gladiator. After all, you outrank me.” As much as the fact irritated him, Angelus knew it was true. The noble he had been was forever lost to the slave he had become, and now he was subject to even common criminals and animals from which the gladiators were chosen.

“I see anger in your eyes, slave.” Antinious considered him with something that looked like recognition. He seemed to reach a decision. “Behind you, the key. Come inside and I will learn your name.”

“You are as arrogant as you are foolish. Without the permission of a guard I would be severely reprimanded, and I can’t do much of anything unless you release my arm,” Angelus reminded with a toss of his hair. It had come loose from his ponytail again, but he didn’t think the Gaul minded.

“Dominus said that we were to have wine and bedmates today. I want you to fill one of those positions, and since you’ve spilled my wine…I suggest you start working on being my bedmate.” A thrill passed through Angelus despite himself.

He bowed his head. “Very well, my lord. I’ll fetch the guard and return to you in a moment.” He lowered his eyes as he’d been taught to do.

“Look at me,” Antinious demanded. The command surprised Angelus enough that he complied without protest. “If you do not desire my bed, speak now and go fetch another. I will not be made a rapist.”

Angelus bit his bottom lip, and a jealousy prickled at his spine. “Of course. We’re all the same, correct?” he snapped before he could help himself. The gladiator’s eyebrow raised in mockery. Of course they were all the same to him. It was a well-known fact that he cared for no one and nothing. He was an animal. “They say you never take the same man twice,” Angelus spoke, ignoring the question in the gladiator’s gaze.

Antinious nodded. “I never take the same man twice,” he agreed. Angelus took a deep breath and searched for a reason behind Antinious’s unfathomable eyes.

Then why me? he wanted to ask. Why do you want me again?

“Go fetch the guard,” Antinious commanded. “Or go fetch another. Either way, make up your mind.” Angelus wavered. Did he really want this again? Was another glimpse of heaven enough to quail this desire inside of him? “I’m waiting, slave.” The gladiator growled. Angelus snapped out of his internal debate and gave a nod.

“I’ll go fetch the guard.”

 He was rewarded by one of Antinious’s half-crooked smiles. “Good boy.” Angelus was released and waved in the right direction, still struck by the pleasure of receiving that smile. He sighed and quickened his pace.

“I must be out of my mind,” he muttered to himself. That was the only explanation for seeking the arms of the gladiator again.




“May I take you in my mouth?” the slave asked huskily. A bolt of lust crashed through the gladiator, making his cock jump. “I would please you, if you let me,” Angelus added, his emerald-green eyes meeting Antinious’s. The gladiator didn’t answer aloud, merely undid his sash to reveal his body.

“A servant has not taken me with their mouth in years,” Antinious admitted. He put a rough hand on the slave’s jaw to make him widen his mouth, revealing his white teeth and soft, pink tongue. “Since you are mine for use—”

“I’ll endeavor to please,” Angelus interrupted. He looked upon his new Master’s body with hunger.

“Do you want a taste of this, slave?” Antinious felt his mouth quirk upward into a smirk, and he took his dick in hand and rubbed it against Angelus’s plump lips.

“Yes,” the slave whimpered, his eyes glued to the glistening crown. Fucking this boy’s mouth was going to be the greatest pleasure he’d known in an age.

Like a little bird eager for sustenance Angelus opened his mouth and looked up Antinious’s body, his eyes begging for what the gladiator offered. Again, the Animal rubbed against his slave’s lips, leaving a smear of pre-cum behind. The slave’s tongue darted out to lick his lips to steal a taste of the cock Antinious hadn’t yet offered him. The gladiator couldn’t contain a dark chuckle at that. Maybe that was why he had come back for seconds with the pretty slave. He was so damn sensual.

“Please,” Angelus pleaded, so hard that he tented the front of his cloth, but he didn’t touch himself to relieve the pressure. Good boy.

Since he asked so nicely, Antinious wound his hands into the slave’s thick locks and posed his cock at that pretty plump mouth. “Suck.” The command made the slave whimper and press eagerly forward despite Antinious’s grip on his hair. He could only get the head into his mouth because of the hold, but he looked like he was in bliss because of it. In fact, his eyes slid shut and needy whimpers were coming out in regular intervals from his throat as he suckled, drawing out the salty drips from his cock. Antinious groaned. Oh yes. When he gave Angelus his head he was going to blow the top of Antinious’s head off.

“Hmm, good boy,” he rumbled, pushing his dick a little farther into the boy’s mouth. The little minx knew just how much and how hard to draw on his thick flesh. His wicked tongue traced the vein that ran along the underside of his cock.

“Want it?” Antinious asked, pulling Angelus back so that he was just out of reach. The teasing, the suspense of waiting for what they both wanted was an intoxicating thing.

“Gods, yes. Let me suck you right, Master, please.” He begged so nicely. He really did. Antinious let his grip relax.

“Do it right, slave.”

“As you wish, Master,” Angelus whispered reverently.

Then he fell upon him with all the hunger of a man too long denied affection and attention of a man worthy of him. I’m not a man. I’m an animal and nothing more. Remember? It was sad that he had to remind himself of that. Angelus’s mouth stole his regrets away, though, and replaced it with hunger instead.

His hips moved of their own accord, pushing his dick deeper into his new lover’s mouth as Angelus worked on sucking him. The little slave’s hands kneaded his aching sac as he deep-throated his cock. Gods, that feels fantastic.

“More,” Antinious groaned, his hands returning to Angelus’s hair. He wanted the control. He fucked into his slave’s mouth as his pleasure built higher. He was going to come soon. He wouldn’t be able to help it. The little slave had considerable talent in his beautiful mouth. Angelus was so completely and utterly focused on him that he ignored his own arousal. Antinious found that quality intoxicating, but he wanted more from Angelus than his surrender. He wanted his arousal, his pleasure, his passion.


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