Strip: Tease and Search (MM)

Lawful Disorder 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 56,843
44 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, sex toys]

After witnessing a brutal and terrifying murder, Kellen Ross has nowhere to turn. Something doesn’t feel right about the police department’s lack of interest, but what does he know? Alone and shaken, he has no idea that his life is about to change forever.

Fed up with the senseless violence, Michael Hunter lays down his badge and walks away from it all. When he receives a call for help just hours later, he finds that he can’t deny the enchanting voice. Kellen is all the things he’s ever wanted in a partner—except the fact that he’s a man.

Kellen knows better than to fall for a straight guy. But with someone prowling about the city, determined to silence them both once and for all, he has no choice but to depend on Michael to keep him alive. Now, if he can just convince the man to keep him forever.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Gabrielle Evans is a Siren-exclusive author.

Strip: Tease and Search (MM)
44 Ratings (4.6)

Strip: Tease and Search (MM)

Lawful Disorder 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 56,843
44 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
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4.5 KISSES: "This is the second book in the Lawful Disorder series and I have to say, I enjoyed it as much as I did the first one. Ms. Evan’s is quickly becoming one of those authors I’m keeping an eye out for and I’m already looking forward to reading the next book in the series. There is a lot of action and suspense in the story. I really enjoyed watching how everything unfolded as the book progressed. But as much as I liked the fast-moving storyline, I loved the intense attraction and emotional connection between these two heroes. One of the complications between Kellen and Michael is: Michael considers himself heterosexual. He’s never been attracted to a man before, but once he meets Kellen, he immediately begins to question what he’s always thought about his sexuality. I think Gay-for-you/Only-for-you themed romances can be tricky. A lot of authors have to walk a fine line between the believability/fantasy aspects of it. I think Ms. Evans did a great job at allowing Michael really come to question himself and come to terms with the love and attraction he has for Kellen. I enjoyed watching him fall madly in love with the sweet and sexy Kellen and thought these two men were great together. Strip: Tease and Search is a romantic and sexy addition to the Lawful Disorder series. Although this book could easily be read as a stand-alone in the series, I recommend reading the first book, Lipstick and Handguns first. The heroes in the first book plays a big part in Kellen and Michael’s story. Highly Recommended!" -- Gabbi, Top 2 Bottom Reviews

4.5 NYMPHS: "Kellen Ross may only know police procedure from watching TV, but even he knows that the cops don’t seem too interested in what he has to say about the murder he witnessed. When one of the officers pulls him aside, giving him the name of former detective Michael Hunter, Kellen has no idea how much his life is about to change. Strip: Tease and Search follows Ms. Evan’s Lipstick and Handcuffs. While some time has past since the end of the first story, Strip: Tease and Search, the second story in the Lawful Disorder series, still involves the Claw and Dagger group from the first book. Kellen witnesses the murder of Kenny, whom readers may remember from the first story. Called to the scene are Ryder and Michael. Michael’s slightly confused when he finds himself feeling more than a little protective of the witness. The two detectives barely get started when they find themselves removed from the case and after walking away from the force, Michael does not think he will ever see the younger man again. Once they are forced together, however, the connection between them is hard to miss. It’s easy to understand Michael’s confusion where Kellen is concerned. The detective has never felt any attraction towards another man; in fact, Kellen is the only one that seems to do it for him. Michael’s reaction to the situation he finds himself in is brought across realistically by the author. Kellen has his own issues. Not only does he have someone trying to make sure he keeps his mouth shut about what he saw, but he also finds himself deeply attracted to the obviously straight cop. Kellen has also learned to expect the worst from others so the young dancer knows that eventually, the other shoe is sure to fall if he decides to follow up on that attraction. Kellen is a character that I found myself liking right away. He’s caught a lot of bad breaks in his life, but there is a spunkiness about him that you can’t help but like. The two men must work through a few misunderstandings before their relationship can really come together but that does not keep them from heating up the pages. The author has also woven a murder mystery throughout the course of Strip: Tease and Search and brings past characters back to help the two men out. While it is easy to figure out who the bad guys are, the mystery will still hold the readers interest until the end. Fans of Ms. Evan’s should pick up this story as it is a very entertaining story and a perfect follow up to the first book." -- Critter Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews Only

4 STARS: "STRIP: TEASE AND SEARCH is the second in the Lawful Disorder series and picks up the story line where the first book left off. The human trafficking case is still unsolved and more young men are going missing. When one of the suspects is murdered in an alley and Michael and Ryder are removed from the case, Michael has had enough and quits the force. The development of Michael's character in this story was a surprise after getting to know him in the first book. I am not a fan of the phrase "gay for you" but I can see where some might find this apropos for this particular book. I prefer to look at it as "love for you". It read true in the way that the Michael, who had never been attracted to a man before, struggled with his feelings. Kellen is such a strong character. If half the things that happened to him had happened to me, I don't know that I could ever leave my house again. He may not have had an easy life but he also won't settle for less and he isn't afraid to walk away from Michael if the latter isn't willing to meet him half way. There isn't as much storyline about the murder mystery as in the first book but what is there has more twists and double crosses to more than make up for the lack of page time. The author has gone to a much darker place than she has in the past with these story lines. But I think this has given her characters a greater depth and very much showcases the phrase that strength doesn't come from size. I am so ready to read Racye and Jasper's story, because when those two finally come together, it's going to be explosive! So if you like your stories with a little bit of suspense and intrigue, a lot of relationship drama and angst and some trying to be quiet but everyone knows what you are doing sex, then STRIP: TEASE AND SEARCH needs to be added to your TBR pile." --Tyra Berger, The Romance Reviews

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“Hunter,” a deep, rich voice answered on the third ring.

“Michael Hunter?” Kellen asked cautiously. “Detective Michael Hunter?”

“No title, but yeah, I’m Michael. Who is this?”

“My name is Kellen Ross. I don’t really know what’s going on, but an officer named O’Dell gave me your number and said you could help me.”

“Rayce gave you my number?”

“Well, I didn’t get his first name, but I guess so. Look, I’ve had a really shitty night. I’m tired, cold, and I’m scared. I don’t know why he told me to call you or how you can help me, but if you can, I’d really appreciate it.”

“What are you at the police station for?” He didn’t sound eager to jump in and play the white knight, but at least he was still talking.

“I witnessed a murder behind Club Infinity. Some officers brought me to the police station, and then these two idiot detectives pretended to interrogate me. After that, they just told me to go home.” Kellen took a deep breath to steady his nerves. “What if someone saw me? What if they know who I am? Is it really safe to go home?” His bottom lip trembled and his voice was quivering by the time he’d finished speaking. He couldn’t remember ever being so scared in his life.


“Yes?” he whispered back.

“Where exactly are you?”

“Across the street at the all-night convenience store. Officer O’Dell said I should go inside and wait once I’d finished talking to you.”

“Where is O’Dell?”

Kellen looked over his shoulder to find the man standing on the steps of the precinct, right where he said he’d be. He relayed the information to Michael.

“Hang up the phone and go back to the station. You stick to O’Dell like glue until I get there. Got it?”

He bobbed his head. Then realizing that Michael couldn’t see him, he said, “Yeah, I got it. He said I should stay here, though.”

“Kellen, go back to the police station,” Michael said, slow and coaxing. “I’m going to help you, but you have to trust me, okay?”

“Yeah, okay. Will you be here soon?”

“Ten minutes tops. Now hang up and walk across the street. I’ll give you one minute. Tell O’Dell to expect a call.” Then the line went dead.

Kellen hung up the phone and strode back across the street as directed. He could read the frown on the officer’s face before he even made it to the steps. “Michael says to expect a call in one minute, and I should stick to you like glue until he gets here.”

“Then come with me. I’ll get you some coffee that’ll knock down a horse and put hair on your chest.”

“I’m a dancer, so no thanks,” Kellen said seriously.

O’Dell gave him a strange look as he held the door open. Then he shook his head and chuckled under his breath. “Not another one.”

“Another what?”

“I know someone—” The man cut himself off and waved a hand in front of his face. “It doesn’t matter. Have a seat over here by my desk. Do you have family or someone you need to call?”

Kellen shook his head. “No family. It’s just me.” It didn’t make him sad, nor did he feel sorry for himself. It was just a fact. So it confused him when the officer gave him a look full of concern. “I was never close to my parents, and I took off once I got the money saved up. It’s not a major loss.” He didn’t know why he was telling the guy this. Maybe it was so he wouldn’t have to see that look in his eyes anymore. It was a little too close to pity, and Kellen didn’t need anyone to feel sorry for him.

Before either of them could speak again, the phone rang, right on schedule. O’Dell hurried around his desk to answer it, and Kellen settled into the wooden chair, wondering what was going to happen to him next.

His thoughts strayed to the warm, sexy voice of Michael Hunter, and he shivered involuntarily. He had no business thinking about the man in any way but professionally. Hell, he didn’t even know what Michael looked like.

If his appearance in any way matched his voice, though, Kellen was in trouble.




The tight suction around his finger sent an electric current racing through his body and straight to his straining cock as he imagined the glorious heat wrapped around his hard length. He started to ease his finger out of Kellen’s velvet-lined channel, but his lover rocked forward, doing the job for him, then slammed backward again.

Delivering an open-handed swat to Kellen’s ass, Michael growled, the sound rumbling through his chest. “Do. Not. Move.” He emphasized each word with another smack to Kellen’s flesh, smirking when his little man went completely still other than the quivering of his muscles and the rapid rise and fall of his back as he panted for breath.

With Kellen finally cooperating, he was free to concentrate on stretching him at his own, leisurely pace. He pumped his digit in and out of the silky heat a few times in slow, languid glides before pulling all the way out and reentering with two. Controlled and deliberate, he twisted his wrist and spread his fingers slightly, awed by the sight of Kellen’s hole clenching around his fingers.

By the time he had three fingers sawing in and out of Kellen’s ass, his lover was writhing again, the sweetest moans and whimpers spilling from his mouth to permeate the air around them. Michael’s cock pulsed angrily, leaking copiously so that he could feel the wet stain spreading over the front of his jeans.

Needing relief before he caused permanent damage, he used his free hand to undo his pants, push them down around his hips, and free his engorged erection. Still pumping his fingers into Kellen’s hole, a little harder and faster than before, he snatched the lube off of the floorboard and turned the bottle up, generously coating his entire length.

Stroking his dick to spread the slick, he shuddered once and groaned, already so close to falling over the edge. He’d be damned if he’d fall alone, though. Gently extracting his fingers, he pushed Kellen’s shirt up to his shoulders and nibbled kisses along his spine until he was covering his lover’s back and his lips rested next to Kellen’s ear.

“Last chance to say no, baby.”

“Fuck me,” Kellen countered breathlessly, the strain evident in his voice.

“Why?” Michael asked, lining up the purple crown of his cock with Kellen’s entrance and teasing the muscles with minute nudges.

“I need you.”

“Why?” Michael asked again, flexing his hips so that only the crown popped through the guarding ring before pausing. “Tell me why this feels so right, why you need me so much.”

“I belong to you,” Kellen whispered almost like a prayer while every muscle in his body relaxed and he melted into the seat. “It’s right because we belong together, and I’ve always been yours.”

“Yes,” Michael hissed, surging forward until he was encased in the tightest, most perfect heat he’d ever felt. “This is right.” His hands settled on Kellen’s hips, gripping them firmly as he pulled back slowly and thrust home with more force. “You are mine.”

“Michael!” Kellen shouted, his inner walls clamping down on Michael’s cock until he thought his eyes would cross.

Sliding his hands down to cup Kellen’s pert ass, he parted the muscled cheeks and nearly swallowed his tongue as he watched his wet dick glisten in the moonlight and then disappear into Kellen’s ass. His lover’s hole stretched around the invading length, contracting and relaxing in waves that massaged Michael’s cock and pushed him closer and closer to orgasm.

Increasing his tempo, he thrust harder, driving into Kellen as though he could reach his soul if he could just get deep enough penetration. When the smaller man began inching across the seat with each forceful thrust, Michael grabbed the tops of his shoulders, pulling him back onto his cock with each hard snap of his hips.

His balls ached, his sac tightened, and a wildfire raged through him as his climax barreled down on him. “Come for me, Kell.”

“Wait!” Kellen’s head popped up from the seat, and he tried to crawl away.

Confused and disoriented, Michael let him go, gasping when his cock slid from its warm sheath. “What happened? Did I do something wrong?”

Kellen spun around in the seat and launched himself into Michael’s arms, twining around him like an octopus. “No,” he panted. “I just want to see you when you come.”

With a primitive growl, Michael stepped to the side, pinning Kellen against the back door of the SUV, and attacked his mouth like a wild beast. Maneuvering his elbows into the crook behind Kellen’s knees, he tilted the man’s ass upward, pleased when his dick needed no guidance to find Kellen’s slick, loosened pucker.

Without relinquishing his claim to Kellen’s lips, he pushed forward, plunging into Kellen’s welcoming depths until his balls brushed against his lover’s ass. So hot, so tight, he never wanted to leave. Another savage growl rumbled in his chest, and he slammed his hand against the top of the vehicle while his other arm remained securely around Kellen’s waist.

He hadn’t thought it could get better, but he’d been wrong. Being face-to-face with his man, breathing in his warm scent, feeling their tongues twist and duel was a hundred times better. Unable to stop himself, Michael’s control snapped, and he drove into Kellen in a hard, demanding pace that rocked the vehicle that held them up.

Wrenching his mouth away from Michael’s, Kellen threw his head back and cried out to the night sky. His hands slid under Michael’s shirt, his fingers clawing at Michael’s hips and lower back while the most erotic sounds issued from his kiss-swollen lips.

Dragging his shirt over his head to give Kellen’s roaming hands more room to play, he tossed it over his head, unconcerned with where it landed. It still wasn’t good enough, though. He needed more—more skin, more flesh, more Kellen.

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