[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, sex in shifted form, public exhibition, consensual BDSM, spanking, whipping, sex toys, HEA]

Taking control was his specialty… Dominant Holden Burke knows how to work a submissive to get the most out of him for the camera, but when a man from his past hits the stage, he's reluctant to perform. Tommy Estin was a teenager when he and Burke ended up in an intense sexual situation. Rather than face what he'd done, Burke ran, convinced he'd taken advantage of Tommy. He's been punishing himself ever since. Tommy never forgot that encounter with Burke. There was no taking advantage involved, but Burke refused to listen. Seven years later, Tommy wants his chance with Burke, even if he has to do a live sex show to get it. If Burke pulls the plug on the show, he'll have a lot of explaining to do, so he goes forward, determined to make Tommy regret confronting him.

If they can move past their own history, Burke and Tommy will find a whole new life with the bear-shifting brotherhood they never knew existed. A life with more twists and turns than either of them could ever imagine.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Anitra Lynn McLeod is a Siren-exclusive author.

Dominant Alpha (MM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley

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Holden Burke was ready to put on one hell of a show. All week long he’d been looking forward to getting off for the riveted eyes of his faithful followers. Everything was exactly as he’d requested. The entire stage looked like something straight out of the Wild, Wild West. Well, with a kinky twist. He had a wall formed of rustic planks that looked kind of like a piece of railroad track. That was where he would tie up and torture his victim. A hole at hip height would expose the man’s cock to the audience and give Burke the challenge that he loved. Burke would have to get the guy off without one single stroke to his cock. So far, he’d managed to do so with every one of his playmates.

Rubbing his hands together, Burke surveyed the rest of the equipment. All of it was perfect down to the smallest detail. For his outfit, Burke wore tight jeans, cowboy boots, and a holster slung low, but rather than guns he had sex toys. His chest was bare and lightly oiled, showing off his tan. On his head he wore a black hat. Natch. He was the bad guy, after all.

Just as he’d asked, the stage manager had put the imitation railroad on a spinning platform so that Burke could pick and choose how best to display himself and his victim to the audience. Reaching up, he yanked on the embedded ropes. They were solid. They looked like old jute but were actually soft, scuffed-up nylon. The set designer had done some truly beautiful work putting all of the stage together.

As always, there was a safe word in place in case things got too intense, but so far, not a man had called one out. Tonight the word was Tonto, which Burke thought was funny given the stage dressing. Vasco, the stage manager, was very good at picking out submissives who would work for Burke’s shows. Part of Burke’s mystique was that he didn’t choose the men. They were chosen for him, and he still got them off. There was something powerful about a man who could work his magic on anyone.

Burke had now done a dozen shows with Vasco, and each one had been a bigger moneymaker than the last. There was nothing Burke enjoyed more than getting his freak on and getting paid handsomely to boot.

Each time the setting was different, as Vasco wanted to keep things fresh, but tonight this was all Burke’s design. He’d had a fascination for playing cowboy since he was a kid. The first guy he kissed was playing the white hat, and that was a moment Burke never forgot. Tommy’s mouth had tasted like a cherry Popsicle, and he’d gotten hard as they pressed together.

Each time Burke imagined doing this to someone, he refined the scene in his mind, adding elements, removing distractions. He wasn’t certain what he was looking for exactly. Something. Someone? No. This was about getting off and getting paid, nothing more.

And then in the back of the stage, he saw a man in a white hat. Well, he saw his hat glowing under the lights, but he saw no features. His victim was running late, but Burke let that go. Not everyone was as punctual as he was. Besides, from what he could see, his victim looked perfect. Burke definitely had his type. He liked them strong so they could take what he dished out. And he liked them tall so he didn’t have to bend over to whisper vulgarities in their ear, but one of his favorite things was a playmate with blond hair. If he had an innocent face to go with those fragile-colored strands, so much the better. Burke knew why he had a thing for innocent blonds. The first guy he’d kissed had been both blond and innocent.

“We’re about ready, Burke.”

“Who is it tonight?”

Vasco looked down at his clipboard and flipped rapidly through his stack of paperwork. “Fuck. I’m sorry, Burke. He’s a last-minute replacement, so I don’t have his name at the ready.”

“Don’t sweat it. What happened to the guy who was scheduled?”

“Called off at the last minute.”

Burke frowned as Vasco took his highly caffeinated self behind the rear-stage curtains. Vasco was anal, and that was a good thing. He made sure the place was safe, secure, and anything that went down was sane and consensual. If something fucked up, it was Vasco’s ass on the bottom line, so he took care of business. Burke trusted him. If a last-minute change had taken place, Vasco would make sure the guy knew the drill.

Lights came on, and then someone tinkered with the gels on the spots so the stage wasn’t glaringly bright, but more golden, like a desert at sundown. Yeah. Burke grinned. That was when the bad men came out to play. For the third time, Burke checked that he had all his gear situated on his person. Stopping a live show for any reason was bad form. Burke had mentally walked through this so many times he was certain he had it down to a science, so now he could show off his art.

Two weeks of denial had his balls primed. He was known for a bountiful climax that he loved to splatter all over the back and buttocks of his victim. Tonight he thought he would outdo himself on that score. He was in a perfect mood, the stage was set, and all he needed now was for Vasco to give the go that would start the live show.




“You see this, boy?”

Tommy nodded.

“You think it’ll fit in that tight little hole of yours?”

Tommy nodded. He understood that Burke clung to the scene in a desperate bid to distance himself. Tommy let him, because the fact was nothing was going to protect him from the emotions swirling between them. There was more here than sex. More than just two grown-up boys finishing off an interlude. There was fate and destiny and something else that would live and die in this tiny span of time.

Burke moved behind him, and Tommy couldn’t see him without twisting his head uncomfortably, so he didn’t. He relaxed against the wall, letting it hold most of his weight so he could be ready for what would come.

“Such a nice, tight hole.” Burke worked his fingers between Tommy’s cheeks and then around his puckered flesh.

Tommy closed his eyes on a sigh. It felt good. He knew Burke was still playing to his audience, but he was also opening Tommy up. His crass talk was simply a way for him to cover up the fact that he cared very deeply about not hurting him. That was what all the fuss had been about years ago. Burke thought that somehow he’d taken advantage of him and hurt him by pushing him against the wall and rubbing up on him. But he hadn’t. They’d been playing, and it just happened. Frankly, it had felt wonderful. Just like what he was doing now.

“So tight I can barely get my finger in there.” Burke slid one finger in and out in time to his lazy drawl.

Tommy moaned and lifted his ass, angling himself for more. His cock moved against the smooth wood. He was so hard he couldn’t believe he hadn’t creamed all over the floor.

“Look at your sweet ass presented to me like a gift.” Burke pressed another finger in alongside the first, working him open, stretching him good.

Tommy was so enraptured by the feel of those thick fingers dominating his hole that he couldn’t say anything. Even though Tommy couldn’t actually see Burke, he could picture him in his mind. There, Tommy saw those thick, dark fingers sliding in and out of his tender ass. Burke’s big hand would look even bigger against the smallness of his pucker. Visually, it would be a tremendous turn-on. To feel the power barely contained was nothing short of magical. Should he want to, Burke could have him in agony with those pumping fingers, but he took pity on him.

“Rock your hips, boy. Show the bad man that you like his fucking fingers.”

Tommy did as instructed. He didn’t have much room for movement given how he was trussed up, but the small flicks of his hips were enough to stroke his cock in and out of the sanded hole of the board and move his pucker around Burke’s fingers.

“Here comes another one.” Burke eased a third finger in, which caused Tommy to clench up and plaster himself against the board as if he struggled to get away. “Relax now. Relax.” Burke pulled back until he had only two fingers in. “Damn, but you’re a tight one. I think this here hole might just scrape my cock it’s so taut.”

Tommy drew a deep breath and tried to relax. He wanted Burke inside him so desperately he was ratcheting up his tension just by his own painful longing for him. That wouldn’t do. By pacing his breath to the same rhythm of Burke’s sliding fingers, they were able to hit an easy tempo that allowed Tommy to relax and open up.

“Ah, yeah. There we go, boy. Doesn’t that feel good now?”

“Yes.” That one word didn’t come close to conveying how good Burke’s ministrations felt.

Again, Burke slid that third finger in, and this time, Tommy was able to take the added pressure.

“There we go. Good. That’s so good. Keep rocking, boy. I don’t want you to rip my dick up with your snug little hole.”

Burke kept right on fucking him with his fingers, but now there was more in that he was making his arm and hand more rigid. Tommy wasn’t sure what he was doing until he pictured him in his head. There, he imagined Burke was flexing to show off his muscles. By making his arm and hand tight, he would look more menacing as he worked his fingers in and out of Tommy’s backside. A creative engineer could speed up that movement to make it look dangerously rough.

“Tilt your hips a little more now. Show the bad man how much you like it.”

Tommy’s head was spinning. If Burke wasn’t careful, he was going to make him come just with his fingers.

“Please. Please get inside me.”

Burke chuckled. “I told you.”


“I said you’d be begging me for release.”

Tommy had thought of release in terms of letting him go, not in terms of letting him get off.

“You were right,” Tommy said, trying to look over his shoulder. “I’m begging you.”

Burke kept right on going with his fucking fingers. In and out and then he kind of curled them up so they bumped along Tommy’s prostate.


“You just keep your shirt on.” Burke chuckled. “Well, I guess you can’t do that.”

Tommy waited for what seemed forever, and then Burke’s fingers were gone. He felt almost tragically empty. He needed him inside. Anymore delays were going to make him screaming crazy. And then Tommy felt Burke’s big hands on his buttocks, rubbing them speculatively.

“So nice and hot from my spanking.”

The gel on his hands soothed the stinging of his flesh, but there was loads of heat pouring off Tommy’s body.

“Damn, boy, you’ve got about the nicest ass I’ve ever seen.”

Tommy wondered if that was true or if Burke was still simply playing his part.


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