Hell's Gate: Santino

Purple Sword Publications, LLC

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 14,054
2 Ratings (3.5)

One kiss was all it would take.

April is brought to Hell’s Gate, the most exclusive Goth club in town, by her best friend to check out one of the famed fetishes at Hell’s Gate. Cindy drags April into the bowels of the club to be kissed by a mysterious hooded man.

April returns home without being kissed and finds her dreams haunted by the mystifying man. Those erotic visions draw her back to Hell’s Gate only to discover who or what is underneath the hood and maybe be kissed herself.

Hell's Gate: Santino
2 Ratings (3.5)

Hell's Gate: Santino

Purple Sword Publications, LLC

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 14,054
2 Ratings (3.5)
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Cover Art by Dawne' Dominique

The line moved slowly. Women who went in the room came out after a couple of minutes. All who emerged were unsteady on their feet. They were paler than they had been going in. One woman staggered into her. April wrapped her arms around her to catch her.

She was in a daze and smiled dreamily. “Thanks, babe. You’re going to love it when he kisses you. It’s like he moves through you. He learns you from the inside out and presses all the right buttons.”

April helped her up. Fear trembled her nerves. She drew in a sharp breath and tried to remain steady while assisting the woman. “Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind. Do you need any help? You look like you’ve had too much to drink. I’m sure someone could call you a cab.”

The woman waved her off. “I’m fine. Just fine. Don’t need to worry about me.” She continued to stumble down the hallway and headed back up into the club.

“Don’t you think that someone should help her?” April asked Cindy.

Cindy giggled. “Don’t worry about it. He doesn’t hurt you. One kiss. That’s all he wants. You’ll love it. Like I said, all the girls who come out of here say that it’s the best experience of their lives. It’ll be fun. And you don’t need to worry about her. Cleo told me that if you get into any trouble here, the club will make sure you get home okay. If not, then I think there are rooms here you can spend the night. This whole place is set up to for you to have a safe experience. It’s fine. Stop being such a worrywart.”

April rolled her eyes, but she didn’t respond. The line moved a little faster. One by one women before them were ushered into the room. Right when Cindy was about to go in, a man appeared in the doorway.

The bouncer’s body was muscular. His dark eyes matched the color of his vest. His nipples were pierced with large, thick metal hoops. A row of metal spikes jutted from the top of his bald head. Knee-high black boots with white laces hugged his legs. Tight leather shorts encased his cock. Cindy tried to peer around the big man, but he blocked the entire doorway.

He held up his hand. “Wait here, please.”

“Oh, come on. We’re just trying to have a little fun. Won’t you let us in?” Cindy giggled.

April couldn’t believe that someone had an obsession for just kissing. Then again, the man upstairs was so enthralled with her feet he was ready to do anything to take her shoes off. She was a little leery about kissing a stranger, but Cindy always said she had to take a few risks, and this was one for the books. If he’s kissed that many women, I wonder what else he’s done with them.

“I’m sorry. But you have reached the end of the line. It’s too late, and he’s done for the night.”

“But we waited all this time. Look, if you won’t take me in, at least take my friend. She’s the one who needs this the most.”

“I’m sorry, Ma’am. But I am not the one who makes the rules.”

The guard backed into the room and put a rope across the doorway so no more could enter. Several women behind them groaned. Others filtered past them as the line broke up. April glanced at them and then peered around the bouncer. A cloaked figure, shrouded by the fog that wafted from the room, leaned against the wall. It appeared his arms were crossed over his chest. His face was hidden, but from the angle he was at he had a clear view of the hallway, observing everything that was going on. She could feel his eyes on her even through the mist. Could that be the mystery man everyone is so anxious to lock their lips with?

Cindy was about to respond when the cloaked figured stepped forward. He didn’t come all the way into the light so that he was visible, just enough to make himself heard. “I’m finished for the night. But I would appreciate it if you would come back next week. Aldon, will you please give these lovely ladies wristbands so they may come to the front of the line.”

His voice was soft, yet caressed her skin like soft velvet. However, there was a dark undertone to it. She wondered what it was he truly wanted from them. All the while he didn’t take his gaze from her. April could feel his eyes penetrating her soul. She shifted and glanced at the floor.

“Are you sure about that?” the bouncer asked.


He sighed, and then handed Cindy and April two yellow wristbands. “Come back next weekend. When you do, return to the front of the line.”

Cindy grabbed the bracelets and held them to her chest. April held her breath and then gazed back into the fog, trying to see the man in the thick vapor. But as the dense haze floated by the door, he disappeared like a ghost. Part of her was disappointed since she had come to the club and didn’t get to at least see the man Cindy had raved about. I bet his lips get awfully tired from kissing all those women. If he kissed someone for two minutes at a time and say, thirty women a night, it would be hard to pucker up by the time the place closed.

Her friend tugged on her arm. “Come on. Let’s go back into the main room so we can dance the night away.”

April sighed. “Really? I’m not much into dancing.”

The other woman frowned. “We’re already here. Now we can come back next week and be first in line.”

“I’m not sure that I want to come back.”

“But you have to.”

“Yes, you really should. He doesn’t just give out free passes like that.

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