Glimmering Waters, Sparkling Love (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 21,324
3 Ratings (3.3)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]

Recently widowed Steven Silverstein is finally free to live life as a gay man. He takes two of his adult children on a vacation to a tropical resort, where he falls in love with resort owner Brandon DesJardins. Brandon offers Steven a life with him as well as a job in his tropical paradise, but Steven’s kids are horrified.

Back home, the two young men, their sister, and their aunt stage a confrontation and work to foil the romance. Finally they succeed in getting Steven to agree to give up Brandon and his plans to return to the resort to live and work there. Steven, however, is miserable without Brandon.

Is a happy ending possible for this pair of lovers? Can Steven ever return to the island of Bella Isadora and the life he wants to live there…with Brandon…without alienating his children?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Glimmering Waters, Sparkling Love (MM)
3 Ratings (3.3)

Glimmering Waters, Sparkling Love (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 21,324
3 Ratings (3.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



“You’re the gentleman who’s traveling with his sons? It’s just the three of you?”

For some reason, instead of explaining his circumstances, Steven found himself answering, “Yes, there’s just the three of us—and a daughter, who didn’t come along.” He followed that statement up with what he hoped was a provocative smile and added, “The boys are young men. They’ll be doing their own thing—and I’ll be doing mine.”

“Oh?” Brandon cocked an inquisitive eyebrow. “And just what do you like to do?”

Taking the plunge, Steven answered, “Depends on who I’m doing it with.”

Brandon slid into the empty seat at Steven’s table. “What are you drinking?”

“A Cuba libre. I usually drink straight American whiskey, but I thought on vacation I ought to have something more festive.”

Brandon signaled the cocktail waitress, and she appeared at the table shortly with another Cuba libre for Steven and a glass of amber liquid that she set in front of Brandon.

“On the house,” Brandon said. “Cheers.”

“Cheers—and thank you. What’s yours?


“No ice? No water?”

“Why ruin good scotch?” Brandon said with a laugh.

“How long have you owned this place?”

“I bought it seven years ago right after it was built. The original owner went bankrupt because of cost overruns in construction, and my partner and I picked it up for a fraction of its true value.”


A rueful look crossed Brandon’s face. “We were partners in life as well as in business, but he died, and it all became mine.”

“I’m sorry to hear of your loss.” Brandon’s arm was resting on the table, and Steven laid his hand on it comfortingly.

“Thank you. That was over three years ago. I mourned him for over a year and then decided it was time to get on with life.”

“Do you have a new”—Steven hesitated—“life partner now?”

“Still looking. And if I may be so bold, what’s your story?”

“I’m gay, too.” It felt good to say it plainly and boldly like that. Steven let the words hang in the air, relishing them, before he went on. “I married twenty-four years ago. To a woman, of course. A youthful mistake. I’m sure you’ve made mistakes, too, although hopefully not of that magnitude. Not that I want to demean Sonja’s memory. She was a good woman, and in a way I even loved her, but I wasn’t being true to myself.

“Her first bout with cancer was four years ago. We thought she had beaten it, but it came back. The last two and a half years were rough. I watched her slowly die. I nursed her. I took care of her. I was a good husband. I was. But she’s gone now, and I’m not going to make that mistake again. My next life partner will be a man. My kids don’t know—that I’m gay, I mean. It’s going to be a shock when they do find out. I somehow think Rebecca, that’s my daughter, will take it better than the boys, but I could be wrong.” There was a pause, then he added, “You got any kids?”

“Naah. I always knew what I was. I had exactly one woman one time. A straight friend goaded me into it. He said I couldn’t be sure I didn’t like women as sexual or romantic partners till I had had one. I told him he was nuts, but he kept saying, ‘What are you afraid of? Afraid you’ll like them after all and find out you’re wrong?’ He was a good friend, and finally one night at a party, I peeled off with a woman, took her out to my car, and got naked and nasty in the backseat. I had trouble even getting it up for her. This was definitely not where I wanted to be.

“I told my friend the whole story, including my being unable to ‘rise to the occasion.’ I said, ‘I’m gay and that’s that, and I don’t want to hear any more bullshit from you.’ To his credit, he left me alone about it after that. And I never felt I had to prove anything to anyone else again. So, your sons are here with you but your daughter isn’t?”

“She couldn’t get away. Josh, that’s my older son, is in sales, so he took the time off at his own expense. He works on straight commission, and if he’s not selling, he’s not earning. Benjamin, that’s the younger one, is still in college. He’s on break for the summer, although he’s still living on campus, which is nearby. He’ll look for a summer gig when we get back home, if it’s not too late, but he wanted to come on this trip with us.”

“What about you? If I may ask, what do you do?”

“Actually, nothing at the moment. Two years ago, after Sonja’s cancer came back and spread, I quit my job to take care of her full-time. Providentially, she inherited a large sum of money right around that time, and we lived on that, since I was no longer earning. It was enough that, even now, after paying all those bills and after living off that money for over two years, there’s still quite a chunk of it left. I mean to go back to work soon or maybe even buy a business, but for the moment I’m ‘at liberty,’ as they say.”

“So none of your kids has an inkling you’re really gay?”

“I had a few discreet affairs and one-night stands during the latter part of my marriage, but it was all very hush-hush, and I never got emotionally involved. I had stopped having sex with Sonja altogether by then. I think she might have had some idea by that point that I was gay, but we never talked about it, and I can’t imagine her saying anything about it to any of the kids! As far as they know, their mother and I were happily married, and that’s all. Since she’s been dead only two months now, they certainly aren’t expecting me to start dating yet. It’s going to be a shock whenever it comes out. I don’t relish the thought of telling them. It’ll be tough for sure!”

“What are your plans for after dinner? Are you doing something with the boys, or are you available?”




Now Steven got his first look at Brandon’s understated muscularity, the smattering of hairs on his chest, and above all, the fleshy cock jutting up in a curve from his thickly hairy groin.

“I’d love to suck that thing,” he said, glancing covetously at Brandon’s cock. “Got a rubber?” Brandon snagged one from the night table drawer and put it on, and Steven knelt in front of him and at first simply applied a little tongue, flicking Brandon’s glans with his agile tongue tip. Brandon sighed loudly and sank to the bed, sitting on the edge of it as Steven waited for him to get settled. Through the rubber, Steven could see the milky ooze of Brandon’s pre-cum. It was flowing heavily already.

Slowly, Steven closed his lips around just the tip of Brandon’s dick then began sliding his lips down, down, down, until a good half of that sturdy, long thing was in his mouth. Then he turned on the suction.

Brandon began driving his cock down Steven’s throat as eagerly as he could in that position. Hunching up from the edge of the bed, he propelled his dick into Steven’s mouth and down into his gullet. Steven closed his throat muscles around Brandon’s welcome invader and made those muscles rub and polish and tantalize the still-swelling dick.

Steven’s own dick was hard and throbbing, begging for attention, but he tried to ignore its demands so that he could keep his attention focused on his companion and his needs. Right now, Brandon’s need was obviously to get a load sucked out of his balls. Steven was happy to supply him with what he wanted. It satisfied Steven’s own need, as well. He needed to suck on Brandon’s cock almost as badly as he needed an orgasm himself.

He wanted to increase the stimuli, however. Momentarily disengaging his mouth from Brandon’s dick, Steven wet three fingers then returned to sucking that delicious thing. As he did, however, he squirmed one wet finger up against Brandon’s butt entrance. Brandon’s sphincter reflexively clenched as Steven’s finger quested for an entrance. Steven persisted, and Brandon seemed to will his sphincter to relax. Soon Steven was able to easily slide the finger up into the reaches of his back channel. Then he added another finger, and then the last one he had wet.

With three fingers up inside Brandon, Steven began to finger-fuck him. The angle was awkward. “Lie down and put your legs up,” Steven directed him. Brandon eagerly complied, and Steven resumed his fingers’ intrusion into Brandon’s ass. That ass had a python grip on his fingers, and they still couldn’t move in and out easily, but Steven did his best, splaying his fingers each time they moved deeper into Brandon so that Steven could rub all the nerve endings in the rich walls of his back hole. Naturally, he probed for Brandon’s prostate, too.

He was still sucking as well. While Steven’s hand was pistoning his fingers in and out of Brandon’s butt, Brandon continued to drive his dick in and out of Steven’s mouth. And from the urgency with which Brandon drove in and the size and hardness of his erection, Steven had no doubt Brandon was nearly on the verge of exploding. Steven decided to throw in every trick he knew before Brandon got off.

He rippled his tongue along the underside of Brandon’s dick. He sucked and released and sucked and released while also sliding up and down his shaft. The hand that wasn’t invading Brandon’s asshole grabbed his balls and began gently but insistently squeezing them. Steven began slowing his upstrokes and speeding up his downstrokes so that he let Brandon out of his mouth slowly and regretfully but gobbled him back in quickly and eagerly.

And still the three fingers were dicking his ass and nicking his prostate.

Small wonder that Brandon shot off quickly. On the receiving end of an insistently suctioning mouth and three ramming, reaming fingers, he was powerless to hold off. Emitting a heart-rending groan, he arched high into the air and pumped a very healthy-sized load of jizz into the latex wrapper. Steven worked his throat muscles as if swallowing Brandon’s prodigious load, which pooled warmly in the rubber. Then Steven finally, reluctantly, turned Brandon loose.

When Steven slid his fingers out of Brandon’s asshole, Brandon groaned disappointedly. Steven crooked his fingers as they exited, so they hooked on Brandon’s sphincter and gave him a little extra fillip of sensation.

“Wow!” Brandon exhaled the word. “That was incredible! It’s been too long—and you’re great. Let me return the favor!”

“You will—believe me, you will. I’ll give you two choices. You can suck me off, or I can fuck you.”

Answering with actions rather than words, Brandon rolled over onto his belly, then pulled up his knees and propped himself up on his elbows. Turning his head, he peered over his shoulder, as if wanting to get the full effect and watch as Steven mounted him. Steven already knew where the rubbers were put away, and the drawer was still open. He helped himself to another foil packet, tore it open, and applied the condom to his dick. He saw a tube of lube lying amid the rubbers, and he latched on to that as well.

Positioning his rubbered, lubed, and eager dick at Brandon’s pucker, he gave a cautious thrust, but Brandon’s rear had closed up again. Reaching underneath, Steven grabbed Brandon’s dick, still more than half-hard. As he jacked it, Steven saw Brandon’s butt hole begin to pulse, flaring open a bit, unfolding like a blooming rose. Quickly he put the tip of his dick to Brandon’s pucker and gave a careful yet insistent shove.


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