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Holly Meadowes is a writer living in Scotland. She is a journalist and a novelist with an HNC qualification in Professional Writing. At the age of twelve, Meadowes started writing stories as a way to enter weird and wonderful fictional worlds, and since then she has continued feeding her passion for writing by creating as many new and exciting worlds and characters as she can. Her first book is Tests of Worth and she is currently working on two others.

Q. When did you first start writing?

A. When I was eleven. I always liked to imagine myself in stories. I use to think, “If I were in this world, what kind of character would I be and what would I do?” This prompted me to start writing myself into books and films that I liked and before long I was creating my own worlds and my own characters and thinking about how they would be and what they would do. I picked up a pen at the age of eleven and I never looked back.


Q. What do you most love about writing?

A. Characters. Hands down, characters are the best thing I believe a writer can create, because people are wonderful and terrible and colourful and diverse and cruel and kind and everything in between. Building a person from the ground up is like…well, I wouldn’t like to compare it to watching a child grow (because nothing compares to that), but it is the closest I get. You may not raise this character as you would a child but you know everything about them, you know who they love, you know how they were raised, you know when they had their first kiss. You know everything and that makes them a part of you. Characters are what I love most about writing.


Q. What kind of characters do you like to write?

A. Ones that I can identify with and relate to. Also ones that I would admire, were I to meet them. However, despite this I always like my characters to be flawed and vulnerable in some way, that way I can fall in love with them and want to shield them.


Q. What attracts you to writing fantasy?

A. The fact that you don’t get very many limitations when you are writing fantasy. Everything is entirely your own. There is something so brilliant about creating your own world, one that is completely yours but that you share with others as well.


Q. Is it hard to make characters fall in love?

A. Well characters generally do what you tell them to do, but to satisfy a reader (and myself, now that I think about it) there has to be a reason for them falling in love. There also has to be a journey, there doesn’t have to be a specific point in that journey where they fall in love but it does have to be gradual and touching.


Q. Do you like humour in stories?

A. Well humour always depends on what feel you are trying to get, but a little light-heartedness is always good, especially for a love story. I have never been fond of these stories where there is so much pain and despair the end result just might not seem worth it in the end. Of course the challenges of love, obtaining it and keeping it always have to be there but keeping it light-hearted and heart-warming to read is very important to me.


Q. Do you not like stories where love causes pain?

A. Pain can be an important part of a love story but making it just too much for a character is not something I enjoy in a story. I am a firm believer in happily ever after.

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