Tests of Worth (MM)

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Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 22,794
2 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Historical Fantasy Romance, M/M, HEA]

The Tests of Worth are what one must go through if they want to win the hand of a Fire Country Prince, but if you fail, you forfeit the right to ever marry.

Warrior Prince Serywn of the Lightning Country is a legend throughout the world. He has won countless campaigns across the land for his kingdom, but his brother King Cadeyrn worries that these campaigns will be the death of Serywn. So he suggests the idea of marriage to the prince.

Serywn abhors the idea and looks at the Tests of Worth as a way out. However, meeting Prince Micheil of the Fire Country, bright and strong and beautiful as he is, looks set to change Serywn's mind. As he is tested on his wealth, his generosity, his intelligence, his strength, his speed, his power, and his love, the Lightning Prince begins to realise that he wants more than anything to be worthy of Micheil.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Tests of Worth (MM)
2 Ratings (4.5)

Tests of Worth (MM)

Hot Sale 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 22,794
2 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff
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The guards opened the door of the dining hall, and Serywn went inside. The King stood to walk over and greet him. Serywn bowed in respect and took in the King’s appearance. He was wearing the same robes as before, but his attire under them was more formal. He was wearing a dark red velvet tunic and brown trousers that made him look like the personification of the Fire Country, and of course, he was also wearing his gold headband with the deep red ruby. It was an unusual crown, but then again, when Serywn thought about it, it must be more comfortable than a standard crown, and also, it could be worn at any time without the fear of it falling off.

“Sit down, my young Prince. Dinner shall be served in a moment.”

Serywn obeyed and said, “Forgive me, Sire, but I seem to have noticed the absence of a Queen and a Prince.”

King Lear gave a sad chuckle, “Well, my dear boy. My Queen died giving birth to the Prince.”

“Forgive me, Your Majesty. I did not think...”

“Relax, Prince Serywn. You come from a Kingdom that is worlds apart from my own. I am surprised you even heard of my son’s availability.”

“That is Lady Catherine’s doing.”

“Oh, yes, I remember her. She was one of the first to attempt the Tests of Worth. She was a wonderful friend to my son, but I’m afraid friendship isn’t enough for the spouse of an heir. My Queen, Freda, was a woman unparalleled. Her death almost destroyed me, but the fact that I got such a wonderful son as a result was above and beyond what I could have wished for.”

“Where is His Highness Prince Micheil, if I may ask?”

The King chuckled again. “While he is known for many of his great virtues, he is not known for his manners. He will be here soon.”

As if on cue, the doors opened and Prince Micheil entered. Serywn was dumbstruck. Whom did he find standing in the doorway but the blond soldier he had fought not an hour ago. However, now he was dressed like a Prince. He was wearing a tunic much like Serywn’s, only his was a light ocean blue. He had on robes the same as his father’s, only his were red with black flames at the hem, and his crown, instead of being gold with a ruby, was silver with a sapphire. The sapphire sat in the middle of his forehead and was exactly the same colour as his eyes. Despite the fact that his clothes were worlds apart from the ones Serywn had last seen him in, the Lightning Prince recognised him immediately and found himself feeling foolish that he did not make the connection, as the Prince was the spitting image of his father.

“You,” Serywn said before he could stop himself.

“You,” repeated Prince Micheil, looking just as stunned.

“I take that to mean you two have already met,” said the King, and even though Serywn had his back to him, he could hear the man’s amusement.

“Yes, Father. We met in the training field.”

“Ahhhh,” exclaimed King Lear, and Micheil didn’t appear to appreciate his amusement any more than Serywn did. “I believe this will be an interesting dinner.”

The three royals sat in silence until the attendants entered with trays and announced that dinner was ready. Once the food was on the table, King Lear looked from his left to his right, taking in the two Princes, who were staring at each other with scowls on their faces. “So, Prince Serywn,” said the King to the young man on his right. “I understand you are thinking about taking the Tests of Worth.”

“What?” exclaimed Prince Micheil. “This bastard is here to take the Tests of Worth? He’d fail the first one.”

“You’re certain of the idiot,” said Serywn, slapping his hands on the table.

“Of course I am. You don’t have virtues worth their weight in firewood, never mind the hand of a Fire Prince.”

“Now, Micheil,” said the King in his usual calm meditator’s voice. “We won’t know that until he actually takes the tests. Now, Prince Serywn, these tests are designed to examine every inch of your nature. Some of the tests will be explained to you, and some of them will be conducted without your knowledge. I suppose you already know that, if you fail, you must forfeit the right to ever marry.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“The tests will be conducted over a couple of weeks. You will take all of the tests before you know whether or not you have failed. The reason for this is that we must get the balance of virtues just right.

“Now that you have met my son, do you feel ready to give your answer? Or do you need more time?”

Serywn took a good, long look at Micheil. He took in his Prince-like appearance, his soldier-like body, and his carefree attitude. He remembered his skill and his surprisingly wise parting words as he left the training field. He remembered how just thinking about the man had made him feel. It was something new, something exciting, and something more pleasant than anything he had felt in his entire life. Serywn didn’t know what this feeling was, but he wanted to hold on to it. Not to mention, he wanted to see Micheil’s face when he passed the tests...and that was when.

“I accept the challenge, Your Highness,” he said to Micheil in a mocking fashion. “And I look forward to claiming my prize at the end.”




The Lightning Prince knew he had never felt this way before. He felt his knees turn to water and heard a soft gasp emit from his lips. He was always the one drawing gasps from others, always the one making others not able to stand properly. This was new to him.

Micheil didn’t stop there. He slid a warm hand under Serywn’s tunic and teased his stomach muscles. When the latter began to squirm, Micheil slid his hand farther up and teased Serywn’s nipple. The raven moaned and arched into Micheil’s touch. The blond started to kiss upward until he reached Serywn’s ear. He ran his tongue lightly over the shell of the ear, emitting another gasp from the man in his arms. He nibbled on the lobe for a few minutes before freeing the sensitive skin from between his teeth and removing his hand from under Serywn’s tunic, drawing a small noise of protest from the raven. “Remove your tunic and trousers, and get on your knees.”

The command wasn’t harsh or demanding, but it was firm, and Serywn found himself hastening to obey. When he was naked, he finally turned around to look at Micheil. The Fire Prince was naked, and in the dim, almost romantic, lighting, he looked breathtaking. The way the reflection of the fire danced on his tanned skin was bewitching, and Serywn found himself lost staring at the Prince. He dropped to his knees without taking his eyes away from Micheil’s.

Micheil was hard, and he grew harder as he took a small step toward Serywn and gently took a chunk of black hair in his grasp. “God, you look amazing. I’m willing to bet this is the first time you’ve ever been on your knees for someone in this situation.”

Serywn almost nodded, but a small element of his pride stopped him. But compared to his desire, his pride was barely even background noise anymore. Serywn had sucked plenty of his lovers’ cocks, but they had always been on their backs with him on top of them. Serywn looked up at Micheil and was surprised to find himself waiting for instruction. Micheil pulled Serywn’s face closer to his cock, and Serywn opened his mouth without hesitation and took Micheil’s large cock in his mouth. This was by far the biggest Serywn had ever seen. It took all he had not to gag, but he kept his composure and swirled his tongue around the head and sucked with more effort than he had ever given before. He found himself startled by the fact that he wanted to please this man more than he wanted pleasure himself. That was strange.

“God, you’re amazing,” gasped Micheil, and then he pulled the raven away and said, “Get on the bed.”

The Lightning Prince was almost as hard as the man he had just sucked off. He had never gotten this hard from just giving a blow job before, and as Micheil climbed on top of him and leaned down to bite and suck at his nipple, Serywn thought he might go out of his mind. Micheil’s hands traveled, exploring every inch of Serywn’s body. He pulled back to stare at the raven, who at that moment could barely see straight. “God, Serywn, you are so fucking beautiful. I just want to shove my cock into your gorgeous ass right now.” The breathing of both the men quickened at these words, and Micheil’s hand reached under Serywn to cup the raven’s ass. “God, your ass is so taut and firm.” The other hand stroked Serywn’s thigh, and Micheil lowered his face so that his lips were almost touching Serywn and their breathing was in sync.

“Do it.” Serywn almost couldn’t get the words out. “Do it. Fuck me now.” It came out as a choked cry, but it was more than enough.

Micheil removed his right hand from Serywn’s thigh and brought it to the raven’s mouth. “Suck,” he ordered gently.

Serywn obeyed, taking Micheil’s three fingers into his mouth and coating them with saliva. Micheil used his free hand to lift Serywn’s ass off the bed. The latter spread his legs unconsciously. The Fire Prince removed his fingers from Serywn’s mouth and slowly pushed one into Serywn’s entrance. “Fuck, Serywn, you’re so tight.”

“I’ve...I’ve never...” Micheil added a second finger, and Serywn lost his words.

“What, Serywn?” Micheil asked gently.

“No one’s ever fucked me before,” he gasped. “I’ve always...”

As a third finger was added, Serywn found that he couldn’t finish. All he could focus on was what the Fire Prince was doing. “Fuck, yes,” grunted Micheil through gritted teeth. “So I’m the only one to pound into this gorgeous, firm ass of yours?”

“Yes, yes. You...you...only you. Please, please fuck me, my Lord.”

Serywn would have been shocked at his calling Micheil “my Lord” like he acknowledged him as his King, but he didn’t have time. As soon as Serywn said that, Micheil shoved his cock firmly into Serywn’s ass, and the man on his back called out in ecstasy. Micheil gave Serywn a few seconds to adjust, then he started fucking him mercilessly. Serywn called out again and again as Micheil hit his prostate. Serywn tried to reach for his cock, but Micheil grabbed his wrists. “Please,” Serywn begged.

“Not yet, my Prince. I want you to come with me. I want to see you come for me.”


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