[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, public exhibition, bondage, spanking, HEA]
Romances when you are young are never easy but when you are a member of a pack it is all the more difficult. Sure, you get to live with you own family and live a life that is pretty much the same as everyone else's, but when the pack calls you must answer. So when Dominic starts dating Leon whom he has had a crush on for a long time, the last thing he wants is for the pack to call upon him. Still, dating a human is a tricky business and Dominic can't expect the pack to keep their noses out for long. Leon sinks into this romance, completely clueless until the pack leader turns up just before Dominic's birthday party. Will Leon find out and if he does will he be willing to live in the confusing and sometimes painful world of wolves?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Just a Mate (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




The moon was beautiful and terrible at the same time, like it always was. Since the beginning of the nineteenth century wolves had discovered ways to control their transformations and make it so they could turn into their animal form whenever they wanted. Although, they were still helpless to the full moon and had to feel that lack of control spread through them. Sean and Lee roamed the woods at this time because they hated being contained when they transformed, but Mrs. Connors was still nervous about letting her children out of her sight when they transformed so they did it in the house. Luckily though, thanks to research and a better understanding of their species they could keep their minds when they transformed unlike their ancestors.

It was times like these when Dominic thought that he wouldn’t want to bring a human into this world. You were better, faster, stronger, and your senses were monstrously sensitive, but being a wolf was full of pain, confusion, and lies. Dominic was only glad that he was born a wolf and had a family who understood him to lean on when things got too hard. He couldn’t imagine being a lone wolf who was transformed and forced into this strange world.

Dominic thought of Leon and wondered if, given the choice, he would ever ask the smaller man to join his world. He wanted Leon by his side, that much was clear to him, but was it worth it to put him through all that? Transformation season was coming up in their pack and Dina was always telling Lee how she wanted to be changed so she could be with him properly. Lee had steadfastly refused, saying that she wasn’t ready and their relationship was only at a very early stage. An argument had ensued about whether or not Lee loved her enough or want her around for the rest of their lives. The big man had confided in Sean and Dominic about this and told them, “Of course I want her to be by my side, but she is still young and it is a bad idea to make these kinds of decisions when you are our age. Becoming a wolf is something you can’t return from and there are so many hardships that come along with it. I don’t think that’s what I want for her.”

Dominic found himself surprised at how wise Lee sounded, but then again, his friend had always had good judgement when it came to the people he loved.

The moon passed quickly that night, which was a relief, but that didn’t mean that it was any easier, and he had to go to college tomorrow. Leon would be there so he needed to make sure it didn’t look like he had been up all night. He had a shower and brushed his hair, planning to tell the smaller man that he had been kept awake by the baby next door. As Dominic was getting dressed that morning his phone rang and Sean’s name appeared. “The pack leader is going to be at the bar we’re going to tonight,” Sean said when Dominic answered. “Do you want to change the bar?”

The younger man’s heart started beating when he heard that. If the pack leader was showing herself in public then it probably meant that she was looking to speak to someone. Normally Dominic wouldn’t even consider changing the bar seeing as they may be the ones the pack leader was looking for, but he really didn’t want to get into that with Leon watching. “Yeah, let’s pick another bar.”

“Cool, we’ll talk about it when we get to school and you, Lee, and I can decide on a new place.”

“Thanks, man,” Dominic answered and hung up with a huge sigh of relief. Thank God for Sean, who seemed to know everything about everything.

After getting dressed the brown-haired young man went downstairs, led on by the delicious smell of pancakes and syrup. Sadly though thanks to his fighter’s diet, he wasn’t allowed to eat any of them and he had a fibre-based cereal, egg whites, and a protein shake. David was already in the kitchen devouring the pancakes with undisguised glee. Dominic ignored him and picked up the eggs and the bowl of cereal his mother had left him before she left for work. He poured milk onto the cereal and began to make up his protein shake before sitting down and eating. “Rough night?” asked David, who always seemed to be able to come out of the full moon looking chipper.

“Nothing that a day of training and a night of drinking can’t cure.”

“Oh yeah, I can’t wait until tonight. It should be a great laugh. I’ve finally got my ID. Plus, I can’t wait to meet this Leon we’ve all been hearing so much about.”

Dominic slammed his spoon into his cereal bowl. “I’ve told you he’s…”

“…just a mate,” David finished. “I know I’ve heard that, but whether that is true or not, we can all smell the pheromones on you like a bad perfume. You want this guy and you are going to regret it for the rest of your life if you don’t go for what you want.” Dominic gave a small smile but didn’t say anything else in return. The two brothers spent the rest of their breakfast in companionable silence before they heard a car horn outside and knew that that was Sean and Lee here to pick Dominic up. “See you tonight, bro. Think about what I said.”

Dominic nodded, to appease his brother more than anything else, but the truth was he couldn’t help but think about it.




Dominic felt the smaller boy’s arms coming up to wrap around his neck and he severely hoped that his friends wouldn’t notice and interrupt by poking fun. Just to be safe he pulled away from the kiss and said, “Come on,” and pulled Leon outside before smashing their lips together once again before the black-haired boy could say anything.

Leon didn’t complain. He just allowed himself to be sucked into the kiss, which was gradually getting more and more heated. Dominic started nibbling on his partner’s bottom lip and pushing his pelvis against the other boy’s. If the moans were any indication then Leon didn’t exactly mind it, so Dominic was spurred on and abandoned the lips to suck on the neck. The smaller boy gasped and arched into Dominic’s touch. “God,” the bigger man said, “you are so hot. You taste so good.”

“Dominic,” Leon answered in a long, drawn-out moan that seemed to ask for more.

The lighter-haired boy unbuttoned his partner’s shirt a little and slid his hand underneath the material to caress a soft nipple. Dominic then pulled back and saw that his love interest had closed his eyes and was biting his lip. The view was amazing, but he couldn’t stay away long before he once again got the urge to latch himself on the other boy’s neck. He had never experienced a taste like this before. It was like finding out what your mouth was missing all these years.

For a wolf, a lot of the time finding a mate was a quicker process than it was for humans, but Dominic never expected it to happen this fast. All it took was one taste and he was hooked for life. Suddenly the wolf couldn’t contain himself any longer. He abandoned the neck and kissed down the chest until he was kneeling in front of his partner. Leon realised with a jolt what Dominic meant to do. He protested a little, pushing against the larger man’s shoulders, saying, “Not here.”

“I don’t care where I have you, I’ve just got to have you and I can’t wait.”

Leon voiced no protests after that and allowed the wolf to undo his trousers. Dominic panted in a slightly canine fashion as the musky, masculine smell of Leon got even stronger. Then finally the cock was bared to the air and the wolf engulfed it in his mouth. Leon’s wrist flew up to his mouth and he bit it to stop himself from screaming. Dominic took great pleasure in the fact that just one touch of his mouth against that beautiful cock was enough to send the smaller boy screaming and almost convulsing. Dominic placed his hands on the other boy’s hips to get him to stay still and began to work the beautiful cock slowly in and out of his mouth. The texture was silky and the wolf couldn’t get enough. He could feel his more primal instincts building up inside him but he buried them for the moment. He was trying to ease Leon in so he wouldn’t do anything to scare him. It was hard to deny his instincts but for Leon he would do anything.

The taste of the smaller man was heaven and the sounds he was making were devilish. Dominic wanted to fuck him here and now but he held off and decided that tonight should just be about Leon’s pleasure. The long-haired boy’s fingers entangled themselves in Dominic’s hair and he gave the strands a slight tug as the larger boy teasingly ran his tongue around the cock while his mouth still encased it. The sharp pain from the tug only spurred Dominic on and he grabbed Leon’s hips, pushing him back and forth, which caused the cock to go in and out of the larger boy’s mouth with an added amount of friction.

The wolf moaned around the beautiful cock that was in his mouth and felt like he couldn’t wait any more to taste that delicious cum. Their friends were all waiting for them inside, but Dominic didn’t care. He just concentrated on sealing his lips around Leon’s cock before withdrawing his mouth and starting ministrations with his tongue. Leon was just near orgasm before Dominic pulled away and his moaned in protest. The wolf liked to tease his mates and he liked to draw out the tasting of beautiful length.

The larger boy ran his strong tongue up and down the shaft and then kissed the head, tasting the little bit of pre-cum that was hanging off the tip. Leon moaned even harder and tried to thrust back into his partner’s mouth but the latter’s grip on his hips was just too strong, and that combined with his lust-addled brain, the smaller boy looked like he really didn’t know what he was doing. This gave the wolf added confidence and he pursed his lips before running them down one side of the cock and then skimming over the head and running them down the other.

Leon pressed his ass against the wall and cried out, “Oh, please God, I need your mouth on me. Anywhere but please, oh God please I need your mouth on my cock. Please suck me.”

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