War and Love (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 31,885
2 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Historical Fantasy Romance, M/M, HEA]
Prince Argo Gola of Matonia is less than keen on the prospect of an arranged marriage but will do it for the good of his kingdom. Still, Prince Sharif is beautiful, smart, and witty, so he thinks he could easily get used to it. However, before he can get used to it, his father, King Herman is assassinated the night of the wedding.
Prince Argo is thrust into the position of King, as well as husband, along with trying to find out who killed his father and dealing with the possibility of civil war. Still, this doesn't stop him from slowly falling for his husband, which causes a great deal of trouble when he is kidnapped by the same people who killed his father.
Betrayal and enemies are around every corner, and the new King may have to choose between his husband and his kingdom.
A Siren Erotic Romance
War and Love (MM)
2 Ratings (4.0)

War and Love (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 31,885
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff




For the next four hours the castle was full of hustle and bustle. Not a single person was idle as they prepared for the return of their king. No one was really in favour of helping the Ranna Empire anyway and many common folk who didn’t understand the need for an alliance resented the fact that their soldiers were, as they saw it, being sent to do the emperor’s dirty work. Nevertheless every single person was excited for the return of their monarch and the brave soldiers who followed him.

It reached the prince’s ears that the king was in the palace when Argo was scouring the library for the book of state which was to be handed back to his father as a sign of his regency ending. The king had given it to him before he left and now it was time to give it back. Argo wouldn’t say he was relieved but it was definitely a weight off his shoulders. Just as Argo found the book and was leaving for the throne room he saw someone stretching their arms upward to try and reach a book. The man wasn’t very tall so the prince decided to make use of his own impressive height and offer assistance. Just as he was approaching, the man slipped and nearly fell over. Argo rushed behind him and just managed to catch him before he hit the ground.

“Oh, you saved me,” said the stranger and when he turned around the prince knew that he had discovered a treasure.

He was foreign if the dark tone of his skin was anything to go by but it wasn’t unusual to see foreign courtiers or servants in the palace these days as his father tried to expand his international connections. He was also fine featured and had piercing blue eyes that looked odd but still incredibly beautiful against his dark skin. It was rather unusual for a man of dark skin tone to have anything but dark eyes. This man was a beautiful exception to the rule. “It was my pleasure. I am Argo. May have your name in return?”

“I am Sharif. You will forgive me but the second I got here I had to investigate the library. There is something I must learn before the day is out.”

Argo looked up at the book the young man had been reaching for and fetched it down for him. It was entitled Adoption by the State. “An odd choice of study, if you don’t mind me saying.”

Sharif smiled at the words, “Well like I said I must learn it immediately.”

“Very well, I will leave you to your studies and I hope to see you again,” Argo said with a flirtatious smile.

Sharif cocked his eyebrow and replied in a knowing fashion, “One can only hope, Prince Argo.”

The taller man then walked out the library feeling puzzled at the bizarre encounter. He then shrugged, thinking the man must have done his homework before he came here and was now brushing up on the laws and ceremonies of the land. He could be a servant sent here as a sign of relations but Argo had a feeling that he was too educated for that and also his behaviour and wit spoke of being something higher than that. He was probably a courtier that his father had not told him about yet.

The prince was excited at that prospect because if that were true then that would give him leave to court the man. Despite the fact that Argo was the oldest he was the only one of the king’s three children that was not married. His sister Doma had been married for three years having made a very early match and had two children. Heinrik had gotten married last year to the love of his childhood Lady Lana and they were expecting their first child this winter.

Many suitors both male and female had written to King Herman from far and wide seeking his son’s hand but none of them had been to Argo’s fancy. Although now, despite the king’s deep and abiding hope that all his children would marry for love, it looked like time was running out for Argo and he’d have to make a political match whether love was a factor or not.

The prince shook his head free of those worries, he would address them with his father later. Right now he just wished to enjoy that fact that the man was home and carried to the book of state to the throne room where he would receive his father in less than an hour.




After the wedding the bed was blessed and the royal couple were undressed and left alone to seal their marriage. Both were not exactly nervous but neither filled with lust and passion. In fact, they were more resigned to the fact that this is what they had to do. They liked each other, very much in fact. They made each other laugh and in the short space of time since they had made acquaintance had gained each other’s respect. As far as royalty was concerned, that was enough to make a successful marriage.

Argo looked into the eyes of his husband and the smaller man looked back and they both started giggling. It seemed ridiculous that this amount of ceremony had to go into cementing an alliance. Sharif then climbed onto the bed, lying down with his feet on the bed and his knees in the air and tilting his neck to the side to give his husband a come-hither look.

Argo smiled once again and climbed onto the bed. He then flipped Sharif over and grabbed his hips, pulling him onto his knees. Sharif had been told to prepare himself beforehand, seeing as this was an official act rather than love making or just plain sex, and preparations like stretching and lubrication just wasted time. Despite this Argo slid a finger inside just for his own piece of mind. He wanted to make sure he wasn’t hurting his partner. When he felt that the entrance was reasonably loose and slick he plunged in his cock.

Sharif grunted but he had been familiarised with the act so he didn’t complain until Argo’s hand pushed against the back of his neck and forced his cheek down onto the bed. “Apologies, traditionalist manuals claim this is the position that creates the fastest pleasure.”

“Well only you Matonians would get pleasure from your partner’s face being rammed so far into the bed they can’t even speak,” Sharif said, but his tone was playful and the words were made all the more comical by the fact that the pillow was muffling his volume.

“What is that, my husband?” Argo taunted, equally playful.

Sharif reached back and slapped him before his hips were pushed down into the mattress and his husband’s entire weight was laid on top of him. “Am I pleasing you?” asked Argo.

“I feel that the point of this particular coupling is not pleasure.”

“I know, but I wish for you to remember this night in good terms if we are to lay together every night following.”

Before Sharif could answer Argo thrust particularly hard and banged his husband’s head against the ornate head board. “Ouch.”

“Would you like to switch positions?”

“Yes,” Sharif replied, his playful sarcasm returning. “Let us try banging your head for a while.”

Argo laughed aloud and wrapped his arms around his husband’s chest, pulling him up so that the smaller man was sitting in his lap. “Your witty impertinence gives me much pleasure. Allow me to return the favour by robbing your ability to speak.”

And with that Argo threw aside the traditions and thrust upward into Sharif while playing expertly with his nipples. The older Prince had had many boys in his bedroom since reaching adolescence and had become quite proficient in how to please them. He latched onto his husband’s neck and delivered a gentle bite to it. This made Sharif gasp and shiver in his arms. The nipples of the younger prince got harder as they were played with and when Argo hit his sweet spot within with incredible accuracy he called out in ecstasy, “Ah, do that again.”

Argo obliged and began to pound harder into his husband who threw his head back so that it was resting on Argo’s shoulder and exposing his neck further. As the older prince pumped his cock in and out of his husband’s tight hole with renewed vigour he craned his neck and began to pay attention to the column of the smaller man’s throat. The taste of his skin was so delicious and tantalising that Argo wanted more, “Would you allow me the immense pleasure of tasting your sweet lips?” he asked in a breathy voice.

“You never asked such permission to be inside my body, yet you hesitate at the more innocent pleasure of my lips.” It was obviously an effort for Sharif to get the words out. “Is kissing even part of this ceremony?”

“It is not but it is something I wish to entreat of you,” the words were said in a tone that was almost reverent and it must have had an effect on Sharif because he slowly moved his head so that while it was still on Argo’s shoulder he was facing the man looking into his eyes. That was all Argo could take, and he claimed the lips that were so beautifully offered to him and grabbed ahold of his husband’s cock, which he was gratified to feel was as hard as his was.

He pumped the beautiful flesh as he stuck his tongue into the sweet mouth and struck the prince’s sweet spot with his cock. Argo swallowed the arousing moans that came from his husband’s mouth as a result and just pumped and thrust harder, desperately holding in his orgasm until his partner found pleasure first. Tradition dictated that Argo had to withdraw the second his seed was spilt and if he didn’t then the act would be null and void.

Finally Sharif’s lips and tongue seemed to go passive and he cried out and stiffened in Argo’s arms. The older Prince continued to pump his lover’s shaft, milking every single drop of cum until Sharif went limp. Then he withdrew and threw his lover onto his back, wasting no time shoving his cock directly back inside him and thrusting erratically until he felt his belly tightened. When he knew his orgasm was upon him he dipped down to claim Sharif’s lips once more in a messy kiss as he spilled his seed inside him.

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