House of Shadows

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 86,000
1 Ratings (3.0)

The Witch & the Vampire...

Rick Holt is a successful architect. Little does anyone one suspect, he learned his talents at the actual Bauhaus school of design in Germany, before it was closed in 1943 by the Nazi's. He's a vampire.

Rowan Broom is plying her trade as fortune-teller in her corner of the Goth club when she discovers that the darkly handsome guy watching her from the bar possesses a literal heart of darkness. If that wasn't trouble enough, Rowan learns through her tarot that the entire club is in grave danger.

Evil, in the form of a demonically possessed sorcerer has walked into the club and targeted the vampire as his victim of choice. The sorcerer intends to drain the vampire -- and use that power to kill everyone in the bar.

Suddenly Rowan is embroiled in the bizarre task of rescuing a vampire. However, Rowan is not merely a fortune-teller. She is an experienced and potent witch whose source of power is sex - in its rawest and basest form.

With the Goth bar in flames behind them, Witch meets Vampire face to face to discover that they have absolutely nothing in common - but unearthly desire. And this is only the Beginning...

House of Shadows
1 Ratings (3.0)

House of Shadows

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 86,000
1 Ratings (3.0)
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Cover Art by Angela Knight

With inhuman speed the vampire grabbed her by the shoulders and pressed his lips to hers. Startled, her mouth opened and his tongue surged in. He turned his head, angling his mouth to cover hers, then thoroughly and expertly kissed her with long slow swipes of his tongue.

Without thought, she kissed him back, her tongue moving against his, exploring his mouth. He tasted of darkness and shadows, but it was surprisingly warm and wet. He doesn’t taste dead. Her body clenched in sudden and voracious carnal response. He’s a very good kisser. Rowan let out a small sound. Her hands fisted in his coat and her eyes fluttered closed. His arm closed around her waist, pulling her tightly against him.

She felt a small, sharp prick. She’d jabbed herself on one of his teeth. The taste of sweet copper bloomed. Uh, oh. She felt herself lifted from her feet and he sucked at the small burning wound on her tongue. He seemed to be getting warmer.

He broke the kiss and stared at her from barely an inch away. “Damn, I haven’t fed this well in years.” His eyes were pools of fire surrounded by thin rings of beaten copper. A tiny smear of blood escaped the corner of his mouth. He chased after it with his tongue.

I don’t feel like part of my soul has been sucked out, or even dented. Rowan frowned. “It was only a scratch. You barely had any.”

“Apparently your quintessence is super charged. I only needed a little.” He grinned, showing the sharp points of his teeth. “I won’t need to feed again for a few days.”

Rowan glared at him. “What the hell was that kiss for anyway?”

“I swore not to harm you.” He grinned. “I never said I wouldn’t seduce you.”

“What?” Her mouth fell open.

“I have a few hours before I have to go.” He let her slide down his body, then pressed her back against the car.

She could feel the firm strength of his body and the rigid length of an impressive erection letting her know, in no uncertain terms, that he was more than interested in something other than food. His hips swiveled against hers with a slow, suggestive roll. Her panties became embarrassingly moist.

“I’ll make it good, I promise.” He licked his reddened lips and smiled.

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