Picture This (MMF)

The Heroes of Silver Springs 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 101,278
94 Ratings (4.5)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Contemporary Ménage a Trois Romantic Suspense, M/M/F, with M/M play]

Six months ago, Hurricane Emilio left a path of destruction through Silver Springs and Billings. Like many of the city residents, Rayne Jacobs' sole focus has centered on rebuilding her life and helping those around her. How can a freelance photographer come to the rescue of the people in the city she loves? The question is heavy on her mind when she finds herself staring into an intoxicating pair of whisky brown eyes. The answer comes when she's asked to take pictures for a Men of the Silver Springs Fire Department B shift charity calendar.


Detective Ford Harris has a sharp eye for detail and keenly developed senses. Right now his eye is on Rayne. When he discovers the deadly surprise caught on film, he fears he'll need all his senses to bring the threat down before it gets to her.


It's been years since a woman caught EMT Cory Nox's heart, but Rayne Jacobs manages to do it on sight. The discovery that she's also the woman his roommate has fallen for spells pleasure with a capital P. But will it be his EMT skills that are needed most when danger comes down on their heads?


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A Siren Erotic Romance

Picture This (MMF)
94 Ratings (4.5)

Picture This (MMF)

The Heroes of Silver Springs 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 101,278
94 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
A great book I loved the characters
Laugh out loud, sexy and sweet!!!! Absolutely LOVED this one! The characters were well written, and I found myself connecting with them all!! The sex was SUPER hot, with plenty of emotion thrown in. Great job Tonya!!
Professional Reviews

5 STARS: "Ramagos is a new author for me that I have enjoyed very much, as I read five of her hot romances in the past week. You might think that all books by the same author should get the same rating. Not so. However, all are explosively hot, with BDSM, D/s, ménage themes, coupled with hot cops, hot firemen, hot cowboys, and hot actors. Not a lot of plot or conflict, but get out the ice pack to read all her books. Ramagos is a prolific writer, with many series to her credit. I usually like series, because I know what I’m going to get, and I can actually go looking for more of the same. This author is a master (mistress?) of the simile, metaphor, adjective and descriptive phrase, with a unique descriptive, evocative vocabulary, which I seldom find in my reviewing. Wrecked out of her own place by a hurricane, Rayne is temporarily moving in with her brother, a firefighter. As soon as she moves into town, she meets Ford, a detective, and Cory another fireman. Rayne has an idea to raise funds for hurricane cleanup but publishing a calendar of hunky firemen and policemen, and along with her brother, she wants these two on her calendar. The drug lord who haunts many of Ramagos’ books is evident here too, as Cory and Ford try to keep Rayne safe while she works on her photos. If you like all the rest of this author’s books, you’ll love Picture This, too." -- Alberta, Manic Readers

4.5 STARS: "When Rayne Jacobs is pulled over for speeding by Officer Drink Me (Detective Ford Harris), she can’t believe the immediate lust she feels toward him. And then she meets Firefighter EMT Cory Nox and her pulse doubles! She knows that Cory is perfect for her “Men of B Shift” firefighter’s charity calendar, and hopefully she’ll be spending lots of time getting to know him. Oh, but wait…it turns out that the men are not only roommates, but they also don’t mind sharing her! Rayne is all for playing with these two incredibly sexy men, but she absolutely refuses to lose her heart once again. But damn…the way Ford and Cory treat her, she knows she’s a goner. When a calendar photo shoot reveals something seedy in the background, suddenly Rayne fears for her life from opium dealers who want her gone. Can her men save her before she suffers the same fate as their last lover? Picture This is a perfect summer read! With super funny dialogue and characters that are sexy, witty and well developed, you will find yourself simultaneously laughing and drooling. Rayne is quick to fall in love, with frequent disastrous results, while Ford and Cory have had a longstanding history of sharing a woman and a home. Like Rayne, I was excited about the prospect of Ford and Cory expanding their friendship in the bedroom since they were not lovers themselves. But throughout the book there are a few instances that feature some seriously hot undercurrents between the two men and it gives the reader a real “will they or won’t they?” feeling. Not only were the characters very well developed, but I really liked the story line in Picture This as well. The danger aspect did come a little late in the book and wasn’t really woven through seamlessly, which is the only reason I didn’t give this book a 5 star rating. Picture This is a really great book with a terrific story line, sexy half nekked firemen, some danger and a whole lot of humor. I will definitely be picking up some of the other stories in The Heroes of Silver Springs series." -- Silla Beaumont, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 CHERRIES: "I love the Heroes of Silver Springs. This book is part of a series, but it can be read as a stand-alone... Picture This was a great continuation of the Heroes of Silver Springs series and I for one can’t wait for the next installment! So, if you like alpha males with heart and gorgeous bodies to boot and a bit of action both in and out of bed thrown in, then this book – this series is the one for you!" -- Statice, Whipped Cream Reviews

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Hands moved beneath the material of her dress now securely bunched at her waist and warm breath tickled the side of her neck. She amended that last thought. Fantasy men come to life. Glory be to horny women everywhere!

"Should we take this as your answer?" Ford asked, licking the side of her neck just below her earlobe in a slow and tantalizing glide that had her moaning into Cory's mouth.

Yes, her sense of hearing had returned. She clearly heard his question followed by her own low, throaty moan. Now, however, her sense of speech was impaired by Cory's amazingly skilled mouth, his delectable tongue. She reached up and behind her instead, blindly finding the nape of Ford's neck and tugging his velvety wicked lips to her neck. She felt him smile, heard his soft chuckle, and then lost herself in the truly devious things he started to do with her neck, her ear. She might be damned later for doing this but what a way to go.

Between her legs, Cory's thigh slowly lowered and inched away. The absence of that pressure to her aching pussy was intense and immediate. She wanted to slide down, to slither and chase after it, but doing so would mean breaking the kiss.

He broke it anyway, pulling away just far enough to gaze down at her. His eyes had turned a darker green than she'd ever seen them and heavy lidded with desire. He was breathing fast. She felt the brisk rise and fall of his body beneath her hand that had once again wound itself around the wide expanse of his shoulders during that mind altering kiss.

"Have you ever been with two men before?"

Though her sense of hearing was back full force, it took a moment for her passion-fogged brain to wrap around his huskily asked question. Before she could find her no doubt ragged voice to answer, her sense of feel overrode, drawing her attention to their hands.

Cory's hand moved from her buttocks to her waist, taking the place of Ford's hands as one of his dipped to cover her throbbing mound through the thin satin of her thong panties, the other sliding between hers and Cory's bodies up her front to the base of her throat.

"Have you ever shared your body with two men at once, Rayne?" Ford whispered in her ear, the same question Cory asked but worded in such a way that flames ignited in every erogenous zone in her body.

Still unable to find her voice, her gaze locked with Cory's heated, melting candy eyes and she shook her head.

"Will you?" Cory nipped her bottom lip, her chin. "Will you give your body to us?"

Could this really be happening? Rayne let her eyes drift closed as Cory nipped at her jaw, as his fingers kneaded her waist, as Ford held her still with his large hands splayed at her throat and pussy. She was almost afraid to open her eyes again, afraid she would discover it all to be a dream. She was being given the chance to live a fantasy nearly every woman possessed but few ever got the opportunity to entertain. If this were a dream, she prayed she would die having it.

"Yes." The word left her mouth barely more audible than a whisper. Their heat consumed her. Their scents both musky and faintly salty were a treat far greater than any exotic plant or fruit on the island paradise in her wildest fantasy. They both looked at her. She didn't need to open her eyes to know it. She felt the intensity of their gazes in every ounce of her body.

Lips cruised over her eyebrows, her closed lids, the tip of her nose, her mouth. Cory's lips as they trailed down her chin and neck. Could he feel the rapid beat of her heart? Could they hear it beating so fast between them? How could they not? It slammed in her chest so fast it was deafening.

"Relax against me," Ford instructed softly, his face nuzzling the side of her neck, his teeth lightly biting her lobe, gently tugging.

Rayne moaned and opened her eyes. Cory stood straight before her, his gaze once more transfixed on her. She saw him glance over her shoulder and knew he looked at Ford. She could almost feel the unspoken communication between the two men. Their understanding was that palpable. Then Cory gave an infinitesimal nod, a smile, and a feather soft kiss to her lips, before he returned to his cruising exploration of her flesh. His fingers joined his mouth on her body, working to free the buttons of her dress, licking and kissing each inch of skin he exposed as he trailed his way down.

She wanted him to move faster. Grip the fabric in both hands and rip the blasted buttons free. Feast on me, damn it! The nibble and swipe he did with his tongue was excruciating. To add oil to the fire, or maybe to simply send her on a direct trip to the nut house, he kept his kisses and licks on a straight, snail's paced path down, not even deviating to suckle a nipple or kiss a breast as he freed the buttons all the way to her waist.

"Please," she begged, her head rolling involuntarily on Ford's chest behind her. "God, Cory, I can't stand this." Her pussy throbbed. Juices pooled between her feminine lips, collecting in a thick, slick stream. She tried to wiggle, to gyrate her lower body against Ford's solid one at her back, but his hand had moved from her mound to her hip. He held her still, a gentle but firm pressure.

"Patience, sweetheart." Ford's whisper held a hint of pure amusement. "You gave your body to us, remember?"

Oh, she remembered all right, and she had no intentions of being an Indian giver. What she wanted was to give more, to give completely, and to take. Dear Goddess of Hormones, she wanted to take!

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