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POOF!Grey clouds and blue moods can disappear like magic, because love is Magic! I am someone who constantly needs the escape from ‘life’! A juicy, tantalizing romance with a dash of both sugar and spice has always been the best recipe for escape. A good book/imagination/paper and pen/keypad…and let the journey begin!

I traded in my paint brush and paints as a professional sign-writer for something equally more rewardin’—sharing the endless stories that fill my head constantly, night and day (especially the night) with anyone who needs that certain lift for the day. Through writing I discovered something wondrous—I could say anything, do anything andbe anyone I wish—though feisty, independent with a lot of naughty would be my first criteria. What do I love to write about? I find I have a gravitational pull towards nature, children (the naughtier the better), animals (especially the cute, furry type), ancient eras (Ancient Greece being my all-time favorite), fantasy (yes! Fairy dust and magic sprinkles) and PASSION!

In real life I am God-fearing, fun-loving, happily married with two wonderful albeit over-active sons, I have a hamster named Hammy (not too original) and a car named ‘silver bullet’. And in my fantasy world I am—Yes! You guessed it!—ANYONE! Join me in my travels…let love be our destination and imagination our compass.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration from?

A: Arguing, analyzing and questioning! I argue about things and most times find a world of possibilities in the other person’s viewpoints, usually angles I never even considered. Many times I am forced to admit I really don’t know everything! I try to analyzeeverything, from freak storms to why does the most exquisite flower, the rose, possess lethal thorns—is it nature’s sense of humor or a very complex, contrasting lesson being taught? And I question everything. Only through enquiry comes knowledge. A silent voice forces the straining ears to listen only to what is being said and not what it truly wants to hear. 


Q: Are your books pre-determined from plot, story line and ending right from the get-go?

A: No! I try to write a chapter or a single section per day. The characters in my books are like real people. They grow and change each day. Usually my ideas for the next scene come while in bed, with endless scenarios bombarding my brain. Inevitably, the next day brings fresh moods and I am able add life to the characters. After all, each day we do not wake up feeling exactly the same as the morning before, so why not allow the characters fresh dawns with new experiences, and relevant shifting emotions as well? Each new day for me is a new day for my characters as well. 


Q: Why do you choose to write about fantasy?

A: Life is too real anyway. Adding imagination and magic injects some fun and lightness. Let’s face it, where would Cinderella be without the magic of a Fairy-Godmother and a magic wand? And everyone loves Cinderella—young and old, boys and girls. Magic will never become outdated.


Q: What is your aim when you sit down to write a book?

A: To transport a reader as far away from her/his life as possible. At the end I would like to see the reader smile, feel lighthearted and positive, like anything in the world is possible. Working women, full-time mums, career-driven men…adults in general tend to forget to play and therefore do not relax adequately. I want my books to allow the reader’s mind freedom to leave behind the duties and chores of life and just take a well-deserved break. In essence, all women want to feel like princesses or queens of their own realms and all men want to be the heroes and knights-in-shining-amour type. So why not be just that?


Q: Do you just have an idea and start writing?

A: I do that all the time, however, most of those first ideas turn out to be half-finished projects. I find a lot of times, my mind finds inspiration for something even better while toying with those first ideas and then I simply save the unfinished work and start the new project. I have many, many half-finished projects, but they have not been a waste of my time. They were actually the foundation, so-called stepping stones of the book I eventually complete.


Q: What part of your books do you enjoy writing the most?

A: The part I love reading the most! I love stimulating conversations with undertones of ambiguity and chemistry. Isn’t it just grand when a woman gives a man a run for his money, or says and does things he least expects, thereby shocking him? I admire female characters that think and act fast, twist words and use them as darts, aiming straight for the hearts. I love shocking men! They are so adorable when a bit flustered.


Q: How did your love for writing begin?

A: At an early age, while still in school. I began with short poems and have a few of them successfully published in poetry magazines and national anthologies. There were two people who influenced me the most. First being my sixth grade English teacher, who had dramatic flare, instilling in me a love for literature by making books come to life, even Shakespeare and Charles Dickens! She was immediately followed by my seventh grade teacher. I once prepared a story and was afraid to turn in my paper because it was filled with so many scratches and overlapping writing it was almost illegible. He said, “Well done! This shows you are thinking and will not settle for the first thing that comes to mind.” Suffice it to say, I did not get detention. I got a life time lesson and inspiration. Bottom lines: Stories must come to life and never just settle!


Q: Where do you see yourself in the distant future?

A: In front of my computer or whichever writing technology has replaced it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have voice-activated typing technology? Yes! Daydreaming again!

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