Tangles and Temptation (MFM)

Gladiators: House of Andromeda 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 87,115
2 Ratings (4.0)

[Ménage and More: Erotic Historical Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M with F/F elements, shape-shifters, HEA for M/F]

Eris, the snake Gladiator, House of Andromeda with an animalistic twist, has been blessed by the Gods to battle the beast from the immortal Vagarius. Fully prepared to fulfill his duty, he is confounded when distraction comes in the form of an irresistible, alluring woman. His body yearns to taste her, devour her. While he is reluctant, his beast marks her and it will not share.

Kyra finds herself in Argo of Thames with no memory of her past. She is faced with the delicious temptation of sexual prowess and brute masculinity, not one but two—twins. Satisfied to have her body shared, her hand is forced by the snake. The beast entices and excites her, but also scares her. The man will not be denied. Neither will the snake. Kyra is powerless against her attraction to the man, but in order to have him, she must learn total submission.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Tangles and Temptation (MFM)
2 Ratings (4.0)

Tangles and Temptation (MFM)

Gladiators: House of Andromeda 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 87,115
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



As they strode out the door and into the adjoining courtyard, they bowed before the king. Eris blurted out, “This brother of mine seems to think he has wandered through the orchard and plucked for himself of a tree a ripe morsel—a woman. He secretes her within the palace walls and denies her the sexual satisfaction of his lance. Now he seeks to vent his impotent rage upon me who wishes to slake this thirst for her.”

Explain.” The command came as soon as he ended his tirade. The voice roared and echoed through the vast halls. Sappho took a threatening step toward Eris but was stayed with a simple command. “Speak, Sappho.”

“I found the maid, disorientated and neglected, upon my daily inspection of the mountains this week past. I aided her with clothes and food and sheltered her, pledging my protection to her.”

Vasilis Amyntas eyed him closely. “This is most unorthodox, Sappho. Why did you not inform me of her presence so I may have contacted her kin to come rescue her? And how can you be sure she is not a simple serf who’s run away?”

Sappho sighed heavily. “When I came upon her, it was evident that she had been accosted. A severe blow to her head has rendered her useless with regards to information. She recalls nothing of her past other than the name she goes by. Her apparel spoke of wealth—quality linen and brightly colored. The headdress upon her forehead was polos, a valuable metal headband reserved for royalty. She is no common slave.”

A sudden shift behind the king made all three men pause. Vasiliki Akantha, the queen, strode forward and looped her arms around the king’s neck. She whispered huskily against his thick throat, “You speak of this female with a gentle tongue, Sappho, the scorpion. She must possess an intriguing character and fine womanly curves indeed to have garnered such a reaction from a well-trained warrior in just a week. Is it possible you have allowed yourself to fall in love with her?”

Sappho shook his head in denial, but it was Eris who chose to answer for his bother with a disgusted snort, “Love? A fine figure she may possess, but she is as wanton as a common harlot with a raging, overheated body and wicked tongue to match.”

Vasiliki Akantha laughed huskily and moved away from her husband. She faced Eris. A spark of amusement glimmered in her eyes. “You think her common because she has a thirst for the pleasures of the flesh and a mouth that is uncensored in requesting that pleasure? I would estimate her to be exactly the material befitting men of your stature. You are gladiators, are you not? Do you honestly believe a simmering, cooing damsel would hold your attention for any length of time?”

The king reached out a hand and lovingly stroked the plump flesh bunched at the top of his wife’s low gown. His fingers trailed a leisurely path, eliciting a delighted shiver from her as he addressed the men. “My wife is in the right of things. She is a thorn, and a thorn is ultimately what a gladiator requires in his bed, feeding his soul, challenging his manhood. He will be satisfied with no less.”

The queen spent a moment in silent speculation. Her eyes widened in fascination as the brothers’ faces darkened. “I do believe, dear heart, that you had knocked this particular nail on its flat, hard head with a well-aimed mallet. She has issued a challenge, has she not?”

Eris chose to look at every other item within the large chamber other than her. Finally Sappho broke the deafening silence with an angry roar. “She has requested that we both bed her—at the same time!”

Eris mumbled beneath his breath for the benefit of his brother, “Only because you have been negligent in your duties.”

Sappho bristled visibly but refused to rise to the bait. Vasilis Amyntas tilted his wife’s face up at the chin and kissed her lustily upon her lips. He kept his attention solely on her reddened, swollen lips as he spoke. “Then why do you dither? Meet the challenge and see who the victor is once and for all, with regards to this feisty female—and in the bedroom as is befitting, not in my arena.” He lowered his lips once again for a thorough sampling of his queen’s tender lips. He ignored the outbursts from the disgruntled men, but the queen chose to address them instead.

She pushed gently away from her husband and strode forward. She reached out and ran a caressing finger over the mark of the snake upon Eris. Her finger moved unhurriedly along the ridges of clenching muscles, up the corded veins of his throat, and lightly touched the smear of blood dripping down the side of his face. She watched him as she lifted her reddened finger away and delicately touched it to her tongue. “The snake disparages so utterly earnestly.”

She then moved to Sappho. Her extended hand explored the planes of his chest and soothed the mark of the scorpion. Her finger trailed up his throat and dipped into the blood at the corner of his lips. Once again she brought her fingertip to her tasting tongue. “The scorpion protests so totally adamantly.”

She turned and strode back to her husband and kissed him upon the lips. “And yet the snake and scorpion have shed blood over her, a woman no one wishes to openly claim. The body seems to travel in one direction while the tongue contradicts its every move. How utterly entertaining.” She moved suddenly toward the entrance. “I wish her presence immediately. I would meet this captivating woman for myself.”




Sappho eagerly moved around her, accepting her decree without argument. He caressed the dip of her back just where it greeted the gentle well of her ass. Yes! He did not mind this at all. His finger dipped into the tight crevice of her bottom, slick and wet with water, as he whispered in her ear, “You burn a fiery red here even though you are no korinna, no maid.” His hand looped around her ribs to grasp her breasts, kneading and rolling her taut, hard nipples. “You have a body of great kallos, beauty. It is made for the hands of a man.”

Kyra arched her body back, allowing him more access. “Then touch me as a man would.”

He kissed the side of her throat and nibbled at her ear lobe, peeking beneath the material as he pulled her back, supporting her weight against his chest. His tip of his cock glistened with dewy pre-cum droplets. He rubbed his hard length erotically at the slit at her bottom as his fingers spread her cheeks. Using his own juices to lubricate the tight hole of her ass, he inserted his thumb, gentling stretching her to accommodate the forthcoming impaling of his great size. She was easy to manipulate, highly receptive. Her anal channel grew moist and pliant fast, sucking on his digit as the muscles contracted greedily. It made her even tighter and sweetly inviting.

His guttural growl was all the warning he gave. In a deft move, he seated himself on the stair and pulled Kyra down onto his awaiting lap. Holding her weight up easily, controlling her, he placed the tip of his cock at her inviting entrance and fed his cock to her inch by delicious inch. His shaft pierced her tender opening from behind, impaling her but very, very slowly. Kyra screamed as she was torn apart. He stopped at regular intervals, sinking his nails into her spread ass cheeks as he forced down his urge to thrust into her brutally. The entire moist lining surrounding his cock squeezed at him ruthlessly, urging him on.

Finally he was submerged to the hilt. He paused long, luxuriating in her tight, hot channel. His hands moved to her hips, anchoring her, as she spread her legs, leveraging herself on arched, straining toes astride him.


* * * *


As Eris had drawn his lips away from her sweet mouth, energy and pride had strummed through him. She had chosen him. It would be his lance that would be welcomed within her womanly sheath.

Now that sheath lay spread and inviting to him. He dropped to his knees. “And a flame blossoms red here even though you are no parthenos, no virgin.” His breath fanned against the thatch of wet hair.

Kyra grunted out. “I blush with the heat of longing.”

He spread her nether lips with his fingers. He stroked the protruding, throbbing nub softly with his thumb. Watching her, he whispered, “Indeed you possess a jewel of kallos, beauty, and now I shall bestow upon it a doron, a gift.” He leaned forward and kissed the nub gently. “A gift of beauty—callidora.” His tongue slid along her clit, coaxing the sensitive folds apart like the petals of a blossoming flower.

Kyra pushed her hips forward with a gasp, forcing his extended, moist tongue to thrust hard. His lips closed over her hot nub. Teeth grated gently against the tender flesh as his tongue snaked its path deep within her hot love pocket. His tongue flicked and darted, tasting deeply and making her shriek in pleasure. She was held up tightly by Sappho’s constricting hands under Eris’s ruthless assault, and her juices flowed freely, hot and spicy. Eris drank of her release, relishing the musky scent and taste of her essence. Finally, when he had satiated his hunger, he rose.

Her hard, pebbled nipple was soft and velvet against his rough tongue. She lurched once again, eager for more decadent pleasuring. Sappho’s grip did not falter, clenching her limp body hard against his. Eris’s hands were free to gift her with more delights.

There was no need to rush within him. She would become his, with sweet strokes and sinful caresses. He suckled at her generously, while one hand plucked and tweaked at her other breast. His free hand went back to her dripping pussy. His two fingers were welcomed with a sucking kiss and he began to pump them gently. But he wanted to see her pleasure first. Around a mouthful of delicious nipple, he growled, “Fuck her ass.”

He drew back, leaving his fingers fully inserted in her pussy, to watch as Kyra writhed in pleasure. Her body arched and breasts bounced under her anal plundering from Sappho. Lightning-quick expressions flickered across her passion-drugged face. Her eyes remained a mystery, curtained from his view.

He grasped his cock firmly. His stiff lance showed its anticipation with an eager jerk as dewy moisture glistened on the proud head. Eris leaned over her and kissed her open mouth, swallowing her screams, feeding on her passion. He spread her legs wider as his fingers spread her moisture over her stretched pussy lips, ready and open for his lance. He hissed his pleasure in her mouth as his cock sank in to the hilt. She was tight, hot, and wet with welcome. “You like that? Now I’m going to fuck your pussy.”


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