Lovers' Tussle (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,905
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Historical Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves, HEA]

Being torn between a suave gentleman rogue and a dangerous unholy knave can turn any woman traitor.

Tienna Sterling is forced into a choice that is tearing her apart. Aiden James Marquis of Kendrick, the dapper gentleman cloaked in soft, dashing, pure-white fur, will steal her body and soul with sensual, sweet kisses and tender caresses. Roth Demount, the blackguard and beast, a compelling Alpha male beneath a lush gray feral coat, will force his will, demanding and conquering her passions in one fell swoop.

Gentle or dangerous? The choice should be simple, except tenderness soothes harshness. They contrast and complement each other like day and night. Or more like the demon and the saint. At first she intentionally pits them against each other until she realizes without one mate she is only half complete. She will have them both but the cost is high. She will uncover their secrets, defy convention, forsake her family, and eventually turn traitor.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Lovers' Tussle (MFM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Lovers' Tussle (MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,905
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff



Suddenly, with calm efficiency, he stopped and turned to her. Tienna flushed. Could he sense her arousal, smell it on her heated skin? She was once again struck by the beauty of the man as she watched him. His midnight-blue eyes were quite simply the most wonderful pair she had ever seen, and shadowed beneath thick lashes they promised such delight. Sleepy eyes, dreamy. She wanted to simply join in the unspoken sinful promise he offered.

The back of his hand was warm against her cheek. The touch of lips was hot. She sighed blissfully, greedily yearning for more. But he remained adamantly aloof, keeping his essence fully concealed behind sealed lips. She enjoyed the moment, however. The slow build of sensuality within her was excruciating, bitter anticipation yet so very sweet all at the same time.

A blast of heat suddenly infused her senses. But this was not the same as the passionate swirl that was stealing over her. Her mind was left reeling along with her shaking knees as Aiden suddenly drew back.

“Let us not tempt the devil further.” His voice was husky, showing his own reaction to the kiss. He cupped her cheeks lightly. “Sweet dreams, lovely Tienna. Perhaps I shall visit you there.”

It took a full three rapid blinks of her eyes to comprehend what he was saying. Good grief, have we already arrived? She smiled, still a little dazed, and slipped through the foliage, edging toward the domain of her family and leaving behind a man she was ready to admit she’d fallen head over heels in love with.

She sighed happily as she approached the stream bed. The reflection of the stars dancing merrily across the surface matched her moods perfectly. She wanted to join them, except it was cold and the water would be frigid. But that did not mean she could not revel in the feeling of dancing within her. Her feet fairly skipped as the elation in her grew. Perhaps Aiden was the choice her heart yearned for.

Suddenly she was seized from behind. A large hand cupped over her startled grunt, sealing it back into her mouth, uselessly. Her back was wrenched against a solid wall of unyielding muscles. Her heart slammed painfully, drumming an alarming tempo against her eardrums.

“Is your little midnight lovers’ stroll over so soon?”

The hot whisper in her ear breezed through the loose tendrils of her hair at her temple. In that instant, hot, unbidden desire raced through her body like a living being threatening to dominate her senses. Roth!

Annoyance laced with a healthy dose of anger mingled with her passion. This was so like him. Aiden, like the angel of mercy that he was, had taken the time to reassure her, placate her. But here was the avenging angel, sent seemingly from the very bowels of hell, scaring her out of her wits and arousing her far too quickly for her to control.

Stubbornly, knowing he expected an answer, she nodded. Thankfully his hand was still over her mouth and she had an excuse for not using the voice she knew would desert her.

His growl sent a shiver down her spine. “And did you enjoy it?”

Adamantly, accepting fully that she courted danger, she nodded again.

“Hoyden.” He inhaled deeply. “Do you know I should bend you over my knees for your mischief?”

The worst part was that she found even that idea stimulating. The feel of his large hands against the intimate flesh of her fanny sounded sinfully wicked. Very slowly, very expressly, she inclined her head.

His hiss was harsh and raw against the side of her neck. She leaned back as the simple touch turned to hot, openmouthed kisses. She arched into him as they became hungry nips and frantic nibbles.

Without warning, he spun her around. She caught a glint of dangerous light flickering in the depths of his whiskey-brown eyes before her gaze traveled to his lips. Full. Firm. Fulfilling. She knew this and needed it right now. As though hearing her blatant request, his mouth crushed down on hers brutally, sapping her breath along with her resistance in one foul sweep. Her mouth opened on a groan and welcomed his exploring tongue. Tienna’s mind dipped and swayed, but he mercifully kept her from melting to the ground into a puddle of soft pudding. His arms were bands of steel, ruthless, inescapable, and just what she craved.

Not wasting the advantage afforded her this time she drove her fingers into his hair. Thick, silky, wild. Her hands curled into fists, matching his animalistic cruelty, while still clinging on for the life he was both stealing from and giving to her. Had she just a moment ago believed Aiden would be enough for her? God, how many times am I going to be proven wrong?




Aiden’s hands were quick and nimble as he lifted her in his arms. He smiled down slyly. “You will reward my ministrations, Tienna.”

She didn’t have time to contemplate what he meant when she felt herself once again being handed over. This time she was laid onto Roth, who was stretched out on the soft grass. He grabbed her waist and lowered her over his cock. Her pussy clenched as she was slid each delicious inch to his base. Roth held on to her, lifting her up and down until she comprehended. Her body took over as her mind went reeling toward a distant edge. But before she could take the final plunge, Roth grabbed her nipples and tweaked the tips. He rolled and pulled at the taut buds until she was forced to lower her head to his awaiting mouth.

Her annoyance at the interruption of her pumping evaporated as his tongue plunged into her mouth. The scent of her sex, the taste lingered on him. She purred deeply as she lapped at him greedily.

Aiden’s deep baritone grated across her mind like rough sand just before she felt his hands on her ass. Tienna stiffened. Her behind was open and vulnerable due to this position. As she tried to right herself, Roth’s arms looped around her. “Stay.” His command was a clear warning. “You wanted us both, Tienna.”

Panic had her rearing against his hold.

Aiden’s voice was soothing. “Hush, Tienna. You will enjoy this.”

Roth cut in, “Know what it is to have your pussy and ass filled by two cocks.”

The words were like magic. She wanted to experience this new delight. And she trusted her lovers. She melted against Roth’s hard chest, willing her heartbeat to a tamer beat.

Her action was taken as her surrender. Roth stroked her hair tenderly. “That’s a good puss. We won’t hurt you. That’s why Aiden has the honor again.”

Tienna swallowed down her tears of gratitude. Yet again her hard, unbending lover was forced to turn over the reins of his dominance for her pleasure, fearing he would hurt her. She whispered softly against his lips, “Thank you.”

The words ended on a hiss as Aiden fingered the opening of her anus. He spread her sticky moisture and massaged the stiff muscles patiently. He worried the tender tissue into pliancy before slowly sliding a finger into her. Tienna whimpered in Roth’s mouth. He fed her gentling words. “Relax, sweetheart.” His hands pulled her thighs higher against his sides, opening her further to the invasion behind.

The tip of Aiden’s cock was suddenly huge at her sensitive entrance. She cried out as he slipped the swollen tip in. Roth quickly squeezed his hand between their bodies and fingered her weeping clit. He rubbed the folds until he latched on to her tiny bud. Tienna moaned as he teased it into tautness.

Aiden used her distraction and slipped further in. Tienna froze. Her shout echoed through the dark woods. Aiden was panting hard against her nape. “Almost there, love. Just a little more.”

It was a lot more. She felt torn apart as he pushed the remainder of the way in. He held perfectly still, as did Roth. Tienna’s breath whistled out between her teeth. Her senses dipped and swayed even more alarmingly than when she’d been upside down. The burning around her impaled ass made her dizzy. She did not think she could bear any more.

But Roth lifted his hips, and his cock pumped slowly. Aiden remained motionless as Roth picked up the pace. Moisture rushed to greet his plunging cock, and Tienna was once again overwhelmed by the tide of passion.

Her eyes widened as Aiden made his first move. It was extraordinary. It was amazing. Roth’s lips curved in a devilish grin. “Does my pet like being fucked by two cocks?”

His crude words flamed the fires of desire within her. She loved it. Words deserted her, so she pushed against Aiden in need. He did not disappoint. His arms corded at her sides as he thrust into her ass with long, even strokes. Roth held her hips slightly elevated to aid his own lusty hammering.

Tienna growled and sank her teeth into Roth’s shoulder. All sense of time and purpose slipped away. All that existed was need and fulfillment. She raced with them, like predators on a hunt. Their breaths and sweat mingled as they ground against each other selfishly. Each stroke of Roth’s cock in her pussy had Tienna’s lining contracting. Every plunge of Aiden’s savage thrusting had her ass burning with fever. She yelled her delight as they rammed into her welcoming body in unison. “Oh, God, yes!”

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