Island of Promise (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 23,154
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]

Jim has been lonely since the sudden breakup of his last relationship, and his blah life as a bookkeeper is boring…but when he hits the lottery, his whole life changes. With his newfound wealth, he books a vacation at a deluxe resort on a private tropical island.

Aboard the resort's yacht, he meets Anton, a dark-haired European minor nobleman, and falls for him. Not content with the many activities the resort offers, Anton proposes a daring adventure that's strictly against the rules.

After the two lovers get lost in the wilds of the jungle and Jim suffers an injury, they stumble upon a secret—and some bad guys. Now that the couple knows too much, the bad guys want to do away with them. Imprisoned, Jim and Anton search for a means of escape before the criminals put an end to them.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Island of Promise (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Island of Promise (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 23,154
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



It was a little past 10:30 when the movie ended, and Jim wasn’t yet ready to go to sleep. He puttered around the house until almost eleven then turned the TV on to catch the news. They were broadcasting the lottery drawing, and Jim perked up, wondering if this would be the week he’d finally win it. He wondered that every week, of course, and he was disappointed when the first number they announced was four. His lowest number was eight.

Then he remembered. He had not played his usual numbers this week. Quickly, he fished the ticket out of his pocket. By now they were calling the third number. He looked. He compared. He had all three numbers they had called so far! Literally holding his breath, he waited while the remainder of the numbers were called—and they all matched! Jim Maloney held the winning lottery ticket!

Too excited now to go to sleep, Jim clutched the ticket while imagining that a burglar might break in and snatch up the ticket or the house might burn down and the ticket go up in flames with it. Jim went to the fridge and put the ticket inside. That would be some protection from fires or burglars. Finally he went to bed but was too excited to go to sleep for the longest time.

A million thoughts ran through his mind like white mice scurrying through a maze. Had he really won? Was he sure there was no mistake? Might this be a dream? If it was for real, who should he share the good news with? Was it better to call his sister, Marcie, in the morning or wait until he actually had the money in hand? Surely it was too late to call her now, but would it be too precipitous to call before he actually took possession of the money? Could a person really die from excitement?

He was not impelled to call any of his friends. Although he had any number of buddies, Jim had no really close friends. If he did call one of his friends, perhaps one of the guys from the office, they might be envious or think he was boasting.

The office! Suddenly Jim realized he was liberated from the office. He need never go to work there—or anywhere else—again. He was a free man! The lotto win had liberated him!

Apparently it had liberated him in a number of ways, he realized, as it suddenly occurred to him that he had not for a minute thought of calling Erik’s cell phone to share the news with his ex-lover. His life had truly turned a corner.

There were not that many material things he wanted out of life. Jim was not an acquisitive person. His mind didn’t immediately turn to thoughts of buying a Mercedes or a yacht or a mansion. It was enough just knowing he could if he wanted to. It was enough just knowing he would soon have all that money. It was enough just thinking that he would soon be freed of his dull job, perhaps even of his dull life.

When he finally fell asleep, Jim was feeling exceedingly liberated.

Sunday morning, he woke up knowing something wonderful had happened but not immediately remembering what. He reached across the bed to pat the mattress and see if it was that Erik had come home. But no, the other half of the bed was still empty. Then he remembered. He held the winning lottery ticket! Bounding out of bed, he raced to the fridge to make sure the ticket was still there then to the front door to retrieve the Sunday paper and compare the winning numbers, printed there, with his ticket to be sure there was no mistake. But no, the numbers matched. It was true. Jim was a winner!




Jim put his hand back on Anton’s shoulder and guided him down to the bed. Then he rolled Anton over and thrust a cautious finger up his asshole, inserting one finger in his surprisingly tight aperture. The finger glided in with some resistance but no real problem. Jim slid a second finger in to join the first, and then a third finger joined those two.

Now he began to move the fingers in and out. Anton’s hole gripped him tightly and made it difficult to finger-fuck him as rapidly as Jim would have liked. But the more he did it, the more Anton loosened up.

Jim had a fully raging hard-on, and he rubbed it up against Anton’s butt cheek as he worked his fingers in and out of Anton’s ass, loosening him up for the forthcoming fuck. Jim’s pulse pounded in his hard-on as he humped against Anton’s leg. Anton’s body, too, was moving back and forth now as Jim’s fingers probed deeper and deeper up his ass channel. Little mewling sounds came from Anton’s blissed-out soul.

Jim lubed up his free hand and reached around Anton to grab his dick. Then Jim started sliding his hand back and forth along the thick pole of Anton’s cock. The saliva slicked up his fat cock cylinder and made it slippery. Jim’s hand glided up and down easily. Anton shivered under Jim’s touch as he spread his fingers out inside his ass while continuing to pump his rod with demanding strokes.

A sudden gasp from Anton, just before his body stiffened, alerted Jim to the fact that Anton was on the verge of spewing. He jacked him faster, plunged his fingers deeper, and elicited one hellacious major explosion out of his new friend.

“For just a finger-fuck and jack-off, that was awesome!” he said, groaning.

Jim chuckled. “That was nothing! Wait’ll I get serious about things. I hope you have some more cum stored up in those balls of yours.”

“Shit, yes!”

Jim played his hands across Anton’s pecs and teased his stiff little nipples, toying with the nubbins until they crinkled into even greater and more needful rigidity. Then he squeezed some lube from the tube Anton had provided, reinserted his fingers up into the warm, humid cavern of his asshole, and began thrusting in and out. Anton’s dick, which had gone half-limp, quickly reenergized and inflated to maximum potential.

He was now on his back, and that was just the way Jim wanted him, but for what he had in mind, he wanted Anton to get those knees way up toward his shoulders. He patted the backs of Anton’s thighs, and the minor nobleman took the hint and pulled his legs up, rolling back into position. Then Jim nosed the tip of his eager hard-on against Anton’s hole and proceeded to carefully push his way in. As his dick prodded Anton’s reluctant muscle ring, Anton scrunched up his face in a wince of discomfort.

“Shall I stop and give you a rest?” Jim asked.

“No! It always hurts at first, but I know it’s going to be worth it.”

Jim pushed again, and again, and again. Damn, this fellow was tight! One more hard shove, and finally he broke through. Anton emitted a tiny yelp and a whimper, but before Jim could ask if he wanted him to wait a second to let him get used to being stretched like that, Anton urged him, “Okay now. Give me more!”

Gladly obliging, Jim thrust forward farther and pushed more of his thick penile intruder up into Anton’s channel. The dark-haired stud began to rock back and forth now, hunching his hips and taking in more of Jim’s sturdy cock. As he did, Jim began a back-and-forth motion of his own, each forward thrust plunging him deeper and deeper.

Anton’s enfolding anal walls clung to Jim as tightly as a latex medical glove. His clinging ass rubbed Jim’s cock insistently as Jim thrust in and out, in and out, in and out. And then finally he was all the way in, the base of his cock grinding up against Anton’s ball sac and his tender asshole.

Anton was whimpering almost constantly as Jim thrust in and out, but they were definitely not the sounds of pain. His face was scrunched up, but that was not in pain either. It was the look of someone intent on coming, the sound of someone who felt sensations he was enjoying in a big way.

Jim grabbed the backs of Anton’s hairy, strong thighs, held tight, and sped up until he was slamming in and out of him mercilessly. But then, he knew Anton didn’t want mercy. He wanted to be fucked—hard and fast and avidly. And that’s just what Jim was doing to him.

Then Jim saw Anton’s hand wrap around his erection. He began jacking himself, but Jim immediately put a stop to that. “Don’t. Leave it. Let me suck you off after I fuck you.”

Anton quickly dropped his hand, smiling at the prospect. This ass-fuck would be followed by his getting sucked. The only problem Jim could see was, from the swollen hardness of Anton’s dick and the quantity of pre-cum it was leaking, it seemed clear that Anton was getting close to coming off on his own. Jim would have to finish fast if he didn’t want Anton spurting his stuff before Jim ever sucked him.

“Pinch my nipples,” Jim directed him. Anton obliged, enclosing each of Jim’s nubbins between a thumb and forefinger. Jim squirmed at Anton’s touch on his toughened flesh. Jim’s balls rumbled, and he knew they were preparing to deliver their load.

Jim rabbit-fucked Anton then. Rat-a-tat-tat-tat, he drove his dick deep into Anton’s asshole, burrowing to even greater depths than he had reached before. He drove hard, fast, and furiously, determined to get off quickly. And he did. His balls suddenly imploded, squirting out what felt like a quart of jizz.

As soon as his pulse had slowed and the searing sensations had cooled and calmed, Jim quickly pulled out of Anton’s channel. Anton seemed truly on the brink. Quickly, Jim began to suck him. As his lips closed around Anton’s hard-on, Anton let out such a groan that Jim momentarily thought something was wrong. But nothing was wrong. Everything had never been more right.


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