[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Sci-Fi Romance, M/M, vampires, bondage, HEA]

General Vedic Merrick is being hunted. Someone wants him dead. Being kidnapped by the crew of the Lady Blue actually saves his life. But once on board the outlawed spaceship, the rigid life Merrick knew before fades into the background, especially when he discovers his mate on board.

Shane Miller is excited to be in outer space. Saved from certain death by his brother and then flown through a wormhole to the future, he has every intention of living his life to the fullest. That includes claiming the sexy general that fights so hard to keep his distance. But Shane is determined to make the general see him as someone special.

General Merrick has his reasons for not claiming his mate, the least of which is the Elite Force, which is still chasing them through space. But the general has a secret that could kill not only him but Shane as well. Only by denying his mate does he have a chance of keeping the man safe.

When circumstances beyond his control rip Merrick's choices away from him, he has to enlist the aid of the Lady Blue crew to keep his mate alive and gamble on the craziest scheme he can think of to save not only Shane, but everyone they care for.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Simply Perfect (MM)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
The name says it all Simply Perfect ending to this amazing series Loved it!
Never thought I would enjoy "The Lady Blue" series. That assumption is exactly that, and assumption. I thoroughly enjoyed all eight books and cannot wait to get started on "Elite Force" series, it is sure to be just as amazing. Although I hope Remy and the Lady Blue crew will come back in some way as I will miss them terribly.
Christine Shaw
Professional Reviews

5 ANGELS: "General Vedic Merrick never thought he would end up wanted for treason from the very government he swore to protect and hiding aboard the Lady Blue, fleeing for his life. At the time he was kidnapped, there was a very sick young man, Shane, in the infirmary, but he knows little about him. Shane is Mo's brother, one of the mates, who died years ago, until they were thrown back in time and Mo was able to save his life. The future is more than Shane ever expected and he can't wait to experience everything, but he never expected he would find the perfect mate until he met Merrick. Merrick is what you would expect a general would be, pompous and ridged, but meeting Shane changes everything for him. Merrick has secrets that could destroy the career he has fought so hard to build, but can he control his almost overwhelming desire for Shane? Is Shane strong enough to fight for what he always wanted, a love of his own? This wonderful story brought to life the struggle of the men of the Lady blue Crew to prove their innocence against almost overwhelming odds. At first glance, Merrick kept everyone at arms-length until Shane came along and refused to accept his rebuffs. Merrick's struggle to keep his secret and at the same time protect Shane from his problems was inspiring. I love how the entire crew work together as a whole to defend each other as the danger escalated. The mates create as much disruption as they can while also fighting to keep their mates safe. It always amazed me how much mischief Gigi could get himself into and his mate Remmy got to the point of heading off his wayward behavior before it started. It was amazing how Merrick's attitudes and behavior changed as he opened up and found a love in Shane that he never expected." -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

5 CUPS: "Shane Miller has had quite a week; from the slums of earth to winging through space, he rolls with the punches. Once he meets the sexy general, he has finally met the ruler of his heart and master. General Vedic Merrick is unsure where his life spun out of control, but he finds himself smack dab in the middle of chaos. The crew of the Lady Blue is disrespectful to their commander and he discovers the mate he can never claim. Vedic has a secret, which if revealed, could destroy his life. If he claims his mate, the secret will lead to his man being in great danger. Is it possible to find a happy ending for themselves as well as the Lady Blue Crew? The Lady Blue Crew Series is a wonderful read and the story of Vedic and Shane exceeds the standard set by Ms. Hagen and Ms. Glenn. This duo of romance writes demonstrates why these two ladies are so successful. The storyline is strong and the men are even stronger. Shane is a live for the day man and never lets life get him down. Vedic has never left himself vulnerable to another, but Shane sneaks up on his blind side. I thoroughly love this book and in fact read it twice in as many days. I highly recommend Simply Perfect." -- Delane, Coffee Time Romance and More

4 NYMPHS: "The life of General Vedic Merrick is all about responsibility and control. Living among the crew of the Lady Blue with their lax command structure makes him nuts. But the longer he stays on the ship, the less it matters, especially on learning his mate’s on board. It’s Shane and the small human scares him to death since Vedic’s been hiding a secret his entire life, one that could get him killed. Claiming Shane is better than Vedic ever imagined but when first-time spacer, Shane, gets kidnapped by the Elite Force, it’ll take an insane plan and the crew of the Lady Blue to rescue him. Simply Perfect is the final release in Lynn Hagen and Stormy Glenn’s Lady Blue Crew series. Because of the continuing story line and recurring characters, the books should be read in order. I’ve really enjoyed this fun and entertaining futuristic series. I’m sorry to see it’s coming to an end but I’m happy the authors managed to wrap up the loose ends in a pleasing and believable manner. I like Vedic and Shane and their love story is nicely incorporated within the continuing story. Their love happens quickly, as would be expected with mates and a book of this length, but it still works and doesn’t feel contrived. The details of Vedic’s secret and family history is handled nicely and I love how easily Shane accepted it. Then there’s the secret itself, how it affects Shane, changes him and the bond he forms with Vedic…all well done and integrated into the plot perfectly. Did I mention the sizzling hot sex? Gigi getting into trouble isn’t unusual but this time it’s Shane with him when they’re kidnapped. The scenes are filled with suspense and tension and getting them out of the situation is action-packed and dangerous for everyone. There are plenty of twists to watch for regarding the resolution of their problems with the Federation and the Elite Forces, so get this book and read how it all comes to an end. You’ll like it. I did. Watch for a new spin-off series, Elite Force, coming soon." -- Dragon Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews

"Gallivanting through the galaxy causing mayhem and chaos is all in a day’s work for the Lady Blue Crew’s eighth book – Simply Perfect. Whether engaging in a zany plotline or wild and wacky characters, this series keeps the reader entertained. Most importantly, the characters truly love and it comes across in the story. Simply Perfect wraps up a major plotline and makes sure that everyone’s found their mate. Happily ever after doesn’t get much better than this series." -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

"The title of this eighth book in the Lady Blue Crew is very apt as this book really was Simply Perfect. Shane Miller is Mo's little brother who, in an unusual set of circumstances, is saved from likely death and brought to the future through a wormhole. Shane is thrilled! He's been a Trekkie his whole life and always dreamed of being on a spaceship flying through the stars. And, lucky for him, there is a very sexy general on board that Shane is really attracted to. General Vedic Merrick is rescued from potential death by the Elite Forces when the Lady Blue Crew kidnaps him. Now he's onboard and so is his mate. A human man whom Merrick can never claim or risk both his and Shane's deaths if anyone finds out Merrick's secret. Of course, this is the Lady Blue Crew, and vows of celibacy don't seem to last very long here! The exciting finale of this book resolves the issues with the Elite Forces and the Federation of United Planets. It also leaves the men and their mates in good, happy places. A series that I really liked!" -- Christy Duke, Rainbow Book Reviews

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General Vedic Merrick watched Mo walk into the mess hall with a young man. He assumed it was the young man that everyone had been so worried about, the one in the infirmary. He didn’t remember meeting him earlier and he would have. The guy was young but there was so much life in his hazel eyes that the general found it hard to look away.

But look away he did. It wouldn’t do for the young man to see how much interest the general had in him. Vedic knew he wasn’t in any position to find a sexual encounter, and an encounter was all it could be. He didn’t have time for anything more.

No matter how cute the guy was or how much he wanted it.

Merrick’s eyes snapped to Remy when the alarm suddenly started blaring. He was really starting to hate the damn thing. The last time had simply been a mishap in the mess hall. Who the hell knew what it was this time?

When the rest of the crew jumped up and ran out of the mess hall, Merrick jumped to his feet and ran after them. He might be on the run, people might be out to kill him, and he might be at the mercy of a man with a bounty on his head, but he was still a general. He needed to know what was going on.

Merrick tore through the mess hall doors and grunted when he ran smack-dab into someone. He fell back, catching himself by putting one hand on the wall. He used the other one to grab at whoever he had run into—then instantly wished he hadn’t when he realized it was the sexy man that had been standing beside Mo.

“I’m sorry,” Merrick said. He let go of the guy like his hand was on fire. “I didn’t see you.”

“No problem,” the guy said. “It was entirely my fault. I shouldn’t have been standing in the doorway.”

“Yes, well.”

“But I’m glad I was. I wanted to meet you.” The man held out his hand. “My name’s Shane, Shane Miller. I’m from Earth.”

“General Vedic Merrick of the Federation of United Planets.”

“Vedic.” Shane smiled. “That’s a very unusual name.”

“No, it’s not.”

“It is for me. I like it.”

Merrick couldn’t remember ever feeling so out of his depths before in his life and he had once stared down the entire armada of an invading army. He had stood before the congressional body and given speeches. He had fought in battles so bloody, he still didn’t like to think of them.

And yet, some skinny little human made him nervous enough that he didn’t quite know what to say to him.

“Are you a shape-shifter?”


“Can you turn blue?”


“Any other color?”

“No.” Although red from embarrassment was a distinct possibility.

“Do you have any type of powers?”

“I’m a general.”

Shane rolled his eyes. “No, like, can you shoot laser beams out of your eyes or anything? Ohhh, can you fly? Mykel can fly but only when he’s an eagle. That would be so cool.”

“I cannot fly, nor can I shape-shift, nor do I turn any color,” Merrick snapped. “I am a general in the Federation of United Planets.”

Shane’s head cocked to one side. “That doesn’t sound like it comes with any powers.”

“Oh, believe me, it does.”

Shane’s eyes sparkled with curiosity. The guy reminded Merrick of a cat. “Oh? Like what?”

Merrick steamed. “I’m needed on the bridge.”

Before Merrick could stop Shane, the man leapt, pinning the general against the wall and smashing their lips together. The only reason the small human got the upper hand was because Vedic was so caught off guard.

As much as Shane’s kiss rocked his world, Merrick pushed the man away. He knew in his heart that this could never be.

Even if Shane was his mate.




“You don’t need to touch me in order to feel me, casara.”

Merrick brought truth to his words when he licked a line from one of Shane’s nipples to the other one. When the air caressed across the moist trail left behind, Shane knew for a fact that he wasn’t going to be sane by the time this was over. He mewled softly and arched, desperate, oh so desperate. Merrick’s soft chuckle blew hot breath against Shane’s already-aching flesh, causing him to whimper more.

“Please, Vedic.” Shane was so not above begging, not when Merrick was nibbling a line down his body toward his cock. When Merrick moved closer to his erection, Shane eagerly spread his legs as wide as they would go. He planted his feet in the mattress and pushed up, blindly seeking…something.

Shane shivered when that something came in the form of coolness dribbling between his ass cheeks. He sucked in a deep breath. He hadn’t been expecting that. “C–Cold.”

“I’ll warm it up for you.”

Shane ached to see Merrick’s face. His voice had gone deep and rough, almost growly. Every time Merrick’s body brushed up against him, Shane could feel the general’s muscles bunching and tensing. It was almost as erotic as having the man’s hands on his body.


Shane was suddenly grabbed and flipped over onto his stomach, then lifted up until he knelt on his knees, his ass in the air and his head pressed down into the bed. He swallowed several times, feeling a little lost, and a whole lot unsure, especially when he couldn’t see anything but darkness.

“V–Vedic?” A second later Shane was crying out as a long, hot tongue licked up the crease of his ass. His legs trembled so much he was sure that they would collapse beneath him. “Oh my gods, sir, please!”

Merrick’s loud growl filled the room. Shane frowned when he felt something sharp dig into his hips. He didn’t remember Merrick’s nails being that long. He jerked when one of them pierced his skin and then groaned a moment later when Merrick licked at the small wound.

“You taste so fucking good, casara,” Merrick murmured against Shane’s skin. “I can’t get enough of you. I want to lick every inch of your body.”

“It’s yours,” Shane panted softly. “It’s all yours.”

Another deep growl filled the room. Shane shuddered and bucked when Merrick licked his ass again. He’d read about things like this back on Earth, imagined them. But nothing had ever prepared him to have his ass licked. And good gods, Merrick’s tongue just kept moving, licking, and pushing at Shane’s tight entrance.

After a few moments, Shane started to push back. He could feel Merrick’s tongue starting to push into him between licks. It was like Merrick was possessed. Shane ached. His cock ached. It leaked. It throbbed. It pulsed with the need to come.


When Merrick’s fingers dug into his ass cheeks and pulled them apart, and he felt the man’s thick tongue press fully into his ass, Shane couldn’t contain himself any longer. He cried out as his body jerked. Unimaginable pleasure flooded every part of his body as he sprayed the bed beneath him with his release.

And the pleasure just went on and on, wave after wave crashing through him. When his knees started to give out, Merrick grabbed him and pulled him back up. Shane felt so melted that he was pretty sure Merrick was the only thing holding him up.

Shane couldn’t even raise a protest when he felt Merrick’s thick cock start to press into his ass. There was a bite of pain, a burning sensation. Shane dug his fingers into the blankets below him and panted through it until he felt Merrick’s hips press up against his.

And then the man stilled. Merrick’s entire body went motionless. Except for his heavy panting, Shane couldn’t hear a sound in the room, not even Merrick’s breathing. Shane lifted his head off the mattress and turned it to look over his shoulder even though he couldn’t see Merrick through the fabric covering his eyes.

If Merrick stopped now, Shane was pretty sure he would die.

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