Seth's Chance (MM)

Brac Pack 27

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 46,714
80 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]

Seth McGavin moves to Brac Village to care for his nephew Oscar after a house fire claims Oscar’s parents. He doesn’t expect to find Chance Lakeland, and he certainly doesn’t expect to fall for the tall, handsome man. Chance Lakeland seems to be blowing it with his mate, Seth. He can’t seem to say the right thing. He can’t even seem to keep his mate safe when it seems that, at every turn, Seth is being threatened, or even worse, hurt. When Seth is attacked on several different occasions, Chance has had enough. He tries to convince his mate to move in with him, but Seth is adamant about keeping his independence, even at the cost of his safety. Seth doesn’t go looking for trouble, but it finds him at every turn. Can Chance convince Seth to take a leap of faith and trust him, or will Seth run into the wrong man and get himself killed? When one of Seth’s attacks proves more dangerous than anyone thought possible, things begin to change in the paranormal world.

Note: Each book in Lynn Hagen's Brac Pack collection focuses on a different romantic couple. To enjoy the overall story arc and crossover characters, we recommend reading the series in sequential order.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Seth's Chance (MM)
80 Ratings (4.6)

Seth's Chance (MM)

Brac Pack 27

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 46,714
80 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
An enjoyable read. I really liked the twist at the end of this story.
AJ Jarrett
The Brac Pack is one of my favorite series and this book just goes to show why I loved this one exciting and a beautiful love story all in one
Professional Reviews

4.5 NYMPHS: "After taking over the responsibility of raising his nephew, Oscar, Seth decides moving to Brac Village is the perfect place to raise the little boy. Seth never realized just how much the move would affect his life. Seth’s Chance is the latest addition to the Brac Pack series and while I have enjoyed each of the stories in the series, in some ways, I think this one is the best. Like many of the previous couples, there is an instant connection between Seth and Chance, yet unlike some of the shifters who are paired with humans, Chance is having a hard time with Seth. While Seth is willing to have Chance as a friend, he is unwilling for it to become more. While the story is a work of fiction and readers can only expect so much realism in stories like this, it is the process the author puts the men through as they go from friends to lovers, especially with all the outside issues they face, that lend this story an air of believability. Seth’s reaction to what is going on around him is realistic and I could not help wondering why he was the only human mate to act that way. Seth’s reactions play heavily into the story line, causing more than a few problems for Chance. It’s not only the differences in the men’s relationship that’s refreshing, but the author also threw in some interesting twists and turns in the sub plot. Seth’s Chance is sure to be a fan favorite and I hope the following stories will be just as good." -- Critter Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews

4 ANGELS: "Seth's Chance by Lynn Hagen is the twenty-seventh book in the Brac Pack series. Seth's life changed when his nephew Oscar's parents were killed in a house fire, leaving Oscar badly burned, with only Seth to care for him. Seth never regretted moving from the city to a small town because it was better for Oscar. They may not have much, but the apartment is theirs and his job at the diner takes care of their needs. Seth meets Chance Lakeland who becomes a fast friend to both of them. Chance, a bear shifter, immediately recognizes Seth as his mate, but decides to give them time to get better acquainted before springing that information on Seth. Seth has a creepy feeling about his new neighbor Tyler, making him question how safe his new home truly is. Chance sees how happy his other brothers are with their mates and can't wait until he and Seth are mated and gaining Oscar as his son. Things at home get out of hand when Sloan, a member of the Brac Pack, lands in jail on trumped up charges, setting his vampire mate D off, demanding his mate be immediately released and adding more confusion to their lives. Is Seth's unease about his neighbor warranted or is there something else afoot? Will Chance get his turn at love? The story is filled with unique characters that draw the reader into their lives. I fell in love with Oscar whose love and happiness bought wonder and light into everyone's lives. He may be a child, but his almost adult-like understanding of those around him was fascinating to read. Seth's love for Oscar was apparent in his willingness to change his life so Oscar would have whatever he needed. I can't imagine that I'd react any different from Seth when he learned about Chance and the many paranormal beings that exist in the world, but isn't it better to know about the possible dangers ahead? The love between Seth, Chance and Oscar was inspiring. Add to that the danger of rogue vampires, humans hunters bent on taking out any paranormal being they find, and Seth's feelings of danger and you have an action-packed story that never lets up and an ending that you would never expect." -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

"Seth’s Chance will tug at your heartstrings with a winning plotline and endearing characters. Seth and Oscar are special and Chance is a hero here. This storyline also opens up a segue way for new tales in the series to build on. Rooting for this little family to find happiness is easy. Sweet with a dose of sexy in the right places, Seth’s Chance is another entertaining Brac Pack book." -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

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“Hang on, buddy,” Seth said as he unwound the sheet, tossing it aside. He helped Oscar to his feet and then headed into the kitchen to start breakfast. Thank goodness he had today off from work. There were things he needed to get done, and Oscar had a physical therapy appointment in the afternoon.

As he set the plate of food in front of Oscar, the phone rang. Seth grabbed it from the cradle as he ruffled Oscar’s hair. “Hello?”

“Good morning, my sweet little morsel.”

Seth grinned. The deep rumble of Chance Lakeland’s voice was always a great way to start his day. Just hearing Chance’s voice made his stomach knot and his palms sweat. It was like being a teenager all over again and experiencing his first crush, which was ridiculous, but true.

The man had confused and baffled Seth when they first met, but after two months of hanging out together, Seth found that he really enjoyed Chance’s company. Just hearing the man’s sweet voice was like a breath of fresh air. “Good morning.”

Seth could have sworn he heard a contented sigh on the other end of the phone, but maybe that was wishful thinking. Not only were the two of them friends, but Seth was crushing on the man big-time. Could a grown man crush? He wasn’t sure, but it felt like that. “I know you have today off. I was wondering if I could come by.”

Seth’s heart sped up. He loved spending time with Chance. “When?”

Seth heard a knock at the door. It was loud, making the door shake on its hinges. He frowned as he headed into the living room. He hoped it wasn’t Tyler again. The man was nice looking, but Seth really wasn’t interested. The guy did give off bad vibes. “Hang on, someone is at my door.” He sat the phone on the table next to the door and then opened it, grinning like a goof when he saw Chance standing there wiggling his thick black brows.

“How about I come over now?”

Seth chuckled as he moved aside to allow Chance room to enter. He grabbed the phone, hanging it up. “I guess now would be fine.”

They were friends, nothing more. Seth wasn’t ready to make that commitment. He had Oscar to look after and a very busy life. He didn’t think it fair to toss his leftover time to Chance.

The man deserved more.

Chance was cool about it, coming over any chance he could find. The man was great company. It didn’t hurt that Chance was drop-dead gorgeous either. His crushing would have to be just that. If Seth wasn’t ready to commit, then he needed to keep his feelings about the man to himself. But at times like this, when he was staring into Chance’s handsome face, that decision was difficult as hell to maintain.

“Don’t you have to work the ranch today?” Seth asked as he walked back into the kitchen, Chance on his heels.

“Nope, Pa told me I could hang out with you and Mr. McGavin.” Chance made a pose like the Incredible Hulk, flexing as his face scrunched up. He gave a loud growl. Oscar slid from his chair, mimicking the man. Seth was becoming impressed with Oscar’s little growl. It was improving.

Chance always referred to Oscar as Mr. McGavin. He said it made Oscar feel important. As long as Oscar was happy, Seth didn’t say a word. His nephew usually didn’t take to strangers, but over the course of the last two months, he and Chance were the best of buds.

Jealous? Maybe, but Seth only wanted Oscar to be happy, even if he wasn’t the little guy’s favorite. Chance had that honor.

Seth watched as Chance’s entire body flexed as he took a seat at the table. It was like a mountain realigning itself. The formfitting red shirt over Chance’s chest shifted as he moved, showing off well-defined biceps and a chest that made Seth want to beg to see. He may not be ready for a relationship, but he wasn’t blind. Seth cleared his throat at the sight.

“There is some breakfast on the stove if you’re hungry.” Seth left the kitchen, breathing out slowly at the impressive sight of Chance. He walked into Oscar’s bedroom, stripping the bed down and remaking it with fresh sheets. He had to do something with his hands because they were itching to slide over Chance’s chest and feel every dip and fine line the man possessed.

He was going to wait to straighten Oscar’s room, but Seth didn’t want Chance to see the raw need in his eyes. It would be embarrassing considering they weren’t sleeping together. He didn’t want to give Chance the wrong idea.

“Need any help?” Chance’s voice was low, with a warm edge that made Seth’s cock jerk in his sweatpants. He kept his back to Chance, praying he didn’t make a fool of himself.

“I’m just going to run some laundry downstairs. Do you mind sitting with Oscar?” He grabbed the basket and tossed the dirty sheets into it, placing the basket in front of his groin. Okay, it was safe to turn around now.

He swallowed when he saw Chance resting a shoulder against Oscar’s door. His eyes were slightly hooded, and he was looking at Seth like he knew what the man was feeling. There was no way Chance knew how much lust and desire was coursing through him right now, but those pretty gray eyes were telling a different story.

Chance nodded, speaking low and oh so seductively. “I can watch him.”

That tone of voice wasn’t helping his erection go anywhere.




“Chance.” It was a low warning, pleading, begging Chance to get rid of his jeans. Chance peeled back the zipper, his nose burying in Seth’s groin as he pulled the two sides apart.

Seth’s fingers gripped Chance’s hair, tugging on it as Chance curled his fingers into the waistband of Seth’s pants. Chance tugged and Seth lifted his hips, feeling the rush of excitement as his cock was freed and Chance tossed Seth’s pants aside.

Seth felt naked and exposed, on display for Chance, but seeing Chance kneeling before him, eyes raking Seth’s body, didn’t embarrass him. It turned Seth on. It was on the tip of his tongue to ask Chance if he liked what he saw, but Seth held back. He wasn’t going to fish for compliments. He wanted Chance to give them freely. Seth wasn’t the type to think himself praiseworthy, but the look in the man’s eyes was slightly unnerving. Seth wanted to know what Chance was thinking.

Chance’s hand slid down Seth’s chest, his nails slightly raking Seth’s skin. Seth shivered. He saw a deep hunger in Chance’s gray eyes, something that told Seth the man really liked what he saw. That was a relief. For a second there, Seth thought Chance was going to ask him why he was so damn pale. Seth couldn’t help that. It was the Irish in his blood. He’d never been good at tanning. But he was damn good at burning.

“Hon, you have one fine-ass-looking body,” Chance said as he lowered himself to hover his mouth over Seth’s groin. The anticipation had Seth’s cock throbbing, pre-cum leaking in rivulets onto his stomach and sliding down his hip. Chance lapped at the clear liquid as if he was enjoying every single drop. Seth groaned, his hips chasing after Chance, trying his best to get the man to suck his cock.

“Is there something you want, Seth?” Chance asked, knowing damn well what Seth wanted. It was what any man wanted. To bury his dick between moist lips.

Seth wanted to shout his triumph when Chance wrapped his lips around Seth’s erection, his tongue smoothing over the heated flesh. Seth’s left leg swung up to land on the back of the couch, his other leg on Chance’s back. His head lolled back as he bit his bottom lip, praying Chance was good at giving head. Just because a man had a dick didn’t mean he knew what to do with one. Normally, that would mean a straight man, but even some gay men were clueless.

“Shit,” Seth said as Chance lapped at his balls. The man definitely knew what he was doing. Chance’s throat opened, and Seth’s cock slid toward the back. Holy shit, Chance hadn’t even gagged! Seth was keeping Chance.

Chance licked one long path up his erection before kneeling before Seth. Seth gaped at Chance. “How did you get your pants off?”

And how was he going to fit all of that inside of him? Chance looked like the gods were very kind to him.

“I have many talents to share with you, love.” Chance’s voice was a mixture of teasing and strangled restraint. Seth looked down to see the very tip of Chance’s tongue teasing the head of his cock. Seth’s eyes rolled back.

Seth could feel the tips of Chance’s fingers playing lightly over his hips as he took Seth back into his mouth, exploring every line and every ridge that Seth’s lower half possessed. He cried out underneath Chance as the man trailed his tongue down Seth’s sac.

“Please, Chance,” Seth begged.

A low chuckle came from between Seth’s legs, and he knew Chance was torturing him on purpose. Chance pulled from between Seth’s legs, looming over him, his cock jutting out long and thick. Seth could feel sweat beading on his skin as he licked his dry lips, wanting, no, needing to feel Chance inside of him.

Seth pulled his legs from under Chance and then turned over, presenting his ass to the man. “Take me.”

Chance dipped down, licking a long line from Seth’s tailbone to his sac. Seth shivered the whole time. The moist tongue lingered around his entrance, and then Chance slipped into Seth, two fingers deep. Seth cried out again, his shoulders dropping onto the edge of the couch as Chance knelt behind him, fingers stretching Seth. He could feel Chance’s erection sliding along his sac, the silky-smooth skin grazing nerve endings as Seth’s lips parted slightly.

“I’m going to claim you, Seth. After this, you are mine.” Chance’s free hand wound around Seth until Chance’s fingers were curled around Seth’s cock. Chance’s applied the slightest pressure, making Seth’s erection throb between the man’s fingers.

Chance’s words were trying to penetrate the fog that was surrounding Seth’s head. There was a tickling at the back of Seth’s mind, telling him to pay attention, but with Chance’s fingers buried so deeply inside of his body, Seth couldn’t think with a clear head. The thought was lost in the pounding of Chance’s fingers.

Seth rolled to the floor, right from under Chance. He wasn’t sure why he had done this as his knees hit carpet. Chance was right behind him, springing from the couch and landing on his knees as if he’d done this a million times.

“Chance.” Seth shook his head, trying to remember what he had called Chance’s name for.

“I warned you about running from me,” Chance said in a low growl right before he plunged into Seth’s ass. Seth cried out, riding the pleasure as it crashed over him. Having Chance inside of him made him forget everything. Chance’s cock was thick, stretching Seth wide almost to the point of pain. He screamed, but it was wordless, soundless. Seth felt as if he were being consumed.


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