Caught in a Web of Intrigue (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 21,581
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]

Passions flame and danger flares when Mal helps out-of-work Josh get a job in his office. The company forbids intra-office romance, but Mal and Josh are falling in love with each other. The relationship between the duo blossoms—and is described in exquisitely hot detail—but all does not go smoothly.

Coworker Burt bears a grudge against Josh for taking the job that Burt wanted a friend of his to get, so Burt sets about trying to get Josh fired. Now Mal and Josh not only can’t live together, but they can’t even spend evenings together. Burt is spying on them, trying to entrap them so he can get them in trouble with the boss. Both need their jobs…but both want each other. How can love survive when both partners are caught in a web of intrigue?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Caught in a Web of Intrigue (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Caught in a Web of Intrigue (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 21,581
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston

Story excerpt


Less than five minutes later, Josh’s phone rang again. “I have a plan,” Mal said. “I’ll go out in my car and lead Burt on a wild-goose chase. I’ll start in the direction of your house, to make him think that’s where I’m headed, but then I’ll turn and go off in a different direction and lead him away from both your house and mine. While I have him following me on a journey to nowhere, you get on your bike and come over to my house. Use your key, let yourself in, and stash the bike in the front hall so there’s no chance of Burt seeing it. By the time I come home, even if Burt’s still following me, you and the bike will be tucked safely in the house. Your car will still be at your house—just in case Burt goes over there to check—and you and I can enjoy the evening together with no interference.”

“Okay,” Josh said dispiritedly.

Mal, however, seemed energized at the prospect of thoroughly infuriating their nemesis by tempting him into believing he was about to catch them together, then totally frustrating him. He cackled. “This is gonna be interesting,” he said.

Josh didn’t share his enthusiasm. “This whole situation sucks,” he groused.

“I know,” said Mal consolingly, but then his spirits effervesced again. “Well, here goes,” he said. “I’ll leave the house in a couple of minutes. Give me ten minutes to lead Burt out of the area, and then head over here on your bike. Okay?”



* * * *


Surreptitiously peeking out the window, Mal spotted Burt still lurking in the doorway of the apartment building. Mal emerged from his front door and took his time crossing over to his car, parked in the driveway, to be sure Burt would see him. Then he slowly backed out of the driveway and headed in the direction of Josh’s house. Checking his rearview mirror, he saw a silver sedan at some distance behind him. He knew Burt drove a silver sedan.

Four blocks from his house, where he would have made a left turn to go to Josh’s house, he kept going straight. Half a mile beyond that, on a whim, he turned right. After driving a little farther, he realized he was near the waterfall, and he decided to make it appear that that had been his destination, so he continued on to the waterfall and then got out of his car and stood, just watching the water rush over the boulders and down to the riverbed below.

Out of the corner of his eye, he could see a glint of silver and knew that Burt had parked among the trees and was most likely sitting in his car, waiting to see if Josh was going to show up…which, of course, he didn’t. Mal just watched the rushing water for a while, imagining how Burt must be fuming at having failed to catch Mal and Josh together.

When he’d had enough of this game, he got back in his car, and not looking in the direction of the car parked among the trees, he drove away and headed back to his house.


* * * *


By this time, of course, Josh was long since ensconced in Mal’s house. He thought of closing the blinds to ensure that he wasn’t seen through the windows. It occurred to him, however, that Burt might have noticed the position of the blinds at the time Mal left the house. If they’d been open then but were closed now, that would indicate that someone was inside. So he stayed carefully away from the windows but watched through them as best he could from his position within the living room. At length he saw The Mongrel gliding down the street and, after Mal had pulled into the driveway, a silver sedan cruise slowly past the house. Josh was sure Burt was looking around for any sign of Josh or his car, but he was also sure that Burt couldn’t see that far into the living room. A second later Mal was letting himself into the house. “We fooled him!” he gloated, hugging and kissing Josh.

If Mal felt like gloating, however, Josh did not. “Do we have to do this every friggin’ night from now on?” he grumbled. “This is no effing way to live!”

“Something’s gotta break,” Mal said consolingly, putting an arm around Josh’s shoulders and squeezing him in a one-armed hug. “I agree we can’t go on like this, but eventually Burt has to grow tired of stalking us. When he fails to catch us together, after a while he’s got to give up. What’s he going to do—hang out across the street in all kinds of weather, rain and snow and wind and cold, night after night, hoping to catch us, never giving up? Even Burt isn’t that vindictive.”

“Wanna bet?”




His magnificent dick towered in the air and waved wildly about, leaking pearlescent drops of pre-cum fluid as it bobbed back and forth. Letting Mal’s nut sac ease out of his mouth, Josh lapped halfway up Mal’s dick, then stopped in a deliberate tease, making him beg for more. Only when Mal accused Josh of outright cruelty did he continue the journey to the top of Mal’s hard-on and envelop his dick-crown in his tight lips. Swabbing Mal’s corona with his tongue, he elicited such shivers from him that he feared Mal would spill his load prematurely.

Well, he didn’t want that to happen yet, so he reluctantly let go of his lip-lock on Mal’s hard-on and rolled him over on the bed. Then he began to molest Mal’s rosebud asshole with his tongue. That puckerbud quivered at him and seemed to be beckoning him. When he touched down with his tongue tip, Mal jumped on the bed as if it had been a live wire instead of a tongue that had touched him. As Josh’s tongue tip danced across the wrinkled sphincter, that asshole blossomed outward, fluttering as if trying to catch his tongue in its confines. Josh thrust his tongue inward, invading the sanctum of Mal’s anal tract.

There were other delights to enjoy, however, and finally Josh reluctantly withdrew his tongue, licked a couple of fingers, and thrust them both together up Mal’s quivering pucker. A brief but loud whimper escaped his lips as Josh’s fingers slid into his sanctuary. The humid heat of his twisting guts enveloped Josh’s questing fingers, and he stretched to reach as far up inside Mal as he could, rubbing the walls of his ass-vault and triggering every nerve he could find.

By now Mal was humping the bed, digging his needy dick into the mattress as Josh finger-fucked his anal passage. His asshole was tight on Josh’s two fingers, molding itself to them as they shot up and down inside his rear channel. And then Mal spoke up in a tortured, agonized voice. “Fuck me. Fuck me now! I can’t wait any longer. I need it so bad!”

Josh thumped his club of a dick against Mal’s taut, smooth, perfect ass-globe, but his teeth ached for a nibble, so he took the time to bend down and bite on that ass-mound, scraping his teeth on the soft skin, eliciting another groan from Mal. Diverting to his other buttock, Josh took a good bite there, too.

“Fuck meeeee!” Mal groaned.

Josh reached over to the night table, this time grabbing the lube. He slathered a generous glob on his fingers, then worked it into Mal’s begging butt. Mal’s sphincter snapped at Josh’s fingers as he eased in and out with the jelly, greasing up his pucker everywhere, inside and out, all around the circumference.

“Here it comes.” Josh gave him fair warning. Then, holding his slab of cockmeat in his hand, he positioned the snout of his raging dick at the entrance to Mal’s tight chute and pushed. His dicksnout drove through the ring of muscle, breaching the barrier and gaining access to the warm interior of Mal’s rectum. The searing column of flesh spread his sphincter wide and began tunneling up his quivering ass-tunnel.

“Fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

Hard? If that was the way he wanted it, that was what Josh would give him. He pushed forward, heaving his body against Mal’s with a grunt and driving his thick dickmeat deeper up the welcoming tunnel. Mal groaned again, a groan of pure pleasure.

One last lunge and Josh was fully embedded in Mal’s anal vault. Then he pulled out until only his knobhead remained lodged in Mal’s tunnel. A quick drive forward and he’d sunk his knob to the hilt in Mal’s rear. 

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