Jewels for Vishnu (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 90,794
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Interracial Romance, M/M, HFN]

In Los Angeles, jewelry salesman and designer Corey Oliver is excited when he meets the easygoing personal trainer and fitness model Joey. Corey hopes that their intense sexual relationship will develop into something deeper and more lasting. After all, the handsome and versatile Joey would seem to be all that Corey could ask for in another man. But Corey's life becomes complicated when the wealthy Tamil businessman Kaustav Thevar commissions him to design and make jewelry for his bronze statue of the Hindu god Vishnu. Not only does Kaustav have a seductive young houseboy in his employ, but Corey finds himself increasingly attracted to Kaustav, as well. Is Corey asking for too much from Joey, or is Joey ready to commit to a relationship with him? And would it be unethical for Corey to enter into more than a business relation with Kaustav? It seems as though little short of divine intervention can resolve Corey's dilemma.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Jewels for Vishnu (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Jewels for Vishnu (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 90,794
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston

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“Okay, let’s not mince words, Kaustav. As you undoubtedly already know, Renesh and I slept together. You might say we put my cock rings to the torture test.”

“Did they pass?”

“They held up quite well.”

“And the human participants in this test? Was it a satisfactory experience for them?”

“Hell yes.”

“Then what more needs to be said? I’m pleased. Pleased that you two had a good time.”

“You aren’t jealous?”

“Of course not. Oh, I’m very fond of Renesh. Don’t think I’m not. But I don’t pretend to have exclusive rights to him. He needs to have his own life, apart from me. And let me be honest. There is a certain innocence and vulnerability about Renesh, not only because of his youth but because he is, after all, a foreigner living here in your country, where your ways are still rather strange to him. It wouldn’t make me unhappy if he were to find himself a steady lover. Someone suitable, of course. A stable man, not one of these shallow, irresponsible types one sees so often in this town. Someone like you, perhaps.”

“So you set out to play matchmaker and you deliberately maneuvered the two of us into each other’s arms.”

“Precisely.” Kaustav spoke without irony or embarrassment. “It was my idea in the first place that Renesh should go to your apartment to pick up the statue. I hoped that something might develop between the two of you, and it did. You enjoyed yourself. Renesh also had a good time. What harm has been done?”

“None, I suppose, assuming that Renesh hasn’t developed some sort of a crush on me.”

“You wouldn’t be interested in a long-term relationship with him?”

“I’m not saying that. It’s just that I can’t imagine myself, you know, married to the kid. Okay, to the guy, if you object the word ‘kid.’ He is younger than me, after all. More to the point, he’s obviously a lot less experienced. I wouldn’t want him to get hurt.”

“That’s fair. Don’t worry about it. Renesh may not be as naïve as you think he is. He’s willing to take you on your own terms. That’s why it should be pleasant for the two of you to see each other again, tomorrow night. When he brings you the jewels,” Kaustav added, with a sly smile that Corey found maddeningly sexy. “I’m sure Renesh will be excited when I get home tonight and tell him about the assignment. Somehow I suspect he won’t find the chore a particularly onerous one.”

Corey, studying Kaustav’s face, waited for a moment before responding. “You’re a rather-extraordinary man.”

“Am I, Corey? In what way?”

“In several ways. For one thing, I suspect it can’t be easy, in your culture, for a man to be gay. Especially a man of your social standing. There must be a lot of pressure on you to get married. To a woman.”

“There is. But on the other hand, it’s not unusual for a man in my position to marry later in life than would be the norm here in the United States. I undoubtedly will get married, some day.”

“And how do you feel about that?”

“It might well be an arranged marriage. The woman would have to be suitable in terms of family, education, and social position. And she would need to accept the fact that I have certain—predispositions. Which, I trust, would not prevent me from being a good husband—and a good father, should the gods bless our union with children.”

“I can’t imagine what it would be like, being married to a woman and having children, and still wanting to have sex with men.”

“Well, luckily for you, my dear Corey, you are unlikely to ever find yourself in that position. You are free to do as you please.”

“When you put it like that, though, it almost sounds like a lonely kind of freedom.”

“Here in America, of course, gay men can either legally marry, in some states, or enter into civil unions, and they can adopt children,” Kaustav pointed out.

“True. Is that you being the optimist and emphasizing the positive again?”

“No doubt.”

As he finished his coffee, Corey indulged in some perhaps overly optimistic speculations of his own. He wondered how Kaustav would react if he invited him back to his apartment—for a drink, a nightcap, ostensibly, or so Corey could show him some of his jewelry. If he was really feeling bold, Corey could even come right out with it and say something like, This has been a really nice evening, Kaustav. I wish it didn’t have to end. I wonder whether you’d like to go to my place so we can play around a little together. You know, make love, with no strings attached? Are you as good in bed as that sexy little houseboy of yours? I bet you are. And I’d love to find out!

But Corey wasn’t feeling quite that bold. For all his friendliness, and the open way he talked about sexual matters, Kaustav had a certain aura of dignity and reserve about him, which Corey still found intimidating. Corey didn’t want to cross a line and do or say anything that might offend the other man. His reluctance had nothing to do with the fact that Kaustav was his customer. There was just something about the guy that set him apart from most of the other gay men Corey had known.

Instead, Corey offered to pay his half of the check, which Kaustav, of course, refused.

“You’re my guest, and this is my treat. No arguments.”

“Then, thank you very much. It was a lovely dinner. I’m going to have to think of some way to pay you back,” Corey said. This was as close to a sexual innuendo as he dared to make, for the time being.

“I’m sure you will,” his companion replied, with an enigmatic smile.

And so Corey said good night to Kaustav outside the restaurant, in front of the parking valet, and went home—alone.




“Would you like to make love right here in the tub?”

“I’m willing to give it my best shot.”

“Stand up and let me suck you.”

Corey stood up until he was submerged in the tub only from his knees down. Water ran down his upper body. Kaustav sat on the bottom of the tub, with his legs on the outsides of Corey’s. He got comfortable then leaned forward, grasped Corey’s buttocks in his hands to steady him, and began to suck his cock.

Within seconds, Corey realized that the heat in the bathroom wasn’t going to be a problem. He got fully hard almost at once, and the interior of Kaustav’s moist mouth actually felt lukewarm in contrast to the steamy air surrounding him.

Kaustav interrupted his sucking to retrieve his plastic cup and pour some champagne over Corey’s cock. He went all the way down on it again, slurping noisily, then repeated the process several times.

“What a delightful way to enjoy a drink,” he told Corey at one point. “Not that your cock doesn’t taste delicious all on its own.”

He performed the champagne trick until the glass was empty, and Corey’s erection ached with desire. Then Kaustav pulled his mouth away from Corey’s cock and stared up at him with those smoldering black eyes.

“Corey, I want you to fuck me.”


“Don’t you want to?”

“Of course I do. But—somehow—I’d assumed it was going to be mostly the other way around. You’re so masculine.”

Kaustav laughed softly. “But so are you. Surely you’re not the kind of man who thinks there’s something effeminate about wanting to be penetrated.”

“No, quite the contrary.”

“I like it either way.”

“So do I.”

“But I’d like you inside me this first time. It’s something I’ve sort of been looking forward to.”

“All right. Only I hate the thought of having to get out of this nice warm tub.”

“We don’t have to get out of it.”

“Well, I don’t bareback, Kaustav. We’re going to have to get a rubber and some lube, which I assume you have in your bedroom.”

“I do. I’m well supplied. Not only in the bedroom but right here, as well.” Kaustav took one of the canisters from the ledge, removed its lid, and pulled out a condom.

“I can see that all sorts of ‘socializing,’ as I believe you called it, goes on here in your bathroom.”

“Sometimes,” Kaustav admitted, although he maintained a poker face. “As for lubrication, I don’t really need any. The water should suffice. And I like the feeling of a hard cock fitted tightly inside my ass. But here’s a tube of water-soluble lube if you want to use it.”

“You really are the perfect host, Kaustav. You offer me a meal, you offer me a bath, you offer me champagne, and now, to top it off, you offer me your ass.”

“Feel free to make good use of it. What’s mine is yours.”

Corey put on the condom then availed himself of the lube.

“I assume you’ve done this before?” he asked. “Had sex here in the tub, I mean?”

“Shame on you, Corey. Are you asking me to fuck and tell?”

“I’m not asking you to name names. I’m just curious about what position you recommend. Doing it with both of us standing up would seem to be a little risky. We might slip and fall. Ending up bruised could diminish some of the pleasure.”

“Why don’t you sit down in the water, and I’ll sit on you?”

“That sounds doable, without involving too much risk to life and limb.”

“Would you like me to sit on your cock facing you or with my back to you?”

“Wow, that’s some choice. Face-to-face, I think.”

They assumed the positions Kaustav had suggested, and with Kaustav’s weight resting lightly on top of him, and Kaustav’s buttocks pressed against his thighs, Corey found himself trying to insert his submerged erection into the other man’s equally waterlogged ass. He searched for the hole, found it, and placed the tip of his gloved hard-on firmly against the aperture.

Kaustav, seated on him with his legs on either side of Corey’s body, put his arms around Corey’s shoulders, and leaned down to give him a kiss. The bath water, all around them, soaked their flesh in wet warmth, and clouds of steam continued to rise from its surface.

“Now,” Kaustav whispered. “Take me. Fuck me. I want to feel you inside me.”

Groaning with anticipation, Corey made a tentative, exploratory upward thrust. To his delight, Kaustav’s ass, relaxed by its lengthy immersion in the hot bath, clung to his cock like a second condom and moved easily along with his thrust. There was just enough friction to send shivers of pleasure up Corey’s spine. He groaned and bucked his hips upward, driving his cock into the moist tissues that parted to accept him. He withdrew, thrust upward again, and then began to repeat the process, fucking Kaustav’s butch ass. He could feel Kaustav’s strong hands gripping and exploring his wet body, trying to steady himself against Corey as they humped passionately in the tub.

“You’re got such a nice, tight ass,” Corey gasped.

“Thank you.”

“And you’re such a nice, hot fuck!”

“All Tamil men are.”

Corey assumed this was an exaggeration on Kaustav’s part. On the other hand, it was just possible that there was something genetic, or about the hot tropical climate in southeastern India, which caused its men to have exceptionally responsive butts. Certainly, the two specimens of Tamil manhood Corey had encountered so far, namely Renesh and Kaustav, were wonderful to fuck. He closed his eyes, the better to concentrate on the purely physical aspects of their anal intercourse.

Corey’s balls hung loose in their sac, softened and relaxed by the heat, and he knew that one of the advantages of fucking in the tub like this was that it would take him longer than usual to come. Not wanting to open his eyes again just yet, he groped about, touching the other wet body, which was impaled upon his virility. He caressed firm muscle and flesh, rubbed the creamy soapsuds into the smooth, overheated skin that brushed against his own.

“Fuck me, Corey. Oh, please fuck me!”

“What do you think I’m doing?” Corey retorted. “God, how I love your hot hole!”

The two men fell silent and concentrated on the fuck.


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