Isabella's Pirate Dom (MF)

The Black Dahlia Hotel 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,438
2 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Everlasting Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, spanking, whipping, HEA]
Isabella Ridgefield and her Dom, Chris Powers, accept Jamie Devereau’s invitation to visit the Black Dahlia Hotel and BDSM club in Fort Lauderdale, and to enjoy a cruise aboard the Golden Dolphin mega yacht from Fort Lauderdale to Tampa for the annual Gasparilla Days Pirate Festival.  
All kinds of sexy hijinks abound as the passengers enjoy the secret BDSM club aboard the ship as it travels around the Florida peninsula to Tampa Bay.
Isabella is surprised to run into an old boyfriend and Dom, Armando Moreno, at the Black Dahlia Hotel. He ill-advisedly wants to resume the relationship that ended five years ago, bringing out some previously hidden insecurities. Both Chris and Armando’s sub, Tiffany, are not happy about that idea. Can Isabella and Chris's relationship survive the appearance of a ghost from the past?
But there is something else going on.   
Just what is Armando up to in Tampa?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Skye Michaels is a Siren-exclusive author.


Isabella's Pirate Dom (MF)
2 Ratings (4.5)

Isabella's Pirate Dom (MF)

The Black Dahlia Hotel 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,438
2 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
This is a fun BDSM romp on the fabulous Golden Dolphin to the wild Gasparilla Days Pirate Festival in Tampa, Florida. Lots of sexy BDSM hijinks and some undercover excitement as well.
Skye Michaels




Christopher smiled to himself. Isabella was a handful but so much fun. She brought out every protective, dominant instinct he had. Meeting her at Le Club two years ago had been a stroke of luck. He could as easily have decided to skip the singles night at the club and missed her completely. Or worse yet, someone else could have scooped her up. That would have been a shame. “Hey, babe. I’m going upstairs to change. Why don’t you get us a lounge and some towels?”

“Sure, Chris. I forgot my tote with the magazines and sunscreen. Could you please bring it down when you come back?”

He leaned down to kiss the top of her head. “Okay. See you in a few.” He knew she watched his ass as he walked back through the glass doors into the hotel lobby. He laughed. She was so predictable—in the best of ways.

Once in their luxurious suite on the eighth floor, he hurried to change into a pair of board shorts, grabbed her tote, and walked back to the elevator. He was as excited about this vacation as Bella was.

He exited back onto the pool deck and his eyes automatically sought out Bella. She was stretched out like a contented cat on her stomach on one of the blue chaise lounges. He just stood there for a moment to admire the adorable, high sweetheart-shaped ass that he loved to spank. Who the fuck is that? A tall, well-built Latin looking man with a cropped black beard had stopped beside Bella’s lounge. He bent down to kiss her shoulder and said something to her that Chris could not hear. She looked shocked and turned to look up at him. Hell and damnation. Get your lips off my woman. He picked up his pace and arrived at the lounge in time to hear part of their conversation.




Warm lips coasted over her shoulder. Bella smiled and stretched. Wait! Although her eyes were closed, those were not Chris’s lips and the man did not smell like Chris. She turned and looked up in shock at Armando Moreno. How weird. She had just been thinking of him and comparing him unfavorably to Chris. What the heck is he doing here?

“Hello, querida. It’s been a long time.” He smiled that slow, sexy smile that used to melt her panties. Funny, it didn’t have that effect any longer. In fact, the effect was distinctly opposite. She wanted to wipe the feeling of his lips from her skin.

“Hello, Armando. It certainly has been a long time. What? About five years?” Not really long enough.

“Yes, five years. I’ve thought of you often, Isabella.”

“I can’t say the same, Armando.” She had to admit that except for a couple of telephone calls after she’d safe worded, he had left her alone. She glanced behind him where a young woman wearing a tiny bikini in shocking lime green stood looking uncertain. Her long brown hair streamed down her back and around her mostly exposed breasts. Armando was wearing a tight, black Speedo bathing suit that emphasized his rather intimidating package, which was now bulging in greeting. He looked basically the same as he had five years ago, although the deep lines in his cheeks seemed to have gotten more pronounced. He was even more intimidating.

“Can I be so lucky that you are here alone? I would love to take up where we left off five years ago, Isabella. You could join Tiffany and me for a scene upstairs for old times’ sake.”

“I don’t think so, Armando. I’m no more into that type of thing now than I was five years ago.” WTF? Is he crazy? And Tiffany didn’t look too thrilled at the moment, either. Was he up to his old tricks of making unilateral decisions about things like ménage à trois? That would not surprise her. He always had been selfish and somewhat inconsiderate.

Just then Chris stepped up to the chaise and put himself between her and Armando. She scrambled into a sitting position and looked up at him. “Chris. I’m glad you’re back. Let me introduce you to Armando Moreno and his friend, Tiffany. I didn’t get her last name. Armando, this is my boyfriend and Dom, Christopher Powers.”

Chris put his hand out, and she could see that his grip was not gentle. “Hello. How do you do? I’d appreciate it if you kept your lips off my woman.”

 “No offense intended. Isabella and I are old friends.”

“No offense taken. This time. Don’t let it happen again.” Chris’s face was set in a forbidding expression.

“No problem. Adios, then. Perhaps we’ll see you later.”

Chris lowered himself to the lounge and reclined beside Bella as Armando and Tiffany moved off to find a lounge of their own. She rolled back over onto her stomach and sighed. Chris opened the tube of sunscreen and began to massage some into her back before he gave her butt a sharp smack. “What the fuck was that about? Who was that guy?” She peeked up and saw that Chris had a seriously annoyed look on his face.

“He was my first Dom—the one who wanted me to try a ménage à trois. As I told you when we discussed our histories, I declined.” She took another quick peek. His face was starting to relax. Thank goodness. She didn’t want anything to ruin this vacation.

“I don’t like anyone else touching you or kissing you. I heard him offer to take you upstairs for a threesome. What the fuck?”

“Then you also heard me decline—again. You can’t seriously be jealous, can you?” That was a problem she had not expected to encounter on this trip.

“No, I guess not. It was just a shock to see him lean down and kiss your shoulder. Let’s forget about it. Tomorrow we will be sailing away on the Golden Dolphin for some fun partying in Tampa. Wait until you see my costume. It’s seriously hot.” 




Chris fastened her wrist and ankle cuffs before kissing the palms of each of her hands in greeting. He helped her stand and proceeded to secure her cuffs to the cross with her back to the room. No surprise there. Chris was fascinated with her ass. She didn’t get it, but then she wasn’t a man or a Dom. From what she had gathered from talking to her sub friends at the club, the Doms all seemed to have ass fetishes. She started to giggle—probably due to nervous tension—and tried to stifle the sound of merriment coming unbidden from her throat. She knew she had a somewhat inconvenient sense of humor. It always seemed to show its little grinning head at the wrong moment.

“Sub, what exactly do you find amusing at this particular time?” His voice had dipped even lower into the Dom register, and she could feel herself beginning to get wet.

“Nothing, Master. Nothing at all.”

“Why do I not believe you, sub?”

“I don’t know why, Master. I am the soul of sobriety.” Here she could no longer hold it in, and a full-bodied laugh escaped into the atmosphere. “Stop, please. I am trying not to laugh, but I can’t help myself.” She snorted and then jumped as the flat of his hand came down on her naked butt with authority. “Ouch. I’m sorry, Master. Really…” More giggles trickled out even though that smack had stung. Chris tried so hard to be a tough guy, when in reality he was a tough Dom with a marshmallow center. Yummy. The visual image of her sucking his cock and getting a mouth full of sweet gooey crème had her biting her lip to stop the flood of another gale of unsuppressed laughter.

“Sub, I am giving you to the count of three to get a grip, or you are going to be getting a spanking you won’t forget. One…”

She turned her head to bury her face in her arm and tried to regain control. But Bella was a laugher, and once she got started she could rarely stop no, matter the consequences or the seriousness of the moment. Sometimes it really was embarrassing, or as in the present instance, a danger to her butt.

“Two.” Maybe if she thought about something sad. She couldn’t think of anything sufficiently sad.

Maybe something serious. Global warming. Politics. Oh, no. Politics are just too ridiculous for words. That wouldn’t help the situation.

“Three.” She started to laugh again uncontrollably as visions of the current crop of politicians flitted naked through her head, and his hand came down on her ass again. Yikes, that hurts. “You were warned.” He proceeded to pepper her ass with a barrage of stinging slaps that brought tears to her eyes, and still she was giggling. At this point there was no hope that she would be able to control herself. She snorted to a stop when he finally stopped spanking her. Her butt was on fire, but she knew the sensation would fade quickly. That was not the only thing that was on fire, and that sensation would not fade until his hard cock was in her pounding away. Her pussy was throbbing with need, and she bumped her bottom out in invitation. She needed his hot prick in her slick slit now. Right now.

“Are you asking for more spanking, sub?”

“No, Master. I’m asking for your cock in my pussy right now.”

“You know you aren’t going to get a reward for your disrespectful behavior. I’m going to make you wait while I torture you into submission. And don’t start laughing again, or I will be forced to escalate your punishment.” That would mean the crop or something even harsher, although Chris rarely upped the ante to that level. He loved the jiggle of her ass as his hand landed a solid smack. She had to get herself under control if she didn’t want to feel the crop on her ass. That was not a laughing matter. The thought of Chris’s crop landing across her vulnerable ass was a sobering one.

Bella gasped. She thought she might die if Chris didn’t fuck her hard right now. It would be worth earning another punishment if she could just get his…

And then she heard the sweet sound of his zipper going down. Thank God. She needed him to fill her aching pussy. He was so close. With her legs and arms secured to the cross she had very little range of motion other than to push her ass out for his convenience. She hoped he planned to use the hard cock she knew was now sprouting out of his leathers and aiming for her pussy.

“Not yet, subbie. Not yet.”

Oh, no. Please…He couldn’t mean to make her wait even longer.

Chris took his cock in his hand and rubbed it against her aching slit. Back and forth. Back and forth. But not in and out as she craved. What could she do to move him along? Not much. She began to slide her center back and forth along his cock as he moved against her trying for more contact—trying for a connection. She needed that plug in her socket. That almost brought on another fit of giggles. She bit her tongue and tried for that illusive bit of control she still retained.

He pulled back and gave her another smack. Rather than cool her jets it just amped up her arousal. She was ready to cry, she needed him so badly—needed him inside her, rough and hard and fast. God, she wanted hard and fast. 

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