Brats in Training 2: Brian's Boundaries (MM)

Tasty Teasers 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,366
65 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, sex toys, HEA]

Jacob Lyndhurst has wanted Brian Jenkins as his sub since first laying eyes on the man at Michelson's Inc. The only problem with that plan was that Taylor McKinley fired the guy. When he and his power circle of friends have dinner at a very high-end restaurant, Jacob sees an opportunity to have his cake and eat it too when Brian turns out to be his server.

Brian is shocked when he spots Jacob, the man of his dreams, sitting at table three. Not only does the man have arresting good looks, he oozes sexual tension. And that is exactly why Brian should stay the hell away from him. Now, only if the powerful Dom didn't intrigue him so much.

When Jacob is relentless in pursuing him, Brian's curiosity is piqued. He gives one night to the man of his dreams and his world is no longer his own. But someone is out to sabotage Brian and is hell-bent on getting him fired from his new job.

When Brian runs away from the one man who pushes his boundaries beyond their limits, Jacob must decide whether to chase after him, or cut his losses and give up the one man that he knows is his perfect sub.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Brats in Training 2: Brian's Boundaries (MM)
65 Ratings (4.5)

Brats in Training 2: Brian's Boundaries (MM)

Tasty Teasers 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,366
65 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Another great book from Ms. Hagen!
I loved Brian and Jacob!



“C–Can I start you gentlemen off with anything?” Brian mumbled, watching Jacob watch him. The man had a hungry look in his eyes, and he was raking Brian from head to toe with them. He shivered, although he fought not to.

“Scotch,” Mr. Alexander Sheffield said.

“Same,” Mr. Michael Grafton replied.

Brian glanced over at Taylor to see a teasing glint in the man’s eye. God, he wished he could walk around the table and throttle the man. Taylor was a force on his own, but sitting here with these other men only made him seem more imposing.


“The water is fine,” Taylor finely replied.

Brian steeled his nerves before looking back at Jacob. The twinkle in the man’s eyes had slid away, being replaced by something unreadable. Brian felt his palms beginning to sweat as Jacob sat back, crossing one leg over the other and then entwining his fingers to rest on one damn good-looking thigh.

Or what looked to be a very promising muscular thigh. Brian was more than willing to find out.

“You ask what you can start me off with?” Jacob asked, his voice low and even.

Brian nodded, because that was all he could manage at the moment. His brain had raced toward the airport and taken a flight, far, far away from him.

Jacob crooked his finger toward Brian. He glanced around and then leaned in toward the most handsome man he had ever met in his life.

“You can start me off with a spectacular blow job while your hands are bound behind your back and you are blindfolded. Then after I come down your throat, we can take it from there.”

Brian couldn’t move.

“Is there something wrong?” Mr. Compton asked as he neared the table. Brian was fighting to stand, but feared his uncle would see how fucking hard he was. Jacob had almost made Brian come in his pants.

“No,” Jacob said with a relaxed tone. “I was just complimenting the young man on a job well done, and I look forward to the full treatment tonight.”

Brian stopped his jaw from hitting his chest. He heard Taylor cough into his hand, but he also heard the underlying snicker.

“Yes, we pride ourselves here at De Monique on the quality of service and food,” Uncle Fred sputtered. “Please, anything you need, just ask Brian. He is at your disposal.”

Jacob raised a brow at Brian.

Brian was quite sure what Jacob wanted and what his uncle was offering weren’t even in the same ballpark. When Uncle Fred bid his farewell to the men sitting around the table, Jacob tapped Brian’s hand to get his attention.

Brian nervously looked toward Jacob.

“Turn, and let me inspect you.”


Jacob’s light-gray eyes blazed as a smile tugged at his lips. “Turn,” he repeated with such a strong command that all Brian could do was obey. Halfway through his turn, Brian knocked over the stand and bucket of ice. It went crashing to the carpet, the bottle of wine splashing across the floor.

Brian dropped to his knees, trying desperately to stop the wine from emptying as he pushed the ice back into the container. “I’ll replace your wine, sir.”

“No need,” Jacob said. “Just bring me a decaf soy latte.”

Brian nodded as he grabbed the bucket and bottle and damn near ran toward the kitchen. He pushed through the door, almost knocking Ralph over as he dropped the bucket onto the counter and wiped a shaky hand down his face.

“Dude, who are those men?” Ralph asked as he spied through the small, round glass in the door.

“Trouble.” With a fucking capital T.

Brian was cursing himself for acting like a total fool. Jacob didn’t really want Brian as a sub. The man was just poking fun at him and being crude. There was no way the man was serious about fulfilling a fantasy that Brian harbored for so long that his damn heart hurt from the almost possibility that Jacob dangled in front of him.

Damn, Jacob! If he only knew how much Brian wanted what the man teasingly offered.

“I need a soy decaf latte, Phillip,” Brian called out as he tried to steady his nerves. It was bad enough Jacob was toying with him, but did he have to do it in front of his damn friends?

When Phillip handed him the small saucer, Brian took in a deep and steadying breath before walking back out into the dining area. He could do this.

And those bastards better leave Brian a huge tip for allowing them to fluster him. Like I have a choice.

Brian sat the small saucer with the latte on the table.

“So, have you considered my offer?” Jacob asked as he picked the coffee cup up and took a sip.




Brian couldn’t catch his breath. The ropes around his thighs were holding them up to his chest and spread wide. Once again, he had the feeling of being on display for Jacob, only this time, he didn’t care. He’d spend the rest of his life naked if it meant he got to experience more of the pleasure he had been experiencing at Jacob’s hands.

He had really thought that being restrained would freak him out, and it did a little. But the longer he lay there bound on the bed, the more freedom he began to feel. He was tied up, bound, restrained. He could let everything go and just feel.

And, oh fucking hell, was he feeling. It seemed like every single touch of Jacob’s hands on his body, each lick of his tongue or soft brush of skin against skin, was magnified and more intense than anything he had ever felt.

Being blindfolded just added to the experience. He couldn’t tell where Jacob was going to touch him next, or how. The anticipation was a pleasure in itself. And somehow, Brian knew that Jacob knew that.

“I think I may just keep you bound and impaled on my cock, love,” Jacob said when he finally stopped moving. “You look perfect this way.”

“Okay,” Brian whispered, not quite sure what he was agreeing to but willing to say just about anything to keep the pleasure going.

Jacob chuckled. “It would make going to work a little harder, for both of us.”

Brian didn’t understand how Jacob could possibly string two words together let alone speak them. He felt like his brains were turning to mush along with his body. The feeling of Jacob’s cock stretching the tight muscles of his ass was beyond anything he had ever imagined.

If only the man would move.

Brian was desperate for Jacob to move, to breathe. Hell, Brian was desperate for Jacob to do anything. If something didn’t happen soon, Brian was going to explode. “Master, please!”

Brian’s entire body tensed when Jacob’s hips thrust forward, driving the man’s large cock deeper into Brian’s ass.

“Is that what you want, love?”

“Yesss,” Brian hissed as Jacob pulled back and the thick rounded head of his cock brushed over Brian’s sweet spot. “Oh gods, yes!”

His hands clenched, looking for something to hold on to, but they were bound by the ropes. He was restrained and almost totally surrounded by Jacob. And for once, the feeling of having his personal space invaded felt wonderful.

Brian cried out when Jacob started moving. He pushed his forehead into the mattress and used it as leverage to push his ass back toward the man pounding into him. Each thrust was earth-shattering, each withdrawal agonizing. Brian couldn’t tell which one he liked more.

Luckily, he was restrained so he didn’t have to choose. He just had to lie there and let Jacob do whatever he wanted. Brian had never felt so free in his life. The harder that Jacob’s cock rammed into his tight aching little hole, the more Brian began to feel at peace with himself.

It was an odd reaction to have. Brian knew that. He just didn’t care. For once in his life, someone was taking the decisions out of his hands and giving him orders that only brought him pleasure. Could anything be any more perfect?

“I want to hear you, love,” Jacob said as he started a series of quick, short thrusts.

Brian opened his mouth and allowed every little ounce of pleasure to spill from his lips. His loud groans filled the air until all Brian could hear was the sound of his own moans and Jacob’s body slapping against his.

“So beautiful,” Jacob murmured as he stroked his hand down Brian’s rope-bound arms. “So perfect.”

“Master,” Brian groaned.

“I think I’m going to keep you like this, Brian.”

Brian didn’t know how that would be possible, but he was all for it.

“Every time you’re with me, you’ll be tied up in some manner, bound for my pleasure.”

“Yes, master.”

“Do you like that idea, love?” Jacob asked as he continued to stroke Brian’s skin. “Do you want to be bound for my pleasure, so I can touch you whenever I want, however I want?”

Brian swallowed so hard his throat ached. “Yes, master, please.”

“Are you ready to come, love?”

Oh, gods, was he ready. Brian didn’t think he was going to last long enough for his master to give the command. He was trying so hard to not come, but the feeling of Jacob’s cock pushing into his ass and stretching him, filling him—it was getting harder and harder to do as Jacob said.

And he didn’t want to disappoint Jacob when the man had given him so much pleasure. He wanted to come back and experience it again and again. Hell, he never wanted to leave. If he had his way, he would stay bound and impaled on Jacob’s cock.

“Please, master,” Brian whined.

“Since you asked so nicely…”


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