Jordan Ashton

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I am a geek, a lover, a romantic, a creator, and upmost a daydreamer. Roll all of these traits in one and there you have it. Yes, that makes me a romance writer.

I’ve always loved to read romance novels. But when the opportunity arose and I tried my hand at writing them, I realized writing stories is even more fun that reading them. I had finally found my true vocation and would never turn back.

I believe that love can conquer everything. And that it makes the world go round, not money. My heroes, heroines, and the worlds I create denote this belief. I will always be a true romantic at heart as will the heroes and heroines in my stories.

Escape reality and follow me into my sizzling worlds of love, enchantment, and fiction. The more, the merrier. J

Q: What are the ‘must haves’ you need beside you while you’re writing?

A: I don’t need much. Just complete silence, my thesaurus, coffee, and sugarless gum to chew, so I won’t be tempted to get something to snack on while the muse simmers in me. Oh, and my good luck charm my husband gave me when I first started writing. It’s a cute and adorable stuffed brown bear I of course named Lucky.

Q: Are you superstitious?

A: Yes, very. Blame it on my upbringing. My whole family is superstitious.

If I have a lot of control on what’s happening around me, then I won’t worry. But if I don’t have much or any control, then my superstitious nature will take over.

If a black cat crosses my path or I mistakenly walk under a ladder, I will panic. And I always avoid stepping on a crack in the sidewalk if I can help it.

Q: Can you define what a sexy hero is for you as a writer?

A: He has to be rugged, handsome, a smooth talker, but knows exactly what to say, when, and to whom. He’s got to have amazing eyes that simply take your breath and thoughts away when you gaze into them.

Oh, and he definitely needs layers. He can’t be an easy and open book. He needs to be complex and complicated and of course a fantastic lover in and out of bed!

Q: Are you a morning person?

A: When it comes to chores and monotonous jobs, then I do my best work in the morning. But my creative juices only start pumping in the late afternoon and early evening. I get my best ideas at this time. So that’s when I write.

Q: Got any pet peeves you’d like to share with us?

A: I’m a stickler for good manners, respect, and politeness. The world would run a lot smoother and people would be much happier and get along much better if they followed this motto. This is what makes us human, and humane.

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