[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, whipping, HEA]
Evan Michaels has just become the mob’s number one target. They want him dead before he can tell the police what he knows. When the Brooks brothers, five kind and brave wolf shifters, offer their aid and protection on their cattle ranch, Evan jumps at the offer.
Chandler Brooks opened his home to Evan Michaels, a cute half-lynx who was in dire need of his and his brothers’ protection. But he never imagined he’d open his heart, too. All this time he thought an eternal mate didn’t exist, until Evan came into his life. He tries to win the frightened and cocooned half-lynx’s heart and make him his life mate. But a past lover returns, determined to ruin any chance Chandler has at love and happiness.
Can Chandler make Evan trust him and open his eyes to the everlasting love that exists between them, while protecting him from a hidden and deadly danger lurking nearby that’s ready to strike?
A Siren Erotic Romance
To Mate a Wolf (MM)
10 Ratings (3.9)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




When they got to the range, Chandler removed his hat and rested it on a wooden post, then waltzed up to a magnificent black horse. Patting its black mane, he said, “This here is Wanda. She is a thoroughbred. I bought her from our neighbor Sal Winfred. He owns several racehorses. She’s too old to race competitively anymore, but she’s perfect for us.”

He turned to get the burgundy leather saddle resting in the corner of the stall and hauled it over her, securing the straps on both sides.

Jumpy and fearful, Evan stammered, “D–do you have a super slow pony I can ride instead?”

Chandler laughed, his pearly white teeth sparkled in the beaming afternoon sunlight. “Wanda is the slowest and tamest we have, I’m afraid.”

Evan’s armpits began to perspire with his apprehension, and he really regretted wearing this light blue T-shirt which turned dark blue when it got wet. Soon he’d be a sweating slob. And if he lost his grip on Wanda and landed on his ass or his face in front of his dreamboat hunk, well, there went any chance of making a good impression.

“All right. I–I guess I have no choice but to ride her,” he stuttered.

“I’ll be riding with you, if that reassures you.” He gave him a slanted, flirty smirk.

Panic and excitement twirled around Evan like a tornado, making him anxious and super uneasy. He hoped he didn’t forget to put on deodorant after coming out of the shower, because with all the sweating he was doing, he’d start smelling like the horse they’d be riding pretty soon.

“Unless you prefer to go solo…” Chandler tilted his head to the right.

Evan shook his head. “No, believe me, the last thing I want to do is ride Wanda solo. I’m scared I’ll hurt her or she won’t like me and hurl me off.”

Chandler held out the stirrup, grinning. “No, she would never do that to you. She likes you a lot. You’re a super likable guy, you know.”

Evan blushed as he put his foot into the stirrup and hoisted himself onto Wanda. Her wide girth had his tense inner leg muscles stretching.

Once he was settled, he absorbed Chandler’s words. You’re a super likable guy. Was that a good thing or a bad? Was he likable as in he could be a good friend? Or was he likable as in a boyfriend-boyfriend relationship? He hoped Chandler meant the latter.

After Chandler positioned himself behind him on the horse, he wrapped his arms around Evan to reach for the reins. Evan lost his breath when Chandler’s nose tickled the back of his neck through his stretching movements. His heart raced fast. He could feel its pulse in his throat.

“Sorry about that,” Chandler apologized.

“It’s okay.” Evan squeaked and coughed, trying to clear the nervousness from his throat.

Chandler’s cologne smelled sweet, alluring, and very familiar. Was it Drakkar Noir he wore? Before he could ask him if it was, Chandler squeezed Wanda’s sides, and she began to gallop slowly.

Evan gasped.

“You okay?” Chandler’s warm breath caressed and tickled Evan’s ear and cheek.

“Yeah,” he mumbled, trying to get a grip on his raging hormones and stop his churning stomach.

Wanda continued to gallop at a steady pace. Soon Evan’s drumming heartbeat settled to its natural pace as his fear began to subside. He stared out at the vast grasslands. It was breathtaking. He’d only witnessed this type of view in movies or still life photos, but never in real life.

As if reading his mind, Chandler said, “It’s thirty acres. My parents started this ranch some thirty-one years ago. They had just moved to Oklahoma when someone told them that this place was being sold through an auction. The previous owner had passed away. He had no kids or wife, or any other family who could inherit it, so it went to the state upon his death.

“They got it at an amazing price. My brothers and I have always lived here. It’s the only home we’ve ever known.”

Evan sighed slowly, still admiring the land. “And it’s beautiful.”

Chandler nodded, gazing around as well. “Yes, it is.”

After a moment’s silence, Evan turned to stare into his eyes. He said, “Felix told me your parents died when you were only twenty-one and you had to look after your four younger brothers all by yourself.”

Chandler stared back in silence. He wasn’t smiling nor frowning, and he seemed to simply be thinking. Evan wondered if he was remembering the past and how it must have been hard for him to have so much responsibility put on his shoulders at such a young age.

“Yeah, I did. I also had to take care of the ranch. It was really difficult at first, especially with Bane, my hardheaded brother. It isn’t easy for two alpha wolf shifters to get along. And at that time he was a rebel, to say the least. But we all found a way to get along and work together.”

Staring deeply into Chandler’s eyes, Evan said in a soft, low voice, “You’re remarkable.”

Chandler chortled. “Thanks. No one has ever called me that before.” His laugh turned to a soft smile. “And so are you.”

Blushing once again, Evan lowered his gaze. “No, I’m not. I was never like you. I wasn’t a responsible person or caring of others. I was the opposite. I let my brother and my mom down.”

Chandler gently touched his chin, lifting it so Evan’s eyes would meet his. “You were young, and didn’t know any better. But now you do and have changed. So stop putting yourself down and be proud of who you’ve become. Evan Michaels, you are one remarkable, handsome, amazing guy.”

He leaned in, joining his warm lips to Evan’s. Electricity traveled through their contact, taking Evan’s breath away.




When Evan and Chandler got to the top, Chandler looked around with nostalgic eyes. The high landing was covered with soft hay and bright sunshine that peeked in through a skylight at the center of the high ceiling. “When I was a kid, I used to come up here to this hayloft to think and daydream. He sat down on a bed of hay and motioned. “Come sit and see for yourself why I loved it here.”

He lay back, resting his head on his crossed, open hands. Evan did the same.

“Other kids had a tree house. I had this hayloft.”

Evan peered at the clear blue sky and the fluffy white clouds up above through the skylight window in the roof. “Wow, that is so amazing.”

Chandler rolled to his side and leaned on his bent elbow, smiling. “I used to stare at the clouds, imagining what they looked like, and I’d make stories up in my head.”

Evan turned to face Chandler. “You must have had a vivid imagination.”

He sighed. “I still do.”

“Did you ever think of becoming a writer? All writers were big daydreamers when they were kids, making up stories in their heads just like you did.”

Chandler’s eyes popped and his jaw fell. “How did you know? Yeah, that’s what I wanted to be when I was younger. I even wrote my first novel in high school, a whodunit mystery about a claustrophobic detective who had an obsession with origami. He used to create origami art to help him solve his mysteries. It was so lame.” Chandler chuckled.

Evan laughed along with him. “That sounds like an interesting story.”

Chandler snorted. “Interesting. No, bizarre is more like it.”

“Have you written other stuff?”

“Yeah, I had written a ton of short stories and a few novellas when I was younger. They’re stored in my laptop at home.”

“Did you ever want to be a writer professionally?”

“Yeah, but then my parents died and I had to forget that dream.”

Evan traced Chandler’s muscular biceps with his index finger while admiring their curves and hardness. He was getting so excited being this close to him. His cock twitched and beckoned for some stimulation. “You should never forget your dreams, Chandler.”

Chandler waggled his brow, leaning closer to his lips. “Now you’re the one giving the pep talk.”

Evan nodded flirtatiously, and he lewdly licked his lips. He normally wouldn’t be this straight forward with his interest, but with Chandler, he couldn’t help himself.

Chandler growled. “Come here, sexy.”

He pulled Evan closer, then rolled over him, crushing his lips to his. The big erection in Chandler’s pants pressed against his own. He moaned with mounting pleasure.

Evan wrapped his arms around his back and rubbed it in a circular motion, feeling all of Chandler’s rock-hard muscles. God, he couldn’t believe muscles could get this solid. Chandler snaked his tongue into his mouth, looping and caressing his.

Heat and passion fired up Evan’s blood. It pumped faster through his veins until his cock throbbed with wanton desires.

His hands roamed lower, rubbing Chandler’s magnificent glutes through his jeans. Chandler released his lips. Evan grunted, squeezing his cheeks. “Mmm, I love your ass.”

Chandler grinned and groaned with hungry eyes, “Keep that up, and soon I won’t be able to stop myself.”

Evan purred, wanting Chandler to take charge. “Who said I wanted you to stop?”

Chandler’s brow perked. “Oh, so you want me to fuck you?”

Of course he wanted Chandler to fuck him. All he had been fantasizing about this past week was how amazing Chandler would be in bed. Alpha shifters were fantastic lovers. Or so that’s what he had heard. And if Chandler’s cock was proportionate to his giant six-foot-seven-inch frame and his magnificently wide biceps, he’d have Evan whimpering with just one peek.

But should he tell Chandler that? What would he think of him? That he was a man-floozy who banged a guy right after the first kiss.

But it was stupid to say no. His cock was rock hard, demanding satisfaction.

He nodded. “Yeah, I want you to fuck me.”

Chandler smiled, leaning in to kiss him while with one hand he unbuttoned his shirt and unzipped his jeans.

His lips moved from Evan’s mouth down to his neck, his collarbone, and then his chest. Goose bumps formed with his gentle kisses and licks. It felt so good.

Chandler stopped and gazed at his body and cock with adoring eyes. “You’re beautiful.”

Seeing how Chandler looked at him and hearing him say it made Evan really feel beautiful. For the first time in his life, he was.

They never broke eye contact until Chandler slid closer to his cock. When he stroked it, his scorching fingers made it jerk. Hot pre-cum slipped out from the slit. As it cooled in the air, a shiver of pleasure swarmed Evan. Chandler fondled the tip in a circular motion, which drove Evan crazy.

Chandler’s eyes returned to his and he said as he opened his pants and released his sex piston. “Turn, sexy.”

A chill of excitement overwhelmed Evan, and he shivered. Then he freaked. Chandler was huge!

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