[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Cowboy, M/M, shape-shifters, bondage, whipping, food play, HEA]
Bane Brooks, an alpha wolf shape-shifter, has been searching for his soul mate for years, but no one has ever stolen his heart, up until he meets Felix Michaels near his ranch. He falls head over heels in love with the hunky, shy human.
Felix Michaels is running from a mysterious gunman who wants him killed, when he falls and blacks out. When the most gorgeous shifter he’s ever seen saves him and brings him to his ranch, he knows he’s safe.
Things soon heat up between these two lovers, until Bane realizes he must mate with a shifter, not a human, to stop the Change. If he doesn’t mate with a shifter soon, he’ll turn to his wild wolf form forever. How can he love Felix, a human, but mate with a shifter?
The gunman is still out there and intent on killing Felix. Can these lovers fight off danger and the Change that threatens to tear them apart, while finding their way to a happily-ever-after?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Call of the Wild Wolf (MM)
12 Ratings (3.9)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Professional Reviews

5 HEARTS: "This is book one in this amazing series. I would start with this story because it will tell you about the upcoming characters for future books and it gives you an insight into their world. A world that captured my heart with the first paragraph. It is a world of wolf shifters and many more. They go through the change in their mid-twenties. If they don’t mate before changing then they will forever stay in their animal form. It was thought, from Chandler’s words that they had to mate with other alphas and beta’s. However it was not so. Bane was getting so fed up with his older brother going on and on about the change and how if he didn’t mate he would not stay human. So what does a wolf with attitude do, he takes off running so he can get away from his brother. On that run he comes across a very sexy man. He could tell that Felix wasn’t telling him the whole truth about why he was in the woods injured. He could tell that something or someone was after him. He also knew that Felix was the man he wanted as his mate. The only problem there was Felix was human. Or so he thought, that is until Felix tells him that he is actually half shifter. Felix was driving his brother’s car when he realizes he is being followed. After the first bump from the other car he knew he was in danger. After crashing he takes off running, only to end up falling and getting knocked out. He wakes up to a gorgeous alpha looking down at him. He wanted Bane more than he wanted any other man in his life. However his thoughts kept coming back to the fact that he was being chased. This book was amazing and I absolutely loved it. I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book. I have found another new favorite author and cannot wait to check out the rest of Jordan’s books out. It gave me two very sexy men, shifters, passion and fire, feisty mates, crazy brothers, excitement, adventure, action and dangerous situations. I cannot wait to tell everyone about this new book." -- Portia, MM Good Book Reviews

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“Whoa there!” his mate said in a surprised pitch.

Bane stopped and with worried eyes, asked, “I’m sorry, did I hurt you?”

The man laughed. “No, but you just picked me up!”

Bane snorted. “Yeah, you’re dizzy and your ankle is sprained or broken. How else am I going to carry you?”

Still in shock, his mate said, “Yes, but you’re sweeping me off my feet, literally.”

Bane waggled his brow. “I do that to all the handsome strangers I meet.” He took a deeper than usual breath in order to smell his scent. Damn, it was intoxicating.

Blushing, the man grinned, his dimples making him irresistible. “Usually, I have to know the name of my hero before I let him carry me.”

“My name is Bane Brooks,” he said while he made his way from the woods to the trail. “And what’s yours?”

“I’m Felix Michaels. It’s nice to meet you. I’d shake your hand, but your hands are already full.”

Bane chuckled as he carefully progressed, making sure not to step on anything that could make him lose his footing. Felix gazed down at his arms. Raising his hand, he asked, “Do you mind if I touch?”

Bane purred, “Go ahead. Touch anything your little heart desires. And I do mean anything,” he added with a sidelong naughty and flirtatious smile.

Blushing, Felix placed his warm hands on his biceps, outlining the wide muscular bumps they formed, which sent shivers of pleasure throughout Bane’s body, centering on his manhood. It was a good thing he was wearing stretchy exercise pants, because if he had his tight jeans on, well then things would surely get restricted and uncomfortable.

He grinned at the image and how Felix continued to admire his flexing arms and his rock hard chest.

“Wow, your biceps are huge! Are you a body builder?”

“No, not professionally. But I do bench press three hundred pounds daily. I’m actually a rancher.” He wanted to tell Felix that he was also an alpha wolf shifter, which accounted for his extra tall, extra built physique. But he couldn’t be scaring his mate away before the fun even began.

Needles of sexual excitement shot up and down his body and cock, making it twitch as he imagined the love he and Felix would make when the Change started. He had to admit that Chandler had been right when he said Bane’s hormones were out of whack. All he could think about was having sex with Felix while he held him in his arms and smelled his scent. It didn’t surprise him if he started howling in excitement any second.

Concentrate, Bane. Focus on the trail and don’t trip over anything. Poor Felix baby has been through enough.

Staring at the path ahead, he asked, “So how did you end up lying on the ground behind the bush unconscious, Felix?”

He could have sworn he saw the look of panic on Felix’s face before he washed it away with a deep sigh and several eye blinks.

“My brother’s car broke down and I was trying to find a house or a gas station, anyplace where I could call him to let him know what happened and also a tow truck. I was walking quickly and not paying attention where I was walking. I lost my footing and fell, and everything went black when I hit my head on something, probably a rock. I was out of it until you woke me.”

Bane felt the shiver in Felix’s spine and his seductive scent changed to one of fear. Something bad had happened to his mate.

“Then why didn’t you continue on the road? You had a better chance of finding help that way.”

Felix diverted his gaze away. “You’re right. I guess I was too much in a hurry and wasn’t thinking straight.”

Bane wanted to help him. He sensed his apprehension and unease. But until Felix opened up and told him the complete truth, his hands were tied.

Smiling, he said, “Well, it doesn’t matter anyway, because I came along.”

“Yes, you did. And you saved me.” Felix grinned, staring deeply into Bane’s eyes. His long, black eyelashes batted and Bane’s heart skipped a beat with each flutter. He and his mate were connected more than Bane could ever have imagined.

Something told him their bond would continue to strengthen and deepen the more time they spent together.




Felix gazed at the ceiling, as if he were trying to reign in some type of control. In short, ragged breaths, he said, “I hope you know I don’t usually act this sex crazed right after I meet someone new. This is the first time I ever did this. And I’ve never felt this overwhelmed by it as I am now.”

Bane halted his advances, licking his sweet and salty lips. He peered deep into Felix’s eyes. “Do you want me to stop?” Bane asked, trying to hide his disappointment at the thought of stopping this amazing experience. But if his mate was feeling remorse, or fear, or having any second thoughts, then there was no question in Bane’s mind. He’d stop everything just to make his new love feel safe and happy.

Felix rocked his head from side to side. “No, don’t stop. This feels too good to end. There is always a first time for everything, right? I just don’t want you thinking I’m a wanton man slut who picks men up in the woods, so I can fuck them the same day.”

Bane let out a deep-throated laugh. “Baby, you don’t have to worry about that. I know you’re not that type of man. You just can’t control yourself with me.” Felix nodded, grinning and wide eyed with anticipation. Felix was just too sexy to resist.

Bane’s brow cocked. “I hope you know I’m not that type of man, either. To tell you the truth I haven’t been with a man in over two years.”

Felix’s jaw fell. He raised his head and rested his upper body on his bent elbows. “You’re serious?”

Bane nodded. “I’ve never been more serious in my life.”

“Holy jeez, then you must be wound up pretty tight.” Felix smirked, tugging Bane down on top of him again. “We’ll need to remedy that.”

Bane growled. “Oh, I like the type of therapy you’re offering. Give me a whole lot of loving.” He licked his lips as if he were famished, right before Felix crushed his lips on his. Heated sparks shot through Bane with their contact, traveling down his spine. His ass cheeks clenched reflexively. They’d never done that before.

Curious to see what other surprises his body would spring on him while he and his mate got friskier, Bane licked Felix’s lips, pushing them apart.

Felix’s hands roamed to Bane’s biceps once again.My baby has a fetish for biceps, or what? Wanting to please his mate’s strange fetish, he flexed his muscles. Felix moaned in gratitude and a shiver traveled through his body. Bane felt its tremor while he held him.

The urge to please continued to take precedence as Bane slipped his tongue into Felix’s mouth, looping and caressing his. Felix followed his motions with more oomph as he not only twirled his tongue around Bane’s, he sucked it, too.

Ah, Christ, that is freakin’ crazy good!

No one had ever sucked his tongue before. He never really knew how stimulating it could be until now. Why, the pleasures it induced just shot straight to Bane’s cock, making it throb with want. He wondered if there was some sort of neurological connection between the two, which caused such an interesting phenomena. His cock demanded he fuck Felix through the stimulus. But this was one time he had to abstain from its desires.

He couldn’t fuck his mate until the time of the Change was near. He wanted their first coupling to happen then. That is, if Felix agreed to become his mate after he got to know him better.

Bane probably had a week or two to show Felix that they were made for one another and belonged together for life. Bane didn’t need any more convincing. He had seen, smelled, heard, tasted and touched enough of Felix to know he was the one and only mate for him.

Releasing Felix’s tongue and scorching hot lips, he decided he’d get started now showing his mate how good things would be between them. He’d also get to see, touch, smell, and taste his cock, which he was dying to do. Just because they couldn’t fuck until the Change, that didn’t mean they couldn’t have some fun.

With wanton, demanding eyes, Bane slid to the side of the bed and began to unbutton Felix’s jeans. Felix gazed fixedly into his eyes. Could it be he waited for Bane’s reaction when he saw his cock? Or was it more that he waited for Bane’s touch?

Either way, Felix wouldn’t have to wait long, because Bane unzipped his jeans and tugged them downward, along with his tight, black cotton briefs.

Lo and behold, my baby does shave! he marveled.

Bane waggled his brow and bit his lower lip in approval.” Mercy! You are one fine specimen.”

With no pubic hair obstructing Bane’s view, Bane’s eyes took in every divine inch of Felix’s circumcised, erect cock, and taut balls. He stroked the area around them, the skin as smooth and as soft as a baby’s bottom. Did Felix use a moisturizing shaving cream to have this effect?

When Bane’s finger circled his balls, Felix gasped while he continued to gaze at Bane with sexual hunger in his eyes.

Next Bane focused his attentions on Felix’s big cock. “You are definitely well equipped, baby. Better than I ever imagined,” he purred, touching the tip of his wet cock. It twitched, following Bane’s motions.

Felix spoke under a growl. “Taste me.”

Bane licked his lips and leaned down to caress it with his tongue. The saltiness of the pre-cum made Bane’s mouth water. He trailed it down and then up, the veins and ridges on its surface tickled his tongue.

Using his lips for suction, he sucked Felix’s balls. Felix arched his back, moaning, “Mmm, yes, more.”

When Bane stopped, Felix gazed down at him with narrowed eyes, waiting, which was exactly the reaction he wanted from Felix. Watching Felix observe him while he fucked him with his apt mouth was one thrilling sex ride he didn’t want to miss.

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