[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, shape-shifters, HEA]
Vincent Ambers hasn’t seen the outside world in months thanks to the Draco vampire clan that have kept him and his brother captive. When he finally escapes, he runs into a handsome stranger named Mason Pride who offers him his help to save his brother. But after all the evil Vincent’s seen in this new dystopian world, he’s afraid to trust him and let him into his heart.
Mason Pride is a wolf shifter who slays vampires in his spare time along with his brothers. When he comes across a cute, frightened man named Vincent Ambers who looks like a vampire, drinks blood like a vampire, but who doesn’t quite act or smell like one, he’s not only intrigued, he’s also smitten. Although his brothers want to kill Vincent, all Mason wants to do is hold him in his arms and protect him.
When Mason and Vincent head to the Draco lair to save Vincent’s brother, they get caught in a complex web of love and danger, because although Vincent claims he isn’t a vampire, he isn’t quite human either. Can Mason make Vincent trust him and open his heart to the everlasting love that exists between them, while protecting him from the vampire clan that wants him back alive or undead?
A Siren Erotic Romance
A Vampire's Claim (MM)
17 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Vincent Amber’s weighing heart lightened when he saw the rusted screw. It stuck out of the mortar screaming for his attention. Could this be the glimpse of hope he had been waiting for?

He stared up at the vampire who had brought him his drink, his vile undead stench permeating the room and making Vincent’s stomach sour. His enemy didn’t speak. No words were needed for his task. And as soon as he had deposited their nourishment, he exited not having noticed the excited glimmer in Vincent’s eyes

He waited until he was sure the vampire’s acute sense of hearing couldn’t pick up his voice, then whispered to his brother Warren, “I think I know a way we can escape.”

Warren’s hallow, tired black eyes widened. “How?”

Vincent stretched, reaching for the brick wall and grasped the head of the rusted screw. He prayed the mortar it was screwed in was as old and battered as the screw itself and it would loosen with vigorous twisting.

When it wiggled with his touch, he gasped. “Yeah, just hold on. I almost got it.”

“What do you almost have?”

When it had completely come free, Vincent held it in his hands, observing the oxidized tip. It was sharp enough to do the job. “This.” He held up his possession.

Warren’s eyes and face brightened. Vincent hadn’t seen his brother smile in months, ever since the Draco vampire clan raided their home, killed their parents, and kidnapped Warren and Vincent. They had been the vampires’ source of nourishment and entertainment ever since then, prisoners in a three-story farmhouse not that far off from the highway and the town.

Vincent had seen the farmhouse numerous times before the plague came and wiped out two thirds of the population. It had been owned by a kind, elderly couple who died when the plague swept through the town, killing them and most of the population.

The Draco clan had taken it over about six months ago, using it as their lair and hide out.

Using the sharp edge, Vincent began to rub it against the rope constraining his hands in a back and forth motion across it. Thanks to its dry, brittle’s texture, it frayed easily.

He laughed. “Ha, I bet they didn’t even search the basement before they moved us here yesterday.”

“Yeah, they were too excited to make room for their new prizes and too cocky to think we would try to escape.” Warren leaned closer to peer at Vincent’s handiwork. “Is it working?”

Vincent pulled his bound wrists apart. The rope snapped. “Yep.” He quickly got to work loosening his feet.

It took him less than ten minutes to free himself and his brother. They stood and wiggled, loosening their tight muscles in an inept motion. It felt off to Vincent after having been constrained for so long. He walked to the boarded window on legs like jelly.

“We have to do this quick before they catch on,” Warren warned.

“I know.” He searched the toolbox on the shelf next to the window. Luck was finally on their side this evening. He found a hammer in it. He couldn’t believe it. He wondered if he were dreaming, a dream from which he’d wake up any second. After all these months of being held captive, they finally had a chance at freedom.

Using the claw side of it, he pulled out the nails and loosened the wood board. He opened the window in stealth silence and they quietly crawled out. Once outside they took deep breaths. The cool, crisp evening air caressed the lining of their lungs and his skin. Goosebumps spread with Vincent’s experience. They began to run as fast as their unaccustomed, wonky feet and leg muscles allowed.

“We just have to make it to the road.” Vincent panted. He guessed from the moving light beams ahead they were about two hundred yards away from the highway.

And when he thought they had finally made it, he heard the sound of flapping wings. A haunting wave rolled over him. He knew what that ominous sound meant.

He turned his stiff neck to look up over his shoulder and saw them. He shuddered. Vampire bats were approaching at lightning speed.

“Hurry, Warren!” he shouted as he picked up speed.

A few seconds later he heard his brother scream.




Mason peered at his wound. The cut had already sealed as if it were healing at an astronomical rate.

“How can it heal so fast?” Vincent asked.

“My wolf shifter skin and bones move and stretch a lot faster than human skin and bone do. They heal super quick too.”

Vincent smiled encouragingly, leaning closer. “So that means you’re not in any pain?”

Mason couldn’t help but focus on Vincent’s swollen red lips. His body moved in closer wanting to be in contact with them once again.

“Mmm, no pain. You have magical lips, you know.” He moaned while his gaze continued to fix on Vincent’s.

“I do?” Vincent’s slow, sultry voice only made him more tempting.

Before either of them realized it, they merged, hot swollen lips onto hungry, earnest ones. Mason wanted to savor Vincent with his mouth and tongue.

Vincent pulled his body against his, so that Mason’s chest crushed Vincent’s and his hard on could rub against his body. The bulge in Vincent’s pants only made Mason’s carnal lust soar. Mason’s tongue pushed forward into Vincent’s, tasting the sweet apple cedar that he had smelled on his skin. Fuck, the more Mason’s senses explored, the more he wanted Vincent. Vincent’s tongue looped his, sucking the tip which made Mason’s cock twitch and grow.

Once Vincent wrapped his arms around Mason’s broad shoulders, Mason murmured between kisses, “I want you so badly.”

Vincent’s salacious needs seemed just as intense and demanding because he moaned, “I want you too.”

Raking his fingers through Mason’s buzz cut, Vincent growled, leaning his head against Mason’s and staring deep into his eyes. “Mmm, then fuck me.”

Mason focused on his lips while he licked his own. He had been waiting for those words before he moved forward with their sexual experience. He wanted to take things at Vincent’s pace, not rush him or frighten him, but guide him to sexual ecstasy, hand in hand, body to body, as one.

“Are you sure? Are you strong enough to make love?”

Vincent nodded, murmuring yes while he snuck his fingers under Mason’s shirt.

His warm, soft hands inched upward, exploring Mason’s tight, ripped abs and his chest. The circles he made with the tip of his fingers over Mason’s sparse chest hair had goose bumps forming and lewd electrical sparks raising Mason’s sexual desires. He wanted Vincent with every inch of his body that he ached all over.

Vincent’s lips and fingers alone could make him climax any second. He ground himself against Vincent while his tongue probed deeper into his mouth.

When Vincent pinched and tugged Mason’s nipples, pre-cum oozed out of his cock in reaction. Damn, it was throbbing and wanted so desperately to sink into Vincent’s ass.

He roared his demand while he rushed to unzip Vincent’s pants. He gazed into his enchanting black eyes and purred.” I want to fuck you.”

“Mmm, yes. Fuck me,” Vincent urged.

It took three quick movements to have Vincent’s pants and boxers down to his knees. Mason gazed down approvingly as his erect, long and thick cock. He stroked it which elicited an approving grunt from Vincent and a jerk of his cock. It was scorching hot and throbbing in Mason’s hand.

Vincent moved in and out of Mason’s grasp, making the pre-cum cool on Mason’s hand. “Fuck me, Mason,” Vincent whispered in his ear before nipping his earlobe.

Mason roared deep in his chest so his brothers sleeping upstairs couldn’t hear him. He wanted to show Vincent he was bringing out the sexual and possessive animal in him. He turned Vincent around and ordered in a low voice, “Turn for me.”

Vincent did, purposely stretching his hands on the table and lifting his ass while he moaned.

His tight ass was scrumptious. Mason rubbed it, feeling his taut muscles.

Vincent cooed, “Mmm, fuck me, Mason.”

There was nothing more Mason would like to do than to sink his cock deep into Vincent’s divine ass, but he needed lubricant before he could.

He had some upstairs in his bedroom chest drawer, which he hadn’t used in over two years. He didn’t think he’d need more after him and his ex-boyfriend, Stewart, broke up.

He wondered if it had expired. It probably did. Besides, he couldn’t risk going upstairs and waking his brothers in the process.

He stared down at his erection. His cock refused to wait any longer. The pressure in his balls demanded he take action now.

Rubbing it against Vincent’s ass, Mason pumped himself using his excitement and the friction to lather Vincent’s hole in pre-cum. Thankfully, he had an abundant supply.

Vincent was bringing out the sex god in him.

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