Kaylee Feagans

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 I was born in Kansas City, Missouri and spent the first part of my life in Independence. Later, I moved to Georgia where I have resided ever since. I am married with one son, five cats, four turtles, and a dog. I have been an avid reader all my life. I even got my Master’s degree in Reading.

 In high school, I began to write in earnest. I so badly wanted to become an author. After a conversation with my health occupations teacher, I lost confidence in my abilities and put it on hold for ten years or so. But after suffering a lay-off, I decided to try my hand at writing again. I have really enjoyed doing what I love so much – putting the characters I love in stories.

Q: What is your writing day like?

A: While I was out of work, I stayed up all night writing while watching reruns of old tv shows. Now that I have a full time job, I write while I'm at lunch and get up extra early in the morning to write. If I’m not toowhipped after work, I try to write too.

Q: Where do you find inspiration?

A: Lord help me, but the pictures of people on Facebook and Tumbler have helped me to bring new characters to life. Snippets of conversations and living have helped me to come up with different situations.

Q: Have you always been a writer?

A: At heart – yes. In life, I’ve done a little bit of everything from teaching to manufacturing and clerical work. I have to admit, I prefer the writing!

Q: Are you an active participant in the world of BDSM?

A: Only in my mind! I have submissive tendencies, but the only way I release those urges and feelings is through my writing.

Q: Who are your favorite authors?

A: Cherise Sinclair, Sophie Oak, Lora Leigh, and Shayla Black

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