Jackson (MFM)

Wolfe Brothers 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,379
7 Ratings (4.3)

[Ménage and More: Erotic Rubenesque Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, flogging, sex toys, HEA for M/F]

Onalee Schott works for Jackson Wolfe at the Paris Inn Restaurant in Kansas City as the head chef. She’s a bit on the shy side and has an obsessive-compulsive side that can irritate her boss and sous chef. She is attracted to both men and often fantasizes and dreams about the wicked things she wishes they would do to her. Because she is on the plump side, she fears her desires are all for naught.

Jackson, along with his best friend, Caleb Miller, has wanted Onalee since she began working there as the head chef. She's been keeping her distance from both men, but they have a plan after seeing her reading material. First, they decide to give Onalee her ultimate fantasy. Not a single part of her is left untouched by the sexy pair of men. Afterward, Jackson will have to work hard to convince her that she is his.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Jackson (MFM)
7 Ratings (4.3)

Jackson (MFM)

Wolfe Brothers 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,379
7 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Bravo Kaylee you did it again. Another fantastic book.
Barefoot Okie



The Paris Inn had been busy as hell all night, but Jackson had let the last of his patrons out about an hour ago. The cooking staff was cleaning up for the night. About a year ago, he’d broken down and hired a chef so that he could focus on the business aspects of the restaurant, but his first love was still cooking.

In the office, he’d changed clothes. From dress slacks and a black dress shirt, he tugged on a pair of old, snug jeans that clung to every inch of him, a deep-red, fitted polo shirt, and some boots. The sidewalks had been shoveled, but it was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and snow was falling again.

He found most of his crew in the kitchen. Caleb, his sous chef and best friend, was trying to talk the new chef into a date, but Onalee was refusing. From the moment he’d met her, he knew that he could love her for the rest of his life, and quite honestly, that scared the snot out of him. Caleb was also interested in her, but it was more of a sexual thing with Cal. They had talked about having her between them. Her lush body quaking as they made her come again and again. He adjusted himself quickly then cleared his throat.

The kitchen was spotless. They were closing up shop tonight for the holiday. Jackson had had several inquiries about dinners being served on Thanksgiving Day, but he felt that his employees needed to be able to spend some time with their families. Besides that, he sure as hell wasn’t going to be here. His folks and brothers and their wives were all having a big dinner at his folks’ place in Excelsior Springs.

“Let’s go to Hell’s Place. First round is on me!” There were cheers all around, even from the under-twenty-one waitresses that wouldn’t be able to go. “Lisa, Cindi, you know you girls can’t go, but I don’t want you to feel left out.” He slipped them both a twenty.

Manuel, the prep cook, Keith, the only waiter, and the two dishwashers, Bryce and Ian, headed for the small locker room that they stored their personal belongings in, including a change of clothes.

Onalee watched all of them with a sense of detachment. Her intense blue eyes watched her boss. Without his work attire on, his tattooed sleeves showed their artwork. His black hair was gone. He’d shaved his head shortly after she started working there. He was tall, at least six foot five inches, and powerfully built. She did her best to avoid him at all costs.

How the hell was she going to get out of going to a bar tonight with the rest of the guys? The man had women fawning over him all the time, beautiful women that made her look like a fat cow. She hated them. No, she wasn’t psycho for Jackson Wolfe or anything, but the women that tended to chase after him were all the same. Super thin, absolutely beautiful, and incredibly stupid.

How could she fit in with his crowd? She didn’t. The black chef’s outfit kept most of her extra poundage packed away from sight. Her straight, long blonde hair was kept piled on top of her head and out of the way when she was cooking. She was taller than the two waitresses that worked here but wasn’t model tall either.

“What are you and your family doing tomorrow?” Jack asked as his black eyes traced over every inch of her.

She shook her head. She didn’t have any family left. Her parents had been killed in an auto accident when she was still a toddler. She’d been raised by her maternal grandparents. Grandpa George had died after a stroke about five years ago, and Grandma Hannah died of a broken heart not even six months later. She had no brothers or sisters, and her parents had been only children as well. That left her all alone.

“Your family doesn’t get together?” He pressed her for more information.

“I don’t have any family left, Mr. Wolfe.” She kept her voice on an emotionless level because she didn’t want him to pity her.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry, honey. I wouldn’t have asked if I’d known.” Jack felt like the biggest jerk ever. Hell, he had an overabundance of family, and if his brothers didn’t stop impregnating their wives, they’d take over the damned county. He pulled her into him and gave her a brief hug before stepping away.

Caleb came back with the rest of the crew. They all looked at her. “Oh, let me get my stuff!”

“Don’t you want to change first?” Keith asked her as she headed for the locker room.

“It’s okay. I’m just going home,” she explained as she grabbed her coat, pocketbook, and keys. “See, I’m all ready to go. I wouldn’t want to keep you boys from going out to play.” She smiled at their readiness to go.

Jack and Caleb were whispering in the corner of the restaurant. “You guys go ahead. We’ll be there in a minute. We’ve got to discuss some menu changes with Onalee first.” There was a lot of laughter as the other men left her there with the dynamic duo.

“What’s wrong with the menu?”

“Nothing, we just didn’t want the boys to hear our conversation,” Caleb informed her with his sexy Southern drawl.

“Excuse me?”

“You have two options,” Jackson told her. “Option one, you go into the locker room and change into your street clothes, come back out, and we’ll walk with you to the bar.” He gave her a wickedly sexy smile, a dimple showing in his right cheek. “Option two, you refuse, Caleb and I help you into your street clothes, and we’ll haul your ass to the club.”




“Jackson, where on earth did you bring me?”

“It’s a dungeon where Cal and I plan to show you how much we appreciate your beauty, both inner and outer.” His hands whispered over her much in the same way his voice did.

She trembled, whether in anxiety or excitement, she wasn’t sure. “A dungeon?”

“Yes, Onalee, a dungeon. Do you have any experience in this realm?” Jack asked her while Caleb was setting things into order.

She licked her suddenly dry lips. “BDSM? No, not really.”


“No.” She shook her head as she tried to grasp the situation. Were they really going to use all the equipment on her? Would they tie her up and spank her? She didn’t see any floggers or whips, so she couldn’t imagine they would.

“I need you to think of a safe word in case you’re too uncomfortable with something we plan to do to you.” He tugged his shirt out of his pants and tossed it across the room. His naked, hairy chest had her drooling. “We may test limits you didn’t know you had, but we’d rather you use the safe word than freak out on us.”

Nodding her understanding, she thought for a couple of seconds. “Chef? Will that work?”

“That’s a great one, considering our industry. Do you know how to address your Doms, Onalee?” Caleb was back, shirtless as well. Golden-brown hair formed a diamond across his chest and narrowed down to disappear under the belt of his jeans. Tawny eyes held hers in their grip. “You will address us as sir or master. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” she sighed. Oh, heaven help her, they were really going to do this…with her? It was like every naughty dream and fantasy she’d ever had. She waited eagerly to see what they would do next.

“Strip for us,” Jack commanded.

“Slowly,” Caleb added.

She was ready to end it right then and there. Naked under the watchful gazes of two gorgeous men? The very idea had her ready to leave. As she watched them, she noticed that they didn’t seem to find the situation humorous at all. Their gazes were lusty, as if they actually wanted to see her naked.

She kicked off her shoes and socks. That part was easy, she thought with a smile. Shaking hands unfastened the buttons on her jeans, and she wiggled them off slowly then tossed them onto her shoes. Her shirt covered her from her neck to her bottom. She hesitated.

“Now, Onalee. You’re doing wonderful.”

“Yeah, I want to see those luscious tits. I”—Caleb nodded to his friend—“didn’t get a sneak peek like Jackson did.”

Their eyes were making her hot. She slowly raised the shirt up over her generous hips then yanked it off and tossed it on top of her jeans. She reached behind her back and unclasped her bra but didn’t take it off. Her eyes locked on them as she gradually slid her arms out of the straps but left the cups in place.

“Dammit, Onalee. Take it off,” Caleb demanded as he stepped closer to her, ready and willing to help her if he needed to.

She let the bra slither to the ground as her naturally large breasts swung forward. While big, her breasts were still perky. Her nipples were hard enough to cut steel right now. Her fingers edged under the strings on each side of her thong, and after she eased it off of her hips, it fluttered to the floor. She closed her eyes, embarrassed by her nudity.

“You’re so beautiful.” She wasn’t sure which one spoke, but she thought it was Caleb. Both men were walking around her, checking her for flaws, she assumed. Strong arms wrapped around her, and large hands cupped her breasts. Lean fingers gently stroked her nipples as Caleb came closer. His lips attached to one of the hard tips. Hot suction went straight to her clit.

“Let me move her to the bed,” Jackson whispered before he lifted her up into his arms. His steps were quick and sure before he gently laid her down. Each man crawled in beside her. A mouth attached to each nipple. Her cry caught in her throat as her hands clasped their heads closer. Teeth nibbled and tongues flicked over and over again.

Jackson moved first as his hand cupped the back of her head, and his tongue traced her upper then lower lip. He teased her into opening her mouth for him then pushed his tongue into her mouth. He provoked her, rubbing and encouraging her to respond to his kisses.

While he was kissing her, Caleb was moving down her body. He spread her legs apart so that her wet cunt was open to him. “Oh darlin’, you’ve got the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen.” She heard him speak but didn’t respond. “I can’t wait to eat you up.” He slid a digit through her wet flesh. He pulled his wet finger into his mouth and sucked her juices off of it, moaning as he tasted her. Not content with that little taste, he ran his tongue down the crease between her legs. His tongue swept across her clit before delving deep into her vagina.

“Watch him, Onalee. Watch him lick and suck our pussy,” Jackson ordered her as he watched his friend pleasure her. He lifted one of her legs for his friend, keeping her spread open for him. Caleb’s eyes held hers as he stuck out his tongue and ran it up her cunt. He pushed the hood back from her clit and sucked the hard little nub into his mouth.



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