Kes Hogan

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Kes Hogan lives in the southeast, working as a civil servant by day and a domestic goddess by night. During rare, spare moments, she loves reading, watching movies, fishing, spending time with her family and writing. 

Kes loved reading as a child, butdidn’t really aspire to be a writer until well into adulthood. She discovered erotic romance in her thirties, and began fantasizing alternate situations to her favorite stories. Soon she began writing down those fantasies and her first story was born.

Q: When did you know you wanted to be a writer? 

A: Actually, I didn’t know I wanted to be a writer until just recently. I’ve always loved to read, but never really felt the need to write my own stories. Then I began reading romance novels and although I enjoyed them, I felt some areas of the stories could have been written better, or I wished for an alternative outcome. Soon I was writing down my own ideas, and before I knew it, I had a book.


Q: Are you currently working on something? 

A: I am working on the next book in the Mountain Series,but I’m also interested in writing a paranormal story, something with werewolves. Stay tuned!


Q: How often do you write?

A: I wish I could say I write every day, but I don’t. I keep a notebook with me at all times and write when inspiration hits. Usually on the weekends, I’ll type up what I’ve written in my notebook. This normally gets the creative juices flowing and I’ll write for several hours.


Q: What is your favorite genre?

A: I don’t have one. I read based on my mood. I do prefer romance, but occasionally I like a good thriller. I especially enjoy paranormal romance, man-love romance and western, contemporary romance. I love the authors J.R. Ward, Lynn Hagen, Stormy Glenn and Carol Lynne.


Q: What is your idea of a perfect hero?

A: A true hero is less than perfect. He can be overprotective, always rightand even chauvinistic. Hemay not always do the right thing, buta true hero will always do what he thinks is right.

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