Mountain of Desire (MF)

Mountain 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 31,944
11 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Romantic Suspense, HEA]

Maggie Lane is running from a madman. An up-and-coming artist in New York City, Maggie has attracted the attention of a man who will do anything to possess her. Whisked away to the mountains of West Virginia by the police, Maggie hides and waits for his capture. Thomas Jerrico has been tasked to guard her. Secluded in a mountain cabin, Maggie and Jerrico embark on a love affair neither expected nor has ever experienced before.

Although fearful of men from a young age, Maggie instinctively trusts Jerrico with her life. Living as a hermit, Jerrico learned the hard way that women were not to be trusted. However, Maggie’s innocence and sincerity slips past Jerrico’s cynicism and shoots love straight to his heart. Jerrico will protect Maggie all costs, but can their love survive Jerrico’s past? Can Maggie survive the threat she will face now that her stalker has found her?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Mountain of Desire (MF)
11 Ratings (4.3)

Mountain of Desire (MF)

Mountain 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 31,944
11 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
A very good book


Story Excerpt


Just as Jerrico was about to drop off to sleep, he heard Maggie whimper. From the dying embers of the fire and the moonlight through the window, he could see she was still asleep. Her arms and legs, however, were thrashing about as if in pain.

Jerrico rose from the couch and moved to sit beside her on the bed. She must have felt his presence because as soon as he put his hand on her arm to wake her, she shot up from the bed and backed into the corner where the headboard met the wall.

She was panting for breath, and the look on her face was pure panic. Her arms were outstretched, trying to ward off whatever demon was plaguing her. Jerrico knew that look of fear. She had been hurt once, and badly. The thought settled into his stomach like battery acid. 

Jerrico made himself as nonthreatening as possible. “Maggie, honey, it’s me.”

He made no move to reach for her, keeping his hands by his side in plain sight. Maggie’s eyes began to focus on him.


“Yes, baby. It’s okay. You’re safe.”

Suddenly she slung herself into his arms and latched onto him with the strength of a heavyweight champion.

Jerrico held on just as tight. He held her head to his shoulder with one hand while rubbing her back with the other, giving her all the time she needed to calm down. He didn’t know how long he held her. It could have been minutes, it could have been hours. He didn’t care. She felt wonderful in his arms. He could hold her forever.

She was still trembling when he whispered, “You’re safe now, Maggie. There is nothing here to harm you. I won’t allow it.” He willed her to hear him, to understand he would protect her against all things.

He leaned back to look at her face. It still held the look of fear, but she was no longer panicked.

He cupped her face with his palm. “Did you hear me? I will not let anything hurt you.” 

She surprised him when she whispered, “I know.”

He sucked in his breath and held it, just staring at her. Then he slowly leaned in and brushed her lips with his. When she didn’t pull away, he went back for a second taste. Like her smell, she tasted like vanilla. But there was nothing plain about her. She was warm and sugary and oh so sweet. 

He took the kiss deeper and licked her lips with his tongue, begging to be let in. Totally aware of her every reaction, he rejoiced when she opened up for him.




Maggie gasped.

Her breast was enveloped in his mouth, and the feeling was exquisite. She immediately creamed her panties. Her pussy wept for the touch of his fingers, the lick of his tongue, anything to stop the ache.

Jerrico slipped her panties past her feet and tossed them on the floor. He placed his hand back on her ankle then slowly traveled up her leg. The anticipation of where his hand was going spread goose bumps throughout her body.

Slowly his hand reached the lips of her pussy then stopped, almost like he was giving her the chance to stop him.

Maggie held her breath. She screamed in her head, “Don’t stop!” But she was putty in his hands, and getting those two words out seemed impossible.

He must have sensed she wasn’t resisting because a finger proceeded to enter her body oh so exquisitely. Maggie moaned and turned her head to Thomas. He had let go of her breast and was now nuzzling her neck.

“God, Maggie, you’re so tight.”

Jerrico thrust a second finger and started a slow stroke in and out of her pussy.

“Feel how wet you are for me, honey?”

Maggie couldn’t believe the incredible sensations pulsing through her body. Her hips began thrusting with the stroke of his fingers. Maggie let out a whispered, “Thomas.”

Jerrico’s strokes increased.

“Let it happen, baby. I’ve got you.”

Jerrico didn’t let up on fingering her clit. He devoured her mouth, her jaw, her neck, to finally back to her breast.

Maggie’s breath was rapid as she clamped a hand to Jerrico’s head. Her body was throbbing toward something she knew would be indescribable. Gradually Thomas moved past her breast down her stomach. He took a slow, sensual lick of her belly button, then proceeded to kiss his way down to the lips of her pussy.

Maggie was on the edge, and Jerrico knew it.

He took a deep breath of her essence, then took his first taste.

Maggie screamed.

That one lick of his tongue sent her over the edge to an orgasm she never knew a woman could experience. It was like a tidal wave of bliss crashing over her, leaving her no control of her body. Then like washing ashore onto a sunny beach, sweet contentment spread throughout.

Her body still shook with the pleasure his mouth afforded as he continued to kiss the lips of her pussy and lap up her cum.


* * * *


Jerrico could wait no longer. He quickly shucked his jeans and rose above her. He knew the first time would be painful for Maggie, but he hoped the pleasure she was feeling now would lessen it.

Slowly he covered her body with his. His cock lay between Maggie’s legs at the apex of her pussy, begging for entrance. Maggie looked at Jerrico through bliss-filled eyes and widened her legs a little more, granting permission.

Jerrico entered Maggie slowly. God, she was tight, a viselike grip that was quickly taking away his control.

Not yet. He couldn’t lose it yet.

Maggie’s breathing increased as he slipped farther along. He could almost hear her rapid heartbeat.

Finally he reached the proof of her innocence.

Maggie froze. Jerrico nuzzled her neck.

“It’s okay, sweetheart. Hold on to me.”

As Maggie was moving her arms around his neck, Jerrico thrust his hips. Maggie gasped and squeezed her arms tight around his neck. Breathing rapidly, Maggie tried not to move any other muscle that might increase the pain. Jerrico, too, breathing rapidly, clamped his arms around Maggie, preventing any movement.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart. Just give it a minute. It will pass,” he said, panting. “Then I’ll take you to heaven.”

Maggie nodded, but remained silent, eyes clinched shut, trying to adjust to the fullness she was feeling. The pain had started to ease a bit, but God, she hoped there was more to it than this.

Jerrico slowly moved.

Maggie gasped. Oh my! Jerrico raised his head and looked at her.


Maggie nodded. “Don’t stop.”

With a groan, he whispered, “I can’t.”

Jerrico started to move again. At first his thrusts were slow and shallow, getting her used to his invasion. Then he felt her start to relax. Soon her hips were moving with him.

God, she felt perfect. His cock embedded in her warm pussy, stroked by the soft heat but refusing to release him completely. His face tucked securely at her neck, caressed by her silky hair and breathing in her exotic vanilla scent. He had promised her heaven, but he was already there.

He began to pick up the pace. He had no choice. He needed more. More of her slick heat, her erotic scent. He was rapidly losing control, losing himself in her soft body, never wanting to be found.

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