Mountain of Courage (MF)

Mountain 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 24,085
9 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Romantic Suspense, HEA]

Garrett Thornton’s sister, Gina, and her best friend, Cally Edmonds, were kidnapped by a serial killer as teenagers. Gina was murdered but Cally escaped. Garrett has blamed her ever since for leaving Gina behind.

Now six years later, florist owner Cally is being threatened by a stalker. Frank “Sully” Sullivan, the cop that worked Gina and Cally’s case, calls Garrett in to protect Cally. Reluctantly, Garrett agrees.

As a teenager, Cally had a major crush on Garrett. After her ordeal, Cally doesn’t trust any man. Being in close quarters twenty-four hours a day, Garrett soon appreciates Cally’s courage and strength, and Cally opens her heart to love.

As the two become intimate, Cally’s stalker closes in. Can Garrett protect Cally before he loses a love he never dreamed of having?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Mountain of Courage (MF)
9 Ratings (4.4)

Mountain of Courage (MF)

Mountain 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 24,085
9 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
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Garrett flipped his phone closed. Shit. He hoped Sully found something soon.

A moment later, Cally came into the backroom, keys in hand, ready to go.

“Everything okay?” she asked.

Garrett nodded. “Just checking in with Mac,” he assured her.

They entered the back door to Cally’s apartment and walked up the stairs. Garrett unlocked the door and escorted Cally in. Per their usual routine, Cally remained in the living room while Garrett checked the apartment. Garrett thoroughly inspected each room, then came back to Cally. Still standing where he left her, Cally was reading a letter, when all of a sudden she started to shake.

“Cally? What’s wrong?”

Cally looked up at Garrett. Her face was devoid of color. “He was here,” she whispered.

Cally held out the letter in her shaking hand. Garrett grabbed it and started reading, rage building through his system with each word.


You are MINE, Cally!

How dare you bring another man into our home.

Get rid of him or I will!


Garrett looked at Cally. There was nothing but fear in her eyes. But Garrett could see it was fear for him.

“You have to leave, Garrett. This is getting out of control. He was in the apartment. He knows about you. I can’t bear anyone getting hurt because of me.”

“Cally, listen to me. Where did you find the letter?”

“It was on the floor when we walked in.”

“Honey, he wasn’t in the apartment. He just slipped it under the door. He couldn’t get in. I’ve made damn sure of that.”

Relief fell over Cally’s face, but it was short-lived. “He still managed to get up the stairs and leave that letter undetected, Garrett.”

Garrett ran a hand through his hair. She was right. The guy was bold and apparently getting impatient. Garrett hoped he’d make a mistake soon. Garrett placed the letter on the coffee table. He’d call Sully to come get it and check for fingerprints.

But first he had to calm Cally. She was working herself up to kick him out, but he was damn well staying.

Garrett moved to Cally and pulled her into his arms. She was stiff, unrelenting. She looked up into his face. “He’s getting close, Garrett. I don’t want anything to happen to you. Please, you have to leave.”

With one hand still tight around her waist, he cupped her cheek with the other. “I’m not going anywhere, honey. I can handle myself. I will not leave you here alone.”

Garrett could see she was going to argue with him. Before she could utter a word, Garrett swooped down and kissed her on the lips.

Cally sucked in her breath and went completely still, but she didn’t pull away.

Slowly, Garrett nibbled Cally’s lips with his own, begging to be let in. Gradually, Cally opened for him, and he slipped his tongue into that sweet mouth. God, she felt so good in his arms, almost like coming home. He kissed a trail along her cheekbone. Cally shivered when he found a hot spot behind her ear. Garrett took a deep breath of her scent. Orange blossom. It had to be. Growing up on the beach, Garrett always loved the smell of citrus. On Cally, it went way beyond arousing. He was ready to take her against the wall.

Garrett had to slow down or he would do that very thing. Apparently Cally had other ideas. She clung to him as he continued his trail of kisses down her throat. But instead of taking those pert little breasts into his mouth, he came back to her lips and took another taste. Garrett savored the small shivers and whimpers coming from Cally. She all but climbed up his body trying to get close to him. Before he even realized it, he had her against the wall and those gorgeous legs wrapped around him. His dick was rock hard. He was seconds away from taking her.

Garrett turned his head and dropped his forehead to her shoulder. “Jesus, Cally. I want you so bad.” He was panting hard, trying to control himself.

Cally kissed him lightly on his cheek and whispered in his ear. “Then don’t stop, Garrett.”

Garrett raised his head and looked into her eyes. She wanted him. There was no question about it, but she was also a little afraid.

“Have you ever been with anyone, honey?” asked Garrett. He was pretty sure of the answer, but he wanted Cally to tell him. He wanted her to be comfortable and to be certain that it was what she wanted.

Cally slowly shook her head. Garrett wasn’t surprised she was a virgin. Hell, she was barely seventeen when Angus Mann kidnapped her. He doubted any man could get close to her after going through that ordeal.

What she said next did surprise him.

“You’re the only man I’ve ever wanted to touch me.” Cally turned her head away, blushing. “Even before I was kidnapped,” she whispered.

Garrett sucked in a breath. Jesus. Garrett didn’t think he was going to survive the night. He wanted Cally beyond madness, but he was going to have to go slow. And to know he was the only man in the world she wanted. Ever. Shit, he was ready to shoot his load right now. Garrett wanted her first time to be special. How was he ever going to control himself?




Garrett chuckled. “I only want to play with you.”

Cally smiled. She knew Garrett worked hard at his job from what Elle and Jane told her. Other than the weekly poker game Garrett played with his friends, Cally doubted he had any fun. Well, I can do something about that.

Seductively, Cally wrapped her legs around Garrett’s waist. During the times they’d made love, Cally discovered how much he loved her legs around him. Immediately she felt his cock harden against her.

Garrett narrowed his eyes as he automatically cupped her ass and pulled her closer to him. “What are you up to?”

Cally leaned down and pressed her lips on his. She nibbled and licked his lips until he opened for her. She plunged her tongue in, devouring his mouth as she rubbed her body against his cock.

Leaning over to the side of his face, she whispered, “I just want to play with you,” then nipped his ear.

Garrett lunged out of the water, cradling Cally in his arms. His knees hit the blanket, and he laid her gently down. He covered her body with his as he plunged his own tongue in her mouth. Garrett’s hands roamed all over body. He started with her breasts then traveled down to her soaking pussy. He slid his body down and mouthed one of her breasts, using his tongue to pebble her nipple. At the same time, he fingered the lips of her pussy.

Cally gasped at the dual sensation. Immediately upon Garrett’s touch, her body awoke with need. Cally opened completely for him. She whimpered, begging without words for more. As usual, Garrett knew what she needed. He pushed himself lower until he was even with her pussy. Still fingering her clit, Garrett dove in with his tongue. He licked her flowing juices, swallowing her essence like a man in the desert who just found an oasis.

He sank his finger all the way in and began a leisurely stroke. Once again, that ember of lust was stoked in Cally’s system. Soon the heat of arousal blazed through Cally’s body as Garrett stroked and licked. Within seconds Cally howled with pleasure as she burst into flames.

Garrett continued to suck on her clit as he brought her slowly down from the high. Once she was settled but still breathing heavily, Garrett tore into his jeans for a condom. Coming to her senses, Cally sat up and placed a hand on Garrett’s arm.

“I want to taste you, Garrett,” she said, throwing the condom back on his jeans. She ran her hand through his chest hair down to his cock. Garrett trembled as she gradually pushed him down to his back.

“You don’t have to do this, Cally.”

“I know,” she said, giving him a quick kiss. “But I told you, I want to play, too.”

Garrett moaned as Cally started at the base of his neck and licked a trail down his chest. The scent of pine and musk wafted through Cally’s nose as she reached one of Garrett’s nipples. Nipping the little bud, Cally then licked and sucked, causing Garrett to hiss. She released the nipple, thinking she had hurt him, but Garrett immediately cupped her head and pressed her back down. Cally smiled as she kissed her way over to the other one, giving it equal attention.

Slowly Cally slid down Garrett’s body, kissing and touching as she went. She marveled at the muscles rippling through his abs down to his powerful thighs. Once Cally reached his cock, she stopped for a moment and just admired. She could hardly believe that something so long and thick fit snugly deep inside her pussy and brought about such bliss. She licked her lips just thinking about the pleasure.

Instantly, Garrett’s dick jumped, as if trying to reach her lips. Sweat broke out all over Garrett as he watched Cally admire his body.

“Please, Cally,” he begged, breathing heavily.

Shyly she asked, “You’ll tell me if I do anything wrong?”

Garrett was shaking with arousal. “Yes. Yes. Just do something.”

Cally leaned down and engulfed his cock with her lips. A variety of tastes exploded in her mouth. She licked the tip, savoring the flavors of salt, musk, and man. Taking him deeper, she tongued the little vein that ran down behind his dick. Back up again, she licked the slit, getting her first taste of pre-cum.

Cally had no idea what she was doing. She just wanted to taste everything and give the same pleasure to Garrett that he gave to her. Apparently she was doing it right, if all the moans coming from him were any indication.



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