Jay Tabor, rebel leader of Territory Three has  done something he swore he would never do, and that’s work with Quinn, the Supreme Alpha of the Nine Territories, to save his brother Aaron’s life. Now on the run after his rebel hideout was discovered in Virginia, Jay has found a relatively safe haven for his insurgent group deep in the mountains of Tennessee. His peace is short-lived, however, when he gains a new captive—Devon, the Alpha of Territory Three.

Devon has been beaten, tortured and starved by the rebels in an effort to "tame" him, but when he's transferred to a new camp, he discovers not only kindness but an unwanted attraction to his new captor—one that goes both ways. Devon has finally found his true mate in Jay, but the man is his sworn enemy, and a dominant, controlling lover, who insists on his independence. 

When they’re both kidnapped by forces bent on harming them, Jay has only one chance to save his wolf. He has to prove that Devon is his submissive partner and he has to do it in front of their enemies in order to save their lives. With only one chance to make it good, he has to put on a show or risk losing his lover and his mate forever.

Kiss of the Alpha
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Jay set the basket down in front of Devon and saw his nostril’s flare at the smell. There were cinnamon rolls inside and crusty slices of brown bread, smeared with strawberry jam. Jay recognized the spark of hope in those pretty brown eyes as the wolf smelled the food. He knew their senses were stronger than humans. Jay thought it smelled pretty good, so God knew what it must be like for the wolf, half-starved now for weeks. Jay opened his mouth, confused that the wolf hadn’t practically torn the food from his hands, but as he saw Devon’s face, every word he could have said flew out of his head.
Devon was staring at the food. Jay remembered how expressive the wolf’s face had been last night, but hunger and defeat were written on every tired line of the wolf’s skin. Jay clamped his lips together. For the first time Jay wasn’t exulting in victory over the wolves, he was almost ashamed of it. He stared as the wolf fisted his hands, and the powerful shoulders sagged a little. It was wrong. Wrong that such a warrior was so demeaned. The wolf was so convinced that Jay was being cruel, he wasn’t even attempting to reach for the bread.
Without questioning his actions, Jay sat on the furs and pulled the surprised wolf over onto his lap. The wolf was big, so he flailed his arms a little, but finally gave in and let Jay manhandle him. He was heavier than he looked, so Jay knew he must be cooperating a bit, though he still looked cautious and distrustful. Jay picked up a small piece of roll and held it out to Devon. Suspiciously, Devon lifted his hand to take it, keeping his eyes on Jay’s and alert for any trick, but Jay shook his head. "No, let me feed you."
Devon’s hand fell, immediately obedient, and Jay felt himself stir underneath Devon’s seat on his lap. Devon must have felt it because he looked up in confusion and Jay popped a piece of bread in his mouth. Devon blinked, and Jay could see the shock in his face and then relief. Devon opened his mouth instantly as Jay broke off another piece. Jay popped the piece on Devon’s tongue, but was slow to move his fingers as Devon’s lips closed, trapping the tip of one in Devon’s mouth. Jay felt the heat in Devon’s eyes as if it was in his own gut, and the wolf’s lips stilled as Jay reluctantly moved his finger, brushing the edge of Devon’s lip as he slowly pulled it away.
"Close your eyes this time," Jay ordered, and nearly groaned as the long black lashes fluttered down. His erection grew harder, and Jay felt the wolf move his hips slowly, tentatively as a child might reach for a treat, half-afraid he’d get his hand smacked.. His own eyes nearly shut as the delicious sensations rushed through him. Jay pressed a larger piece of roll against the full lips that had parted again so trustingly, and stared as Devon’s pink tongue snaked out to catch the jam trembling on his bottom lip.
Jay moaned silently, fiercely clamping his own lips shut so the sound couldn’t escape. What was he doing? He’d never felt so attracted to another being as much in his entire life, and those had been girls even then. He’d never looked at a man before. Okay, so he had a little curiosity. But that’s all it was surely. Devon’s lips opened expectantly for more food, and Jay slowly placed some bread on his tongue, deliberately leaving a smear of jam on Devon’s lower lip. As soon as he swallowed, Devon’s pink tongue snaked out to lick his lips, and Jay’s own tongue mimicked the action on his own suddenly dry ones.
Jay picked up the last piece of bread just as Devon’s mouth opened once more. Jay stared for a beat at the plump, glistening lips, dropped the food back in the basket and raised a shaky hand to Devon’s face. His finger barely touched Devon’s lips when the wolf leaned forward a fraction and closed his mouth around Jay’s finger. The brown eyes shot open in surprise, but the wolf sucked his finger slowly, leisurely. Never attempting to move, Jay was frozen. He watched the wolf blink, lids slowly closing and opening on dilating pupils. Black lashes fanned his cheeks, framing beautiful chocolate pools that Jay thought he might be able to tumble into and float away.
Jay blinked and moved his hand back. At the last second, Devon’s hand curled around Jay’s wrist, his lips parting invitingly. He stared directly up into Jay’s eyes. Jay moaned and lowered his head. The first tentative stroke of Devon’s lips drew him in. He groaned aloud and moved closer, lowering his mouth to take Devon’s in a fierce, possessive kiss that made his toes curl. He thrust his tongue inside Devon’s mouth and ravished it, exulting when the wolf made no attempt to slow or stop him, or more importantly try to control it. He paused, and opened his eyes to the same lust-blown look he knew was an echo of his own. He pulled his head back and looked down at Devon in a daze. The wolf was plastered into him. Was he feeling the same as Jay? This feeling like the only vital and necessary thing in the whole world was sitting right here in front of him?
He shook his head as if to clear it and took Devon’s lips again, more gently this time, but he kept his eyes open. Devon’s breathing was coming harshly. His eyes were open, but unfocused and the pupils were huge. He closed his eyes tightly on the rush of strong sensations as Devon whimpered and molded himself to Jay. Jay’s tongue reached out exploring every recess of Devon’s mouth. Devon’s mouth relaxed some more, and Jay moaned as he ran his tongue along the edge of Devon’s teeth. Devon broke off panting, Jay’s own lungs heaved for oxygen, and his head fell back, helpless under the onslaught of those kisses. Devon moved down to tease the skin of his neck with his tongue.

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