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Vampires of the Scarlet Order
Vampires of the Scarlet Order is an action-adventure novel about an elite cadre of vampire mercenaries who have worked throughout history as pinpoint assassins. Under the command of Desmond, Lord Draco, the Sc MORE...
The Solar Sea
0 ratings
Humans settled the Moon and satellites orbiting the Earth were  a common sight, but with the abolition of NASA, humans had no desire to go further and space exploration died. Then, a technician from the Very L MORE...
Second Chance
0 ratings
Samantha Perdue is about to embark on a strange journey, one that begins with her attempted suicide. After waking up in a strange hospital, suddenly everything Samantha thought was real, no longer exists, and MORE...


Greg Ballan (Published by: LBF Books )
0 ratings
Erik Knight, a small time private investigator, always knew he was different from everybody else. Keener senses, heightened awareness and an enhanced physical strength that could be called upon by his sheer wil MORE...
Dreaming Creek
0 ratings
High school teacher Danny Wakeman has spent sixteen years believing that his childhood friend, Marcus Gaines, saved his life after an accident. But Danny's perspective on the world gets turned inside-out when h MORE...
Chronicles of the Planeswalkers Part One - Alliance
An unlikely band of elves led by a wizard formerly of the Order of Light, Aeligon, has trekked across foreign lands and sought a nysterious mirror hidden withing the ruins of El-Caras, the place where the fina MORE...
Children of the Old Star
The Cluster is a vast alien machine that destroys starships indiscriminately in its quest for something or someone. Commander John Mark Ellis, disgraced and booted out of the service when he fails to save a me MORE...
Vintage Blood and Sacred Scepters
Brit Chambers, a gutsy Werecreature Consultant, has taken on the job of discovering the means by which to destroy the Sacred Scepters before a werecreature assassin finds them and uses them to rid the world of MORE...


Lindy S Hudis (Published by: LBF Books )
1 ratings
An innocent-sounding family reunion at an exclusive California beach resort turns into a weekend of murder, deceit, exposed secrets and unexpected intimate encounters. John Peterson has it all: He's a respected MORE...