Lyzie Carlisle

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Teachers once remarked, “Lyzie’s grades would be higher if she spent less time daydreaming and looking out the window.”

But daydreaming and historical research fueled her imagination and creation of the Alpha Protectors.

Her readers keep her asking, “What if…?” 

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Q: Why do you write erotic romance?

A: What could be more amazing than a tough guy making tender love that could surge out of control with a woman irresistibly drawn to him? I‘m fascinated by the complex nature of a strong alpha man who can be brought to his knees by a delicate woman.

Q: Where do you get your ideas?

A: Sometimes the emotions expressed in a song or a country music video inspire a story. Historical events often inspire my characters’ back stories.

Q: Why do you write about shape-shifters?

A: I enjoy fantasy in books. My bad boys can be angels in disguise. It’s fun to imagine what they’re capable of.

Q: How are your stories different from other shape-shifter stories?

A: I believe every author creates unique stories and characters. My shape-shifters are tough guys with a strong desire to aid those facing serious trouble.

Q: Why do you write Ménage Amour?

A: Ménage Amour enables me to reveal more facets of my characters. Both men ultimately share the woman between them at the same time. Each one makes love to her and relates to her according to his own needs and desires, adding a rich human dimension to their dangerous shape-shifter identities.

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