[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifters, voyeurism, public exhibition, bondage, sex toys, HEA]
Jase Farley and Cole Adams, millionaire ranchers near Heat Springs, Texas, are shape-shifters, brought together by recognition of their shifter identities and roles as protectors and guides since ancient times. Their pack has pledged to guard those who come to Heat Springs on the run from trouble. This pledge, to help those in need or danger, comes with the reality of endangering the well-being of their very souls. Each must face his own demons, anger, and guilt from past failures, which beat at him, before he will feel worthy to ask for the forever love of his mate.
Emily Blake has never risked a serious relationship after being in numerous foster homes following the attack on her mother by her abusive father. But she won't refuse the protection of Jase and Cole when her father arrives at her workplace in Heat Springs. Yet, she may lose her heart to both Jase and Cole when they gain her trust and win her love forever.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Alpha Mate (MFM)
10 Ratings (3.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Great book!




One evening she’d helped out the cashier, Mary Jones, when she needed a quick break, just as Jase and Cole headed in the same direction to pay their bill. Before she’d reached the pass-through behind the counter, she’d felt a big warm hand at her back. She’d turned quickly. Jase had stood right behind her, his hand touching her. She’d moved sideways away from him. He hadn’t pressed her. He’d nodded to her as he tipped his hat. “No offense meant,” he’d said softly in that smooth baritone voice. Then he’d winked at her. “See you later.”

“Save us a table for dinner,” Cole had said with his thick Texas drawl, and he’d smiled at her.

She hadn’t been able to keep herself from smiling back.

Last night, she’d turned away when they’d wanted to give her kisses on the cheek. She liked both of them. They made her feel so good, like she was really attractive to them.

If they asked her again tonight, she might take a chance and go out with them. She set the glasses down on their table along with the menus. “Would you all like a drink?”

“Sounds great,” Jase said. “I’ll have a beer.”

“Same here,” Cole said.

“Hey!” shouted a rough looking man a few tables away in her area. “Are you ever gonna take my order?”

Emily turned to see who the rude guy was. She didn’t recognize him. ”I’ll be right with you,” she assured him. She turned back to Jase and Cole. “I’ll bring your drinks right out.” She smiled at them both and turned to get the rude man’s order.

“It’s about time,” he shouted in an ornery tone before she could reach his table.

Hell, he didn’t need to make a scene. “What would you like to order?” she asked him.

He reached out and grabbed her thigh under her butt cheek nearest to him.

She gasped. “Take your damn hand off me.” She kept her voice low. She started to move away and heard chairs scraping behind her. Jase and Cole moved so fast, they were beside her in an instant.

Jase knocked the man’s hand away from her. “Keep your hands off her.” Jase’s voice growled low and threatening.

“And shut the fuck up.” Cole’s green eyes glittered cold as ice.

Emily stared at them, the rude stranger’s behavior forgotten as she took in the lethal threat in the voices and faces of Jase and Cole. They looked like they could easily tear the man apart.

“Hey, can’t a guy have a little fun?” the man asked.

“Not here, and never with her,” Jase told him.

“Ah, hell,” the guy said. “I don’t take orders from you.”

With lightning speed Cole gripped one of his arms and Jase grabbed the other in one big hand, and they escorted him to the door and outside.

“Good riddance,” Ben Jones said behind her.

“I’m sorry,” Emily said to him. Ben had been good to hire her, and she didn’t want to cause him a loss in business.

“Not your fault,” Ben said. “If you see him come in here again, you come straight to me and I’ll send him on his way first thing.”

“Yes, sir,” she said, feeling rather dizzy from the whole episode. “Go ahead and wait on your other customers,” Ben said gently.

She noticed then that her regular lunch customers Troy and Doug had left their table and were standing close by as well. She nodded to them and headed for the back to get a couple of bottles of beer for Jase and Cole.

Ben Jones was a good employer. He was always easy-going. She really appreciated that.

When she returned to the front, Troy and Doug had taken their seats and continued to enjoy their meal. Jase and Cole were already seated again at their table.

They smiled at her as she reached them and set their beer down in front of them. She smiled back at both of them. “Thanks for coming to my rescue,” she said softly.

“How about going out with us after your shift is over?” Jase asked, his low voice only for her ears. She liked his consideration of her privacy.

“We haven’t given up on taking you out for a fun time, you know,” Cold said. “You’re too pretty for us to ignore.”

“I’m still a little shook up,” she said. “That jerk has bothered me before. Men like him scare me.” She’d had too much of that in her childhood.

“You need a change of atmosphere,” Jase suggested. “How about a swim at the lake later?”

“It would be good for you,” Cole added. “Help you relax after work.”

Emily thought a swim would take her mind off the awful man’s behavior. “I think I’ll take you up on that offer. Sounds like just the thing.” She had a gut feeling she’d be safe with Jase and Cole.

They smiled warmly at her. “When is your shift over?” Jase asked.

Her shift was over at nine pm. Except for Jase, Cole, and a few other patrons talking over the last of their drinks, the restaurant had cleared out.

“We’ll wait for you out front,” Jase said as she wrote their bills.

“I won’t be long,” she said.




“I—I’ve never felt such an aching need. What’s wrong with me? I’m on fire and it won’t stop.” She rubbed her hands over her thighs and mound.

Jase shot a glance at Cole for his opinion. Cole gave him a quick nod, obviously agreeing with him that they couldn’t leave her feeling like this. He hoped they could control their own needs. “We can ease you if you want us to,” Jase offered, keeping his voice soft and low.

“Yes,” she agreed, her voice breathless and sounding desperate. She looked from him to Cole and closed her eyes again. “Please, do something.”

Jase moved her hands away from her thighs, raised her knees a little and returned to caressing her long legs. Cole pressed gentle kisses across her cheeks and down her neck to her bare shoulders. Jase slid her panties off. Her lips parted as she gasped with a deep breath when Jase smoothed his hand over her swollen, shaved pussy. She curved her spine as she tilted her hips upward. God help him, she was so wet with her cream. It wouldn’t take long for him to bring her the pleasure she craved. He spread her slick juices up and down her slit and slid a finger slowly inside her opening, deep within her hot silken passage. She cried out and undulated her hips. He pulled his finger out and pushed it back in over and over as he found her clit with his thumb and circled it. Her scent taunted him and he wanted to taste her so bad.

Cole lowered her bra and covered her full breasts with his palms.

“Oh, God,” she whimpered. “Please, I need …”

“She’s coming,” Jase said softly, feeling strangled. Damn, she was beautiful and she was killing him. He didn’t dare mate with her even though his need tortured him. He had visions of sinking his cock deep inside her soft warmth over and over again as she knelt in front of him. He doubted she loved him enough yet. Maybe she never would.

Love? Oh, God. He hadn’t known her long enough to be in love with her. What he felt was his panther lust, that’s all. He delved deep into her passage with his slickened finger and pressed down on her clit with his thumb as he watched Cole suckle one nipple and give the other one a little squeeze. She cried out her release.

Her muscles pulsed around Jase’s finger as her body convulsed, and muscles inside her pussy contracted and caressed his finger. Gradually the pulses lessened in intensity and she panted softly for breath.

Jase eased the pressure of his thumb from her clit and slid his finger from her dripping wet passage. He pressed his lips to her damp nether lips with a kiss and barely touched her swollen clit with the tip of his tongue. She tasted so sweet.

When Jase raised his head he noticed Cole giving gentle kisses to each of her lovely nipples.

“Oh, my,” she whispered. “What happened? I’ve never done that before.”

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