Madeline Again

Madeline Spruce 4

Cobblestone Press LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 28,000
0 Ratings (0.0)

CIA certified seductress and assassin Madeline Spruce continues to achieve the promise she has exhibited in steamy field operations against enduring threats. When she is sent on a mission against the Russian Federation by the Deputy Director of Operations, Madeline must use her former contacts, her erotic charms, and her wily wits to seduce and eliminate her targets from Belarus to Hong Kong. At home, Madeline’s long-time friend and sometime lover Daniel awaits…but will he too become a target? While they are together, Madeline and Daniel must make every orgasm count—and they surprise each other with their ingenuity and stamina.

Madeline Again
0 Ratings (0.0)

Madeline Again

Madeline Spruce 4

Cobblestone Press LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 28,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Madeline Spruce, seductress and assassin for the CIA, had indulged in the luxury of being entirely off the grid and out of communication for nearly two weeks. That evening, as she departed from the home of her long time lover and friend Daniel Porter after glorious, steamy sex, she knew she would only have one more night of relaxation until she had to return to the daily grind. Her alarm dutifully went off at 5:30 AM, signaling the start of another workday at the Agency. Now she would return to hundreds of emails in her in-box and a myriad of official claims on her attention and her time. It was almost enough to keep her in bed.

Her first order of business was to check in with the DDO, who at their last meeting had emphasized the urgency of Madeline’s early return from her R&R. Madeline was pouring a cup of coffee for her trip into Langley when the DDO called her on her secure cell phone. Instead of proceeding to the Farm, Madeline was to meet her boss at a safe house in McLean, Virginia, in one hour and forty-five minutes. The DDO directed her to come dressed for cocktails and not in her Agency workaday clothes, which meant Madeline had to re-factor her dress, hairdo and makeup accordingly. Prudently, she always packed her business attire in her car so that she could change at the safe house and drive from there to Headquarters for the remainder of the working day. She did wonder what could be so special as to occasion a cocktail party at a safe house.

When Madeline arrived at the safe house, she was surprised to be met at the door by a third party. Vladimir Ouspensky did not seem much changed from when Madeline had known him in Moldova all those years ago. He was still charming and dignified; in some ways, even more so, now that he had aged a little. He took Madeline’s hand and kissed it.

“Madeline, I’m delighted to see you again!”

The spy looked towards the DDO for an explanation.

The DDO smiled. “I don’t know if I ever told you, Vladimir: the real reason for Madeline’s attending the special class in Chișinău was not just to learn sexual techniques; it was to become intimately acquainted with you. That she did to perfection. She would have assassinated you if plans didn’t change. You taught her well.”

At the sound of a horn at the pavement outside the safe house, the DDO looked out the curtain and then hurried Ouspensky out the door to the taxi. The DDO and Madeline went back into the kitchen, where the DDO started the coffee maker and sat down opposite Madeline at the kitchen table.

The DDO sighed. “Well, this will be the last time the Agency will be using this safe house, I can assure you. Our facilities people will come at 1 PM. I see that you’re not a little surprised to see your former mentor Vladimir again? No matter what you think of him, he thinks the world of you.”

Without skipping a beat, Madeline said, “I’m always ready to be surprised in our profession. Yes, I’m surprised to see Mr. Ouspensky alive. I was told another student had poisoned him after my own attempt was aborted. I’m also surprised you and Ouspensky have a longstanding relationship.”

“That relationship is a closely guarded secret that should remain between us,” the DDO said severely. “Ouspensky is a necessary asset for your next mission.”

“I understand, but I’m also surprised I might see him again under circumstances that put me at risk under his leadership. Don’t misunderstand me: I can handle the man. I’m ready for my mission but I need background to understand it.”

The DDO nodded. “All right. Vladimir Ouspensky has been a double for the Agency for the last 12 years. He wrote a detailed report on your performance during the three nights of liaisons in Chișinău. I found Vladimir’s recounting of your sex acts revealing. His report proclaimed you the perfect candidate for a job that involves both the CIA and the FSB. Naturally, the Director of the CIA and the Director of the FSB had to agree that you—and only you—would be tasked to undertake the mission. Neither of those men know which agent will carry out the assassination, but they agreed that the target has to be eliminated.

“The service chiefs also agree that you have no time to waste. The clock has been running for fourteen days since they were informed of your mission, so your Langley support team has worked 24/7 to draw up plans for every imaginable contingency. Your absence while on leave allowed the support team the time to refine your entry and exit. It’s now time for your briefing.”

The DDO flicked open a striped file and pulled out a sheaf of documents. She started with a picture of the target, a handsome, kulturny man with a lithe body and the eyes of a poet.

“Sergei Volodovsky is your target,” said the DDO. “You’ll be flying to Minsk tomorrow evening. All papers and travel arrangements have been made. You’ll travel under your work name. Your contact in Minsk will be Ouspensky. Your cover story is you and Ouspensky are long-time lovers. Ouspensky discovered your charms in Chișinău, and he wants to introduce you to your target’s brother, Viktor Volodovsky. He will lead you to Sergei, who is either in Minsk or in Moscow. You will become irresistible to him. When you see the opportunity to safely do so, you’ll eliminate him. Do you understand your objective on this mission?”


“While you are in Eastern Europe, you’ll use Vladimir Ouspensky as your control, but you should stay in contact with your Langley support team via the Dark Net. If something happens to Ouspensky, you’ll take your own initiative. You’ll revert to me as your control for the rest of your mission. Your exit strategy has been fully planned for both Minsk and Moscow. If you end up in Kiev, there’s a plan for that city also.”

“Working with an enemy intelligence operations officer as my control will be new for me.”

“Yes, but remember he is a double. He really works for me now.”

Madeline nodded. She wondered how dependable Ouspensky really was; he’d been quite convincing as an enemy agent in Chișinău.

The DDO continued. “Ouspensky will provide the means for the assassination as soon as possible after your arrival in Minsk – probably poison, as we want you to get safely away before any suspicion attaches to you. Ouspensky will provide security for you while you are in Eastern Europe, so you’ll keep as close to him as possible. You’ll take direction from him only until you’ve shifted your focus to your target’s brother and then to your target. This sequence cannot be predicted with certainty.”

The DDO hesitated while Madeline considered what she had said.

“Since you’re going into the Russian winter, you’re going to need the appropriate wardrobe. The Agency has purchased everything you’ll need. You’re already packed and ready for loading on your flight to Minsk.”

The DDO gave Madeline a packet of materials that included her papers and tickets. Her flight left the following evening.

“Don’t bother to go to Langley today or tomorrow—just prepare for your trip. Do you have any questions?” The DDO’s expression said that she very much hoped there weren’t any.

“What is my parole for Ouspensky?”

“I think it’s most appropriate: ‘Vodka martinis can make you sleep forever.’ Your response will be: ‘Unless you let your sister mix your drink for you.’”

Madeline smiled at that reference to Ilsa, Vladimir’s sister. She wondered whether she would be seeing Ilsa again on this mission. She’d always liked the young Russian, and they’d become good friends at Chișinău.

Seeing that Madeline had no further questions, the DDO wished her luck with the mission and departed. Madeline waited ten minutes, and then left the way she’d come in.

Madeline’s preparations went smoothly and she boarded a plane bound for Minsk the next evening. She arrived at Minsk National Airport, met by a beaming Vladimir Ouspensky. They completed the parole and response. Vladimir escorted Madeline to an awaiting limo for transit to the best hotel in Minsk. Two of the usual goons handled her baggage and accompanied them into the city and into the hotel. Vladimir had arranged for them to stay in the bridal suite, such as it was.

When they were in the opulent chamber, Madeline regarded the king-sized bed with come concern.

“I hope you don’t expect any perks that might detract from my mission.”

Vladimir laughed heartily and said, “We are lovers here, and it is important that we live up to our cover. Hotel staff can be counted on to tell about every intimate detail of our stay. For now, we shall drink Vodka together. We shall do many other things to make the brother comfortable with the idea of your being my mistress and pupil.”

“I understand the game, but you must understand how important my physical condition is to accomplishing the mission.”

“Not to worry. Vodka can help!” Vladimir unscrewed a new bottle of export vodka, and they drank to the mission, their health and her well-being. They threw back their drinks in the Russian fashion. Vladimir glowed after his third toast and Madeline finally had to take the bottle away from him.

“Vladimir, we have to appear at dinner together before we begin to play through the early evening.”

At that prospect, Vladimir became serious, setting the bottle down. Madeline decided to change the focus.

“How’s Ilsa?”

Vladimir said, “She’s well. She wishes she could be in Minsk for this trip. She gave me a token to share with you, though.”

Vladimir smiled as he revealed the token: a vibrating ring, a copy of the sex toy that Ilsa had given Madeline in Chișinău. Vladimir and Madeline laughed.

“Do you think we should try the toy this evening?” said Madeline.

Vladimir seemed to consider this as if it were the opening move in a chess tournament. He ran his tongue around his lips and smiled with a leer in his eyes.

“Yes, as a tribute to Ilsa, we should try it.”

Madeline smiled at the prospect. She hoped dinner would not take long.

For three nights, Vladimir and Madeline played with their new toy. They recreated their Chișinău routine with some upgrades and refinements that Vladimir added. When he flagged, Madeline used her Tibetan technique to spur him on. She discovered that even a master could learn new tricks from his own school.

After they had finished on the third night and were lying sweaty and exhausted, Vladimir turned once again to business.

“Sergei’s brother Viktor will be arriving in the morning. The three of us will lunch, and then I’ll be called away suddenly on business. I’ll give Viktor the key to this suite and tell him to use it at his pleasure until I return in around five days. Viktor can run whatever tab he likes at the bar, the restaurant, or with room service while I’m gone.”

“I hope Viktor is as skilled and gentle as you are.”

“No one is, my dear. But I hope you shan’t be disappointed.”

Viktor arrived on schedule at the hotel and called the suite. He was almost a younger, better-looking version of Vladimir; to the degree that Madeline imagined they could be brothers as well. When Vladimir handed him the keys to the suite and implied that Madeline came with the residence, Madeline gave Viktor one of her dazzling come-on gazes. He fumbled the keys and fumbled again trying to pick them up, clearly smitten to distraction by Madeline’s eyes. Approving of the state of affairs, Vladimir bid the two farewell and left to attend to his business.

Madeline was pleased with Vladimir’s performance. She contrived to seem somewhat vexed by his departure, but made it clear to Viktor that she was glad that Vladimir had been upgraded with a younger, fresher model. She appeared to take a keen interest in everything that Viktor had to say, no matter how boring it might have been.

“What would you like?” Viktor asked, his eyes riveted on her face.

She smiled. “Champagne!”

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