Madeline Thrives

Madeline Spruce 6

Cobblestone Press LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 24,000
0 Ratings (0.0)

This steamy sequel continues the adventures of CIA agent Madeline Spruce, CIA-certified seductress and assassin, as she is once again vectored against vicious money launderers dealing in cryptocurrency in exchange for weapons, terrorist acts, and fixing national elections. Working with her precocious protégés Mandy, Shirley, and newcomer Cecily, in Switzerland, Monaco and the United States, Madeline uses every imaginable trick of her trade to complete her mission and return to the embrace of her long-time lover and friend Daniel Porter.

Madeline Thrives
0 Ratings (0.0)

Madeline Thrives

Madeline Spruce 6

Cobblestone Press LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 24,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Madeline Spruce, certified CIA seductress and assassin, looked over her teacup at the wizened face of the CIA Director’s wife, Mrs. Arnold. The two sat knee-to-knee in the great room of the Director’s gracious mansion on the Potomac River. Since this was a command performance, Madeline could not have refused the invitation if she wanted to. Her boss, the Deputy Director for Operations, arranged it. The reason for this one-on-one meeting was technical and more private than many classified Agency programs.

Mrs. Arnold did not beat around the bush. “So Madeline, I understand from the Deputy Director that you’re an expert at the sexual technique called ‘Around the World.’ ” She paused until Madeline nodded her head, then sipped her tea daintily, “What can you tell me about this? It seems to be all the rage, at least within the Agency’s female circles.”

Madeline cleared her throat. “Ma’am, ‘Around the World’ aims to provide sexual gratification whose limits correspond with the imaginations of the partners.” She let this titillating thought sink in. Seeing the older woman’s eyes widen, she continued, “It’s popular, and for good reason. It began as an adult board game involving sex and alcohol, to assist people with their intimate explorations of each other and themselves. The board game is a hollow outline for a great many sex acts that come naturally.”

Mrs. Arnold raised an eyebrow, her lips forming an O. “Are you suggesting it’s a smorgasbord rather than a single technique?”

Madeline looked around the room at the other agency personnel. Some were standing by the historical paintings, while others were seated at the table where the petit fours had been laid out. A few stood by the French doors, looking out on the spacious greensward leading down to the river. What lay under those women’s staid and conservative appearances was anyone’s guess. Madeline thought repression might have taken its toll. Still, most women had deep feelings and sexual desires, didn’t they?

“May I be bold?” Madeline said, with her head down, suggesting she would be testing the limits of decorum of a high tea such as this to speak frankly about libidinous matters.

“My dear, that’s why you’re here.” Mrs. Arnold swept the room with her eyes and one hand gesture, smiling as if her chitchat with the beautiful young agent were just charming and delightful rhapsodies, and not about salacious sexual pleasures.

Madeline breathed a sigh and looked Mrs. Arnold in the eyes. “Well, according to Kinkly Online, ‘it may involve oral sex practices, including cunnilingus, fellatio, analingus, erotic massages, cuddling, and penetrative intercourse in a range of positions such as missionary, cowgirl and rear-entry positions.’ ”

Mrs. Arnold’s eyes were watering. Madeline turned to find the Deputy Director of Operations standing by her side, nodding in apparent approval. She had obviously heard every word Madeline spoke. When Mrs. Arnold’s eyes met the DDO’s, Madeline knew that the woman was visibly shaken at having been discovered.

Looking away quickly, Mrs. Arnold said, “Well, now! Excuse me for a moment, please, Madeline.” She rose hurriedly, careful to brush cookie crumbs off her dress. “Don’t go away! As hostess, I have to make my rounds, or the ladies will feel left out.”

While the Director’s wife made her rounds, her teacup and saucer in hand, the DDO sat in the woman’s cozy chair.

“Give her the nitty gritty,” she said. “Don’t be inhibited by who she is. She has both the clearance and the need to know.” She winked and smiled at her own joke.

Madeline nodded and smiled sadly. Why couldn’t people of the older generation just do what came naturally? Madeline’s Agency fieldwork as a seductress included targets of all ages with active libidos. Of course, her usual target was not the Director of the intelligence service of the most powerful nation on Earth.

Madeline swallowed. “I’ll do as I promised, but I hope you’ll do some blocking for me. I’d hate to have anyone else sneak up and overhear us.” She looked around the room. The top female employees and spouses of top executives in the Central Intelligence Agency were evidently enjoying their afternoon conversations. A few who had been jealous of Madeline’s conversation with Mrs. Arnold were now looking daggers at her for also being intimate with the alternately feared, admired, and hated DDO. The DDO was rumored to be next in line for the directorship upon Director Arnold’s retirement.

When Mrs. Arnold returned, the DDO smoothly eased out of the comfy chair and moved to stand sentinel just out of hearing, while Madeline continued her explanation of sexual technique.

“I have a few recommendations for maximizing pleasure while performing ‘Around the World.’ Alcohol can help lower inhibitions. The blue pill can definitely prolong erections as long as six hours, but adverse medical effects must be considered in advance. Of course, other pills are available too, some by prescription.”

Mrs. Arnold nodded and smiled as if Madeline was giving instructions for the care and feeding of her cat and not for the sexual activities she would employ with her husband. Madeline smiled when she noticed that the DDO was deftly heading off a pair of women who were making a beeline toward Mrs. Arnold.

Relieved by the enforced privacy, Madeline said, “My number one recommendation is for both parties to be well fed and thoroughly relaxed before sex. Raw oysters or rare steak can help stimulate the libido. Make sure cellphones are turned off. And warm showers are good before and after sex. Colognes and perfumes aren’t what they’re cracked up to be. Natural smells are there for good reason.”

Mrs. Arnold nodded. “Please continue, Madeline.”

“Lubricants are also good. Sex toys, well lubricated, can be used. A long, pink dildo will do nicely.” Madeline moved her hands in the air as if she were caressing one of those toys. She watched Mrs. Arnold’s face turn florid. The woman was fidgeting in her chair, but she was attentive. Judging from the pink color rising in her ears and neck and the dilation of her pupils, the Director’s wife was becoming physically aroused by what she was hearing and visualizing.

“Run through a working session for me, Madeline. Put me in your position, please, no pun intended. And have no inhibitions! No one can hear you but me.”

Madeline nodded and continued whispering, “The male, lying in bed with his erection curved upward, should be mounted from the top.”

“Ooh. Now I get the cowgirl part!” Mrs. Arnold said, clapping her hands in delight and rocking her pelvis forward unconsciously.

“Oils and gels will help his cock to slide slowly but deep inside, right to the hilt,” Madeline continued. “The trick will be to arrange your feet properly so you can maneuver while you’re mounted.”

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