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I was born and raised in the great southern state of Tennessee. In my youth, I studied nursing, and spent several happy years working in the hospitals there until I branched out into medical management in 1980.

In 1998 I was managing a medical supply house in Chattanooga when I met the love of my life. The only problem facing me then, he lived way out in Oklahoma. You see, we had met in a chat room!

He romanced me daily with love letters, flowers and phone calls. It wasn't long before I uprooted myself, and moved west to join him. We married in 1999, and then continued our fantasy romance all over the world. Together we have traveled in almost all of the Continental United States, and taken trips to Canada and China.

We moved to Minnesota in 2003, where my life was changed forever by a series of small strokes. For someone who had owned her own business and worked twelve hours a day, being incapacitated was pure torture. The strokes damaged a part of my brain that helps control speech, and for a long time I couldn't communicate what was in my mind, to my lips. I could read however, and I became an avid reader of romance novels.

Strange as it sounds, the strokes did not keep me from voicing my opinions. I discovered that I could type my thoughts, almost as fast as I once spoke them. It was then that I started writing long, lengthy newsletters to my family and friends. I got all kinds of compliments on my amusing tales of our everyday life.

It wasn't long before my husband was encouraging me to find some kind of outlet to occupy my time, something that was challenging, and rewarding. I was already obsessed with reading about romance, and I began to think I could probably write a good romantic story. My husband heartily agreed with me. With that encouragement, I began writing my first book. I wasn't really convinced that anyone else would find it interesting, but he pressed me to take a chance and send it in to a publisher. To my surprise, it was accepted, and now I'm able to share it with readers everywhere who like a "happily ever after" story.

Now, I'm living in California with my, still romantic, husband of twelve years, and our boys. Our boys consist of Beau, Midnight, and Bubba, three male cats that allow us to live with them and serve them at their leisure. I continue to write almost daily, hoping that someone, somewhere will get the same enjoyment from reading my stories, that I get from writing them.

URL: www.missymartine.com


Q: Did you always want to be a writer?

A: No, in my youth I studied to be a nurse. For several years I worked in various hospitals, then branched out into medical management. Nursing was always the dream I followed.

Q: How did you get your start in writing?

A: Back in 2003 I had a series of strokes that made verbal communication difficult for me. Since I couldn't work out anymore, I began reading romance novels. I learned that I could still type my thoughts, even if I couldn't say them verbally. At that point, I decided to give writing a try, kind of like a physical therapy. My husband liked my stories so much, he encouraged me to write the book.

Q: What do your family and friends think of you writing erotic romance?

A: I've actually had a lot of very positive feedback. The friends that I have shared my writing with are in awe that someone they know has actually been published. My family, with one small exception, has shown great support by telling all their friends about my book so they will purchase it. I do have one aunt who was less than thrilled. She responded to the news by saying, "You didn't put your real name on that did you?" She sounded so appalled that I had to laugh.

Q: What is your typical writing day like?

A: Actually, I am one of the fortunate writers that doesn't have to fit her writing around her family obligations. I don't have children, so I'm free to spend as much time as I want on my writing. I get up in the morning and fix my husband's breakfast and pack him a lunch. As soon as he leaves I just jump right in. I spend a couple of hours typing new paragraphs, and then stop at mid-morning to re-read and edit what I have already written. I usually stop for lunch around noon, then immediately go back to my writing. My husband says I'm obsessed with a story once I start it, meaning that sometimes I forget to eat, or even make dinner, when the story is flowing smoothly. I do admit that once I start a new story, I am driven to finish it.

Q: What is your writing process for a new book?

A: I start with an idea for a story, and then do some research on the Internet about the area I am setting the story in, and other pertinent details involving the story. I create an Excel file of all my characters, descriptions and short bios. Then I make an outline of how the story is to progress. I'm rather lazy, and the outline is usually written by hand on legal pads. The outline will cover from beginning to the end, not leaving anything out. Of course, the outline can be changed due to my story changing from one moment to the next.

Q: How do you get your characters for your books?

A: They come from my very fertile imagination.

Q: Do you write about your own life experiences?

A: I didn't think I did, but a cousin who recently read Table for Three said she could see shades of my childhood in that book. I had never really thought of it until then.

Q: What are your favorite types of stories to write?

A: That's an easy question. I like writing Mnage, Shape Shifter, and Vampire love stories.

Q: Was it difficult to get your first book published?

A: I didn't think it was difficult, but it was nerve wracking. I researched all my favorite sites to buy the books I love so much, copied their submission rules, and just sent it off. The difficult part comes when you have to wait weeks to get a response.

Q: Is there any advice you would give to aspiring writers who feel getting their work published is a pipe dream?

A: I would tell them to never give up. Write your stories for your own enjoyment, and send them in for the publishers to read. They can only say no, and you will always have the satisfaction of having tried. If one says no, don't be discouraged; send it in to the next one on your list. What one publisher does not like, another may think is a best selling novel.


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