Table for Three (MFM)

Table for Three 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 72,754
109 Ratings (4.2)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic May-December Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M]

Cass Abernathy is forty-three and she's getting a second chance at life, and maybe even love. She's finally divorced, after years of abuse, when she learns an unknown uncle in Oregon has left her his estate, and more importantly, his house. Filled with hope for her future and excited to have a place of her own, Cass heads west not knowing what she'll find.

What she finds are hot and sexy twin brothers intent on making her a part of their lives. It's too bad they're so much younger because they bring out feelings she's never had before.

Meanwhile, there's someone else interested in Cass' inheritance, and he's willing to do whatever it takes to make sure he wins.

Will Cass overcome her fears and open her heart to the two men who love her, and will she discover the truth about her inheritance before it's too late?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

"Cass' story came to life as a way to encourage women of all ages not to give up on finding true love, and to keep their minds open to all possibilities. After surviving an abusive relationship, she's able to open her heart to a different kind of love. She gives her heart to not one, but two sexy brothers." ~ Missy ~ A Siren Erotic Romance

Table for Three (MFM)
109 Ratings (4.2)

Table for Three (MFM)

Table for Three 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 72,754
109 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
A compelling novel that deals with the long-term effects of spousal abuse, the fear and lack of trust that seem to become a part of that person's very cell structure, and the power of love and caring to overcome that sense of losing control over one's life. Add in the fact that the heroine is a 43 year old woman, and you have the complications of believing that not only has your spouse robbed you of happiness and a sense of personal safety, but now one's chances of finding a new path that may include love and security become almost nil--at least in the mind of this older woman. Bring on the guys, and we meet twin brothers who are almost struck dumb by their attraction to this really beautiful lady--a woman who is beautiful inwardly as well as externally. Add in a greedy attorney, a young woman who can't seem to take no for an answer, and you have a novel that is riveting in its subject matter, delightful to read because it is so well written, and characters that are so well defined that they literally jump off the page. What, I ask, is there not to like about this novel? Ms Martine has demonstrated considerable skill and talent as she has applied her knowledge to the writing task, and it is a joy to read a story well told and a book so well written.
Dr. J
I read this book and loved it so much I have read it again. I have become a big fan of Missy's and would recommend this book to all!!
Debbie Bailey
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5 STARS: "Sit down with your drinks and food for substance, it will be difficult to tear yourself away from this captivating story. Missy Martine captures your heart with her tale of Cass. With the struggles Cass faces, you are overcome by the heart wrenching story of her past. Table for Three is a must read, scorcher of a book." --Emily, Ecataromance

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5 FALLEN ANGELS: "After years of abuse Cass Abernathy is finally divorced from her husband and is ready to start her new life in Mountain Vista, Oregon, a small town where her uncle has left her a house and a legacy. At forty-three Cass is ready to live quietly in her new house and love is the last thing she is looking for. Twin brothers Matt and David Carlisle own the local hardware store and have been looking for the one woman to complete their lives. When they meet the older Cass they are immediately drawn to her. Cass isn't ready for a relationship with one man let alone two, but these two will pull every trick in the book to convince Cass that she is their one and only. Table for Three is a fun romp. Missy Martine couldn't have written a more delicious pair of brothers. Cass is the right amount of insecure because of her past but is proof that with the right care and love you can overcome anything. The brothers work hard to convince Cass she is worthy of them and I loved watching Cass realize that they were grown men who knew what they wanted. I like that the point of view changed so that we as the reader got insights into the different cast of characters in this sleepy little town. I recommend this book to anyone who loves a sexy story with a great set of characters." -- Sheri, Fallen Angel Reviews

5 STARS: "The sex scenes are incredibly hot. They had threesomes, and the brothers often had time alone with Cass. There is plenty of oral and anal sex. I have to admit to rereading the final sex scene four times. It was that amazing. This story is not for the faint of heart. It is big on both romance and naughty sex. I recommend it!" -- Stephanie Rollins, BookreviewsRus

5 WHIPS: "As the bond grows between Cass and the two brothers she begins to understand just what a real relationship is supposed to be. The love that forms between them is a wonderful thing to see. Cass must learn to trust and love again. Will Matt and David be able to show Cass and convince her before it is too late? Missy Martine weaves a beautiful story in Table For Three. This story is a wonderful read and should not be missed. I was hooked from the first page. I will certainly be looking for more books to come from this author." -- Gabrielle, Bella's Erotic Reviews

recommendedread.png5 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS, RECOMMENDED READ: "The fact that Missy Martine wrote a woman in her 40's to play the heroine is delightful. Why should the young ones have all the fun! Table for Three is both touching and heartfelt. My heart screamed out for Cass. The way Missy Martine captured the character of Cass is simply brilliant. Anyone who reads this book will be touched by her bravery, and her loving heart. Matt and David are just too cute for words. The expressions on their faces when they look at Cass, as to say, "we have her now", made me laugh quietly at the chuckleheads. Even though they are young they fit Cass, perfectly. I do like the fact that there is a lot of background on the characters throughout the book. It made it easier to connect with them and grasp the story better. The closeness you feel between David, Cass, and Matt is never lacking there is intensity even when it's just two of them. The sparks that fly left me breathless. The secondary characters were strong and downright nasty, I felt myself wanting to slap Serena back in her place. Oliver just gave me the creeps from the first time he met up with Cass. Table for Three holds a lot of twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat...I enjoyed everything about this book. I have to admit I was surprised a couple of times throughout and it made the book all the better for it...[T]he overall impact of the story as a whole was truly amazing and well worth a five Diva rating. Table for Three is exceptionally wonderful! It's a book not for the faint of heart. David's, Cass's, and Matt's passion will make you quiver. Missy Martine grants us with [a] wonderful book. She is a delicious temptation too good to pass up! Missy Martine creates a world of desire and love and adds a good dose of suspense. Like a delightful drug, I seem to be coming back for more. Although I've rated Table for Three a five and given it my recommended read, I truly wish I could give it more!" -- Deb, Dark Diva Reviews

4.5 STARS: "I enjoy a book that can blend a heartfelt story with a sexy background. The backbone of the story is the traumatic hand in life that Cass has been dealt. Her own doubts in herself are realistic and show what abuse can do to a person. The author does a fine job of letting this show through in the story. Her blossoming under the care of Matt and David is heartwarming and extremely sexy. The sexual scenes sizzle. The story has many dimensions and will keep the reading interested throughout. Ms. Martine has a talent for pulling her reader into the story and not letting them go." -- Teagan S. Boyd, BookWenches

4 HEARTS: "Table for Three is a great example of my favorite fantasy, a permanent menage a trois. Ms. Martine did a wonderful job of making me believe in the fantasy. She's taken an unfortunately familiar story - a woman escaping an abusive relationship - and put a unique twist on it. I liked Cass, she was obviously trying to overcome some severe trauma, but determined to make a life for herself and not be a victim. She had obvious insecurities, but without feeling sorry for herself. Matt and David are two sexy guys who are perfect in my opinion - their strongest desire is to make the woman they love happy, whatever it takes. And they've also had to overcome some big setbacks, which makes them more complex and interesting. The pacing was consistent, and the book had a great balance of emotion, suspense, and incredible sex...If you're a fan of menage stories, this one is well worth reading!" -- Bonnie Jean, The Romance Studio

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The pounding on the bathroom door startled her.

“Cass, honey, did you drown in there?” David’s voice came through the closed bathroom door sounding amused.

“No, I didn’t drown, but I did lose track of time. I’m out now and just about ready to get dressed.”

“Okay, honey, dinner’s ready, and we’re waiting for you in the family room. Matt and I just put on sweat pants so don’t get all dressed up. Now chop, chop, time’s a wasting. If you don’t get your beautiful ass out here soon, we’ll just have to come in and get you.”

Cass swallowed hard before she replied. “That won’t be necessary. I’m coming out now, so you need to leave so I can get dressed.”

“Sure you don’t need help with a zipper or something?” David’s voice sounded amused. “I’ll be happy to stick around to offer my services.”

“No thanks, David. I believe I have everything covered. Run along now like a good boy.”

“Woof.” David laughed. “I’m leaving now, honey.” A few seconds later, she heard the door to the hall close. Quickly, Cass went into the bedroom, got her clothes from the dresser, and put them on as fast as she could. She’d already decided on a pair of sweat pants and t-shirt before David said anything. She debated briefly on not wearing a bra, but couldn’t bring herself to do it. She did put on her most sexy one though, and the matching thong that went with it. She bought a few sexy lingerie items when she had treated herself this past year trying to build her self-esteem. She’d found that just knowing she wore them under her clothes made her feel feminine and more confident.

Cass gazed at her reflection in the mirror above the dresser.

So now you're bathed, dressed, perfumed, and you’re ready to see what the guys have in mind.

She strode quickly toward the door. Reaching for the doorknob, she noticed her hands shake slightly. Gripping them together tightly, she took a deep breath and went to look for her guys.

Matt and David looked up when Cass walked through the door. Jumping to their feet, they gave her a look that made her think they wanted to eat her alive.

“There’s our beautiful houseguest. Baby, you look great! Did you find everything you needed for your bath?” Matt spoke in a sexy, low voice.

“Yes, thanks. The bath was great. It was just what I needed.” Cass’s voice trailed off when she noticed that both men had very noticeable erections tenting out their sweat pants. Feeling her cheeks get hot, she quickly looked away.

Cass saw that they made three stacks of pillows on top of a huge quilt they spread out on the carpet in front of the fireplace. A roaring fire heated the picnic area while candles on the mantle and several other tables provided the only light. The stereo played soft music. The room fairly screamed seduction.

“Come on over, then, baby. Take a seat here and let us feed you some dinner.” Grinning, Matt patted the pile of pillows between him and David.

Cass smiled when she realized that if she sat where he pointed, she’d be sandwiched between the two brothers. Taking a deep breath for courage, she walked over to the pillows he patted and gracefully sat down. Immediately, the two men moved closer to her, touching their knees to hers.

“Here, honey.” David handed her a wine goblet as he spoke. “Have a glass of wine. I guarantee it’ll relax anything on you that your bath didn’t.”

“Thanks, David.” Cass took a deep breath to calm her nerves. “So what do we have to eat, guys?” Nervously, she took a drink of her wine. Cass had never been much of a drinker, but this tasted good and seemed to warm her all over.  “This is really good, kind of fruity.”

David looked pleased. “I’m glad you like it.”

Matt leaned over to whisper in her ear. “We’ve got all sorts of good things to eat here, Cass. Why don’t you just sit back and relax and let us take care of everything?” Cass could feel his lips moving against her skin as he talked. Chills ran over her when she felt his tongue lick the outer edge of her ear. Frantically, she raised her glass and took another large drink of her wine.

“Whoa, honey, let’s take this wine just a little slower. We don’t want you passing out on the good times tonight.” David took the wine glass out of her hands and then winked at her.

He raised a plump strawberry to her lips and rubbed it back and forth, tempting her to take a bite. Cass swallowed hard and then bit into the juicy fruit. She laughed a little self-consciously when the juice dribbled down her chin, then gasped when David leaned over and licked it off.

“You always smell so good, just like strawberries. I’ve been dying to make you taste the same way." David whispered the words against her lips, then sealed their mouths together, sliding in his tongue giving her his taste to blend with the strawberry.

Cass felt Matt press into her side while his arms slid around her waist. When David pulled back from their kiss, she turned her head to look at his brother. She giggled when she saw what he was doing. He had a bright red strawberry clutched between his teeth, and he was slowly advancing toward her. Her breath caught in her throat when he got close. She knew he wanted her to take the berry from his mouth, and she wasn’t about to disappoint him.

She leaned forward to meet him halfway, and gently closed her teeth around the berry. When she bit down and pulled her half away, she only had time to chew once before Matt pulled her close for a passionate kiss.


Matt couldn’t wait a moment longer. He had to taste her. Hooking his fingers into the side strings of her thong, he slowly pulled them down. Lifting his body slightly, he continued to pull until her last remaining piece of clothing slipped past her feet. He settled his body back between her legs and felt her tremble as he ran his fingers through the dark curls protecting her sex.

I wonder if she’d let us shave her, Matt thought as he played with her damp curls.

Carefully, he ran his finger down the length of her slit feeling the moisture that gathered there. Using both his thumbs, he gently spread open her labia. Using his tongue, he traced her weeping slit, stopping to softly flick at her clit. This brought another surge of cream pouring from her. Matt began to lap it up like a man dying of thirst. He smiled when Cass pressed her hips upward, toward his invading tongue.


* * * *


David gently plucked and rolled Cass’s nipple while he watched his brother slide her thong down her smooth, silky thighs. He didn’t think it possible, but he felt his cock harden even more when he got his first glimpse of that little bit of heaven between her legs. The dampness seeping through the curly hair glistened in the light from the fire. He wanted desperately to be able to taste her essence, and for just a moment he envied his brother’s position between her thighs.

As he watched, Matt’s head lowered and his tongue swiped up and down her moist slit. A gasp, followed quickly by a moan had David’s gaze moving to Cass’s face. She looked so beautiful in her passion. Her eyes were shut tightly, and her bottom lip was caught between her dainty white teeth. As he watched, she pushed her hips toward David’s mouth and gripped her hands tightly in the quilt they were laying on.

He looked down to where his hand fondled her breast and knew he had to taste her creamy skin. Leaning over, David vigorously sucked one pink-tipped breast while massaging the other with his fingers. Carefully, he brought his teeth down and captured one erect nipple, gently tugging it away from Cass’s body. When she pushed her breasts toward the suction of his mouth, he repeated the bite on her other nipple. He felt Cass’s hands grip his shoulders tightly and he raised his head. He found himself staring into her passion glazed eyes. David took her hand and placed it between his legs, over his erection. He felt her small hand close around the throbbing hardness. It took all his control to keep from thrusting into her grip.

“Cass, I want so much to feel your warm mouth on me, darlin’. I want to see those sweet lips locked around the head of my cock. Is that something you can do for me, honey?”

He watched as she lowered her gaze before she answered. “I want to feel you and taste you, David. I want to give you what you want, but you should know something first.” Cass took a deep breath before she continued and looked into his eyes. “I’m not very good at it, so you might not enjoy it as much as you’d hoped.”

Trailing his hand across the top of her head and down to her cheek, David gently kissed Cass’s lips. “Honey, who told you that you’re no good at this?” He took her bottom lip between his teeth and bit gently, then ran his tongue over the area to soothe it. “He lied to you. Darlin’, you’re  so sexy, I’m about to burst here. Surely, you can feel how hard I am, how much I want you. You couldn’t disappoint me if you tried.”

Matt raised his head from between her thighs. “He’s right baby, you’ve made me so damn hot. I want you so much. I can barely wait to sink my cock into this wet, tight pussy. It’s gonna feel so good I may never want to leave.”

David barked out a short laugh. “Too bad bro, cause I’m damn sure getting my turn to learn the taste of this beautiful woman.” He turned back to look down into Cass’s eyes and was amazed at the depth of emotion he found there. He watched as she raised a hand to his face and caressed his jaw.

“I want to try this, David, because I really want to make you feel as good. Oh…” Cass closed her eyes and groaned.

David glanced down and saw that Matt had buried his head between her legs once again.  Chuckling, he quickly shed his sweat pants. He settled himself above Cass’s shoulder and slowly turned her head to face him.

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