[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Sci-Fi Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, shape-shifters, spanking, HEA]

Meredith Carter is lonely and just wants to find someone to love. The nice people at Galactic Nuptials assure him that some of their clients prefer male mates.

The leader of the Chaarta pride sent all their cubs into hiding with Delsin and Etu when the war started. Now, they’re all that’s left of their pride. They’re desperate for a mate to care for the five small young ones. When they find the picture of the lovely creature with long brown hair in Galactic Nuptial’s catalog, they know they’ve found their mate.

It’s too bad they didn’t read the small print. What’re they going to do when they find out "Meredith" can be a male’s name too?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Meredith's Pride (MMM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Despite not having read the previous installments in this series, the synopsis for this one really grabbed me – the gender mix-up alone seemed too good to pass up! – and while I’m happy I went ahead with buying it, I couldn’t help but feel as though I was reading the ‘highlights’ version of the novel. That sounds rude but there was so much the author didn’t capitalize on or address to the extent needed that it was a little disappointing. We never really see the mates bonding in any form; never learn why Meredith was so desperate to find a mate to begin with, and even the sex scenes – which could have been rife with tension – were fairly glossed over. It was almost as though the author had a set word count in mind and absolutely did not want to go over it – she really should have!

Overall, while I really loved the idea behind this story, I think the author rushed it a bit too much and lost the chance to make a good story a fantastic one.
Oh my gosh! I loved this book. Amazing characters and some freakin' hot scenes. Ms Martine did a fabulous job of writing this amazing story. I didnt want this one to end. Meri is a fantastic character, at times I felt so bad for him, but thank goodness he got his men. BRAVO!
Barefoot Okie
Professional Reviews

5 NYMPHS: "Meredith wants a home and love. He can’t work as a teacher because he happens to be gay. Delsin and Etu send for him, thinking he is a woman, but realize at once Meredith is their mate. The third story in the Galactic Nuptials series, Meredith’s Pride, is about lion shifters whose pride was wiped out, except for some cubs and a few warriors. I loved the surprises the author had throughout the book, and that a lot of stereotypes were shattered. I did want to slap Delsin and Etu at times, because I felt they hid their true agenda from Meredith. I was so glad that Athaw got her come-uppance at the end, though I’m not so sure I would have been as nice about it. I was also glad that, even though the other leader didn’t fight fair, things worked out well for Delsin’s pride. There was also a small surprise for all regarding several members. I don’t read a lot of male/male stories, but this is one hot story. Once you get away from the agenda that Delsin had, you get some very strong chemistry and hot scenes between the three men. It was very easy to see they all had strong feelings for each other, even as Delsin and Etu were trying to avoid them. Several references are made about Space Bride, but it is more for background purposes. I recommend readers read the whole series in order, but it is not absolutely necessary. Meredith’s Pride can be read alone. I am looking forward to more in this series." -- Amazon Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews

5 ANGELS: "All Meredith Cater ever wanted was someone to love and care for, which is what lead him to obtain the services of Galactic Nuptials. Galactic Nuptials is an interplanetary dating service assisting individuals through the galaxy in finding their mates. Meredith is over the moon when he gets the call telling him that two lion shifters, Delsin and Etu, has picked him out to be their mate. Delsin and Etu were chosen by their alpha to take the pack cubs into hiding until the war on their planet ends. Unfortunately, their side loses, leaving their group as the only surviving members of the Chaarta Pride. They learn about Galactic Nuptials and when they see Meredith's picture, they immediately call, thinking he is a woman. After Meredith arrives, they learn the truth, but things become complicated when the cubs bond quickly with Meredith and their lions demand they claim their mate. When their enemy arrives, they are forced to fight for their lives, leaving Meredith to keep the cubs safe, but will they survive? Will Meredith ever find the love he needs? The loneliness and isolation Meredith felt is something that most people can understand. His refusal to accept being alone drove him to a dating service, which many individuals would look down upon, but it worked for him! The joy Meredith felt when he was specifically chosen and as he looked forward to meeting his mate, was wonderful to experience. The situation that Etu and Delsin found themselves in was horrible, but when Delsin decided to keep Meredith to watch the cubs, denying that he was their mate was uncalled for. Even Etu was against it, but in the end, everything was set to rights. The way Meredith immediately stepped in to help the cubs showed what a remarkable man he was because most people wouldn't even have offered. The paranormal aspects added depth and flavor to this very intricate and compelling story. The growing love between Meredith, Delsin, and Etu may have a chance if they can learn to trust in their instincts and each other." -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

4 HEARTS: "Delsin, his brother Etu and a few other males, along with five cubs, are all that are left of their pride. The rest were slaughtered by a rival. The brothers are unequipped to care for the little ones so when they spy a beautiful human in a Galactic Nuptials' catalog, they send for a mate. But they didn't check closely enough to realize that Meredith Carter is actually a man. Mer wants to find someone to love. When Galactic Nuptials lets him know that he's been chosen, Mer is thrilled. He can't believe that he has two sexy men and five children to care for. But Delsin and Etu have a duty to produce cubs and that leaves Meredith out; regardless of how attracted they and their lions are to him. This is the third in the Galactic Nuptials series but it can stand alone. It's a fun and fanciful story that starts off with a serious case of mistaken identity but becomes a touching, sensual romance. Meredith has become one my favorite people. He's sensitive but has a solid core of strength. Delsin and Etu are fascinating aliens and I really enjoyed learning about their world. Part of the charm of this one is the interplay of the characters with the cubs. It's adorable. A sexy love story plays out against the danger brought by the crazed leader of another pride. Angst, action and passion combine to make for a very enjoyable read. This is my favorite book in the series so far. A great way to spend an afternoon." --Susan P., The Romance Studio

4 KISSES: "Meredith is an openly gay man who loves children and wants to be loved. He is unable to find work with children because of his sexual orientation, so he decides to focus on his love life with the help of Galactic Nuptials. Delsin and Etu have been tasked with protecting the cubs of their pride while the pride is at war. They are having trouble keeping the little ones happy so they decide to procure a mate through Galactic Nuptials. They mistake Meredith for a female and are shocked that not only is he male, but their lions want to claim him. Will the two follow their lions lead or will they decide that growing the pride numbers is more important than love? Meredith's Pride by Missy Martine is third book in the Galactic Nuptials series. This series appears to be connected by the Galactic Nuptials Agency and each story can be read as a standalone and in any order. Meredith is a great character. I loved his sense of adventure as he embarks on his journey to find love. His joy that he will be allowed to raise children and has not one but two mates is infectious. I found myself disliking Delsin. I understood why he felt he needed a female, I just didn't appreciate his methods. His change of heart was wonderful to see. The journey both he and his brother took to accepting the love they had for Meredith put a smile on my face. I enjoyed this story by Ms. Martine and look forward to reading more from this author." -- Tangie, TwoLips Reviews

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Delsin sniffed the air and came fully awake when the aroma of something tasty settled in his nose. It was his turn to cook, but someone must have taken pity on him and saved him from the arduous chore. He quickly dressed and headed for the kitchen.

He came to a halt just inside the door. Mer was standing in front of the stove, dressed in a pair of shorts and no shirt. He was humming some tune and wiggling his hips in time to the beat. Delsin felt his cock begin to fill, his lion stretching and purring inside him. Swallowing hard, he cleared his throat.

Mer turned around and smiled. “Good morning! Did you sleep well? I figured since you went to the trouble to bring all this food from Earth, I’d give you a hand and cook breakfast for everyone.” He took a step back and bit his lip. “Is that okay?”

Delsin took two steps into the room and smiled. “Absolutely, it’s okay. It smells wonderful.”

“What’s that heavenly smell?” Etu walked through the door, raking his fingers through his hair. Brother, my lion is fighting me. He wants Mer for a mate, and I’m not sure I can control him.

Delsin looked at the heat in Etu’s eyes and groaned inwardly. I know what you’re going through. My own beast is determined to claim the little man no matter what I want. We need to fight it, Etu. We need to find a female shifter that’s willing to come live with our pride so we can increase our numbers. Eventually our lions will understand this.

“That smell is the wonderful aroma of bacon, my friend. There’s nothing like starting the day with several thick slices of pig to go with your scrambled eggs.” Mer chuckled and put another pan on the cooking unit. He vigorously stirred a bowl of runny, yellow liquid.

“Man, that smells good.” Hakan walked in, followed closely by Knoton. “When are we eating?”

“Any minute now. “ Mer poured the contents of the bowl into the hot pan. “Take a seat, and I’ll bring your plates to you.” A few minutes later he was setting plates of eggs and bacon in front of each man. “Go ahead and get started. I’m gonna run and check on the babies, and then I’ll come back and join you.”

Delsin watched him walk down the hall and groaned.

“Goddess, this is fantastic.” Knoton shoveled the food in his mouth.

Hakan narrowed his eyes. “For somebody that’s not interested in taking him as a mate, the two of you are almost drooling watching him. What’s going on?”

Knoton snorted. “If you really don’t want him, would you mind if I take a stab at getting him to like me?”

In the blink of an eye, Delsin had Knoton up against the wall with his hands at his throat. “You will keep your paws off of him. Do you understand?”

Etu leaned in close. “We will end your life in a very painful way if you don’t stay away.”

Knoton grinned. “I can see how the two of you don’t really want or care about the little human.”

Delsin tightened his hands and then froze when a bloodcurdling scream came from the back of the house.


* * * *


Mer headed for the babies’ room, practically bouncing step to step. A warm glow spread throughout his body as he thought about waking up to Delsin and Etu every morning. I wonder when they’ll wanna take things further. He was certainly ready. His cock had been rock hard since they landed on the moon. He didn’t even mind about the babies. He’d always had a secret yearning for children but had buried it, believing it could never happen since he’d never been with a woman.

When he reached the babies’ room, he quietly pushed open the door. The blankets were bunched up in the middle of the bed, and he couldn’t see any of the children. He started to tiptoe closer when he heard a strange, growling noise and the covers shifted a little to the left. He bit back a scream and held his breath, rushing across the room and throwing back the blanket. Instead of those precious babies, there were five small animal cubs growling and tumbling all over each other. “Oh my God.” He took two steps back, and screamed as loud as he could.




“Oh, God.” Mer closed his eyes when first Delsin and then Etu leaned forward and took a small nipple between their teeth. Both men licked and nibbled, pulling the nipples deep into their mouths. He moaned and then gasped when Delsin tugged the tender flesh, soothing the area with his tongue.

Shuddering, Mer reached out and caressed Delsin’s nipples and rubbed his palms along his rock-hard abs. “You are so hot!”

Etu pulled Mer to his knees and then reached down and kneaded his ass, a buttock in each hand, spreading and squeezing them. His fingers crept to the waistband of his briefs. They slipped inside, skimming around his waist and delving into his underwear, the tips of his fingers brushing the head of his cock. Mer gasped, spreading his legs wider, when work-roughened hands cupped his balls.

Delsin stood when Mer reached out and caressed the swelling between his thighs. He hooked his fingers in the waistband of his pants and tugged them down, giving Mer his first look at a cock that was bigger than he’d expected.

“Holy crap! I’m not sure that monster will fit in me.”

Delsin caressed the side of his face. “Don’t be afraid. I promise we’ll never do anything to hurt you.” He ripped his shirt off, leaving his body bare, his cock hard and thick against the base of his stomach. His massive chest gleamed in the morning light, tapering down to a trim waist. The only hair on his body was a small nest of curls around the base of his cock.

Mer swallowed hard, licking his lips when Etu stood and reached for the fastening of his pants. He fumbled with the button, ripping it off in his haste. It only took a moment for him to be standing before Mer naked, his body nearly identical to Delsin’s.

Mer watched, his eyes wide, as each man fisted his own hardened cock. He groaned when they traced their slits with the nails on their thumbs, pushing in just a bit. “You guys are killing me. I need some attention.” His breath caught when Delsin leaned forward. “Oh, God,” he mumbled, and then gasped aloud as Delsin’s lips surrounded the head of his cock. He let his tongue flutter down the underbelly of his erection and then sucked the meaty flesh into his mouth.

“Damn, that feels good.” Mer groaned and pressed his groin into Delsin’s face. He shook his head quickly, heart pounding as he thrust into the fist holding his cock steady. Delsin slid his tongue from the base of Mer’s cock to the tip, stopping just long enough to tongue the slit before sliding back down. “Fuck! Your mouth is hot.”

Delsin raised his head and grinned. “I’m glad you think so.”

Mer felt his balls tighten and panted. “Can’t hold it. Gonna come.”

“That’s it, little one. Feel the pleasure. Come for me.”

He came long and hard, his cum squirting onto his stomach and covering Delsin’s hand.

Delsin trailed his fingers through the cum, and then brought them to his mouth. “Ummm, you are tasty.” He bent to kiss Mer, bringing the taste of his cum with him. He’d never experienced anything so erotic.

“Fuck me,” he whispered into Delsin’s mouth. “Want you inside me.” He brushed his lips against Delsin’s throat. “Want to feel you come inside me, filling me.”


* * * *


Delsin chuckled, pulled Mer’s legs out straight, and nipped his thigh.

Etu descended on Mer’s neck, growling and grunting, biting and licking the sensitive skin just where Mer’s neck met his shoulder.

Don’t bite him, brother. Get control of your beast. Delsin licked his way up Mer’s legs and flicked his tongue across the tip of his cock. “I’m going to fuck you so hard.”

Mer groaned. “I hope you’re planning on using plenty of lube before you try and squeeze that monster in me.” He sighed when Etu bit down on his neck.

“Your lube is not necessary, Mer.”

“What?” Mer tried to get to his feet. “No way are we doing this dry.”

Etu grabbed Mer’s shoulders, pressing his chest against Mer’s back while Delsin moved between his legs. They both buried their faces in his fragrant hair.

“We don’t need lube.” Delsin licked his jaw. “Our bodies produce a substance when we’re aroused that lubricates our partners. It has an agent in it that blocks any painful sensation you might feel. I promise you’ll like it.”

Mer leaned back and stared into Delsin’s eyes. “Seriously?”

Delsin nodded. “I swear this to you. I’d never willingly bring you pain, little man.”

Mer let Etu pull him back on the bed, leaving his legs dangling over the side. Delsin slid down and sucked one of his balls into his mouth and tugged, smiling when the small man jerked, his legs coming up to rest on Delsin’s shoulders.

Delsin coated his fingers in the secretions from his own cock and then found Mer’s puckered hole with his finger, pushing in slowly. He groaned when the small man lifted his hips to meet the pressure of his hand. When he felt the ring of muscle clamp around his finger, he pushed Mer’s legs back to take his lips in a hard, deep kiss. His mate grunted when his finger brushed over the small mound of flesh inside his rectum. “Mer, I need you to feel every inch of me inside you.”

Mer lifted his hips and giggled. “So fuck me.”

Delsin groaned when the laughter washed over him, a deep, sensual sound he felt in his balls. He worked two more fingers into the dark entrance and then grabbed his cock and pressed it against the hole, slowly pushing down. Delsin was moving, rocking his hips slowly, cock hard and balls heavy as he pierced Mer’s body with deep, gentle strokes.


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