Nysys is a member of the paranormal council, but he knows no one actually takes him seriously. When Morin Glass asks for help and protection, Nysys takes the opportunity and asks Dominic to be assigned as the man’s bodyguard. He never expects to find out Morin is his mate, but he has no intention to actually tell him. He knows they’re too different, their worlds miles apart.

Morin has taken his father’s place as the head of the Glass Research Company even though he didn’t want to. He’s horrified by what the man has done and intends to work with the council to make things as right as they can. He has a problem, though. A killer is after him, and he needs help.

Nysys and Morin slowly grow closer as the days pass, but the killer is never far away. They also have to deal with Rayford Glass’ trial and hostile council members. Will it be enough to tear them apart before they really have a chance at happiness?

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Cover Art by Latrisha Waters

Nysys pushed all the ingredients in the blender. “This is gonna be sooo good, you’ll see. I found the recipe on the internet.”

Keenan and Jayden looked at him from the other side of the counter. “Are you sure about this?” Keenan asked.

“Of course I am. You know I’m not that bad in the kitchen anymore.”

“Yeah, it’s already been a month since he last made something explode,” Jayden piped up and Nysys glared at him.

“That was an accident.”

“You forgot the pressure cooker on the stove!”

“That’s what I said. An accident. This is much easier, I don’t even have to cook anything. It’s just a smoothie.”

Nysys dropped the last strawberry in the blender and grinned at his friends. “Here we go!”

“No, wait—”

“You forgot the—”

Too late. Nysys hit the on button and the blender came to life. Right in his face.

Nysys screamed and tried to push the button to turn it off, but his eyes were covered in the red mixture that had come out of the blender and he couldn’t see anything. “Oh my god! I can’t see!”

“Turn it off!”

“Help me!”

The three of them were screaming, the blender was still roaring, and fruit pulp was still spewing out of it. Nysys wiped the strawberry from his eyes and squinted. He finally located the off button and pressed it. The blender stopped, and along with it, the other men’s voices. The silence that followed was eerie and Nysys turned to look at his friends.

He laughed.

“What’re you laughing at?” Keenan yelled. “This isn’t funny!”

Nysys pointed at the other man’s once neat shirt. “You should see yourself. It is funny.”

“It’s not! You ruined my shirt!”

The three of them were a sight. While Nysys was the dirtiest one, having taken the brunt of the blender’s attack, Keenan and Jayden weren’t far behind. The three of them were covered in red goo, just like the counter, the cabinets, and part of the floor around them.

“I can’t believe you forgot to put the lid on it,” Jayden said, his voice calm. He swiped a finger on his cheek and stuck it in his mouth, humming at the taste. “It’s good, though. Not liquid enough, but good. It’s more like mashed fruit, really, and I still think you should add a bit of vanilla to it. It would taste even better, and I’m sure vanilla is good for the skin too. Or if you don’t like vanilla, maybe you could try something else. What about cinnamon? Or maybe—”

A blob of strawberry landed on Jayden’s lips, effectively shutting him up. Keenan snickered. Jayden glowered at him and scooped another blob from the mess on the counter, then threw it at Keenan.

It landed on Keenan’s cheek. Keenan froze, narrowed his eyes, pointed at Jayden and said, “This is war.” He reached into the blender and grabbed a handful of strawberry-banana-coconut milk mix. He threw it at Jayden, but the weasel shifter had already disappeared under the counter. When Keenan didn’t find him, he turned to Nysys.

Nysys held his hands up. “Hey, I didn’t throw anything.”

“No, but you’re the reason this happened in the first place.”

“It’s not like I did it on purpose!”

“I’ll give you that.” Nysys sighed in relief, but Keenan wasn’t done. “It doesn’t mean you’ll escape from this, though.”

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