Finn has been free from the lab for months, but he still isn’t happy. After finding out his mate didn’t want him, he went back home to his tribe, where he is once again beaten and ignored. The mansion is the only place in which he feels safe, if only he didn’t have to face the mate who doesn’t want him…

Bryce has been heartbroken since Keenan left him. He was sure he didn’t want Finn as his mate, but finding out that the Nix is being hurt changes that. He knows he will have to grovel for Finn to forgive him, but he will gladly do that and much more to insure that Finn is safe.

While they find their way to each other, Finn uncovers a secret that might tear him apart. Will Bryce be able to win Finn's trust and keep him safe?

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Cover Art by Latrisha Waters

Right now Finn was looking at the t-shirt Keenan had bought him. It seemed that the man had decided to be the one to do the basic shopping for those who arrived at the mansion without clothes, like Derick. The wolf often wore the t-shirt Keenan had bought him, the one that said “Who needs tits?” on the front and “When you have an ass like this” on the back, and Finn had hoped Keenan would have bought him one that was more…sedated. He had already been shopping with Bryce after all, so he didn’t really need other clothes, but it was a gift, so he couldn’t refuse it.

Grabbing the thing, Finn took it out of the bag. Keenan was bouncing on his feet next to him, waiting to see his reaction. He was just like an excited puppy waiting for approval.

The shirt was blood red with black writings that said “Mostly human.” Okay. It wasn’t that bad, even if Finn usually wore darker colors like black and dark green.

“Mostly human?”

“Hey, it’s funny because it’s true!”

“But no one should know that, Keenan.”

Keenan shrugged. “Well, it’s still funny because we know it’s true.”

Finn couldn’t find it in him to tell the guy he didn’t like it. It wasn’t even that he didn’t like it, it was more that he was perplexed, but he would still wear it.

“Thank you.”

Keenan waved. “It’s nothing. If I had enough money I would buy one of these for each member of the pride.” Keenan plopped down on the bed “So. Are you two mated yet?”

Finn blushed. He didn’t have problems with Keenan anymore other than a little jealousy, but he wasn’t sure he could talk about his sexual life with him yet, or ever. It made him uncomfortable to think that his mate had had sex with the man in front of him, but Keenan was like that. He probably didn’t see what the problem was.

“Umm, no, not yet.”

“Why not?”

“Keenan, leave him alone,” Bryce said as he entered the bedroom and gave a quick kiss to Finn. Finn let out a breath, happy at having avoided that particular question.

“Okay, okay, I’ll leave it to you. I’m going. I have a date anyway.” Waving, Keenan exited the room, leaving Finn alone with his mate. Bryce sat down next to him and hugged him tight, and Finn took a moment to bask in his mate’s scent.

“Don’t you want to know?” he asked Bryce, his face still hidden in the man’s neck.


“Why we’re not mated yet.”

“I’d like to, sure, but I figured that if you haven’t told me you probably want to keep it to yourself.”

“Just like that?”

“Just like that. We might be mates but it doesn’t mean we have to say everything to each other. Sure, I want you to tell me the major stuff, but you’re allowed to have your secrets.”

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