Sleeping with the Band

New Dawning International Bookfair

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 10,000
4 Ratings (4.3)

(gang bang / menage)

LOCATION: Monterey Pop Festival, 1967.

SCENE: A beautiful woman named Carol, a five piece band named Maidenhead, a motor home and desire.

RESULT: An incredibly, erotic, quinte-sensual experience.

After playing the set of their life, at the Monterey Pop Festival, the five members of the Maidenhead become mesmerized by Carol, a mysterious beauty who shows up at their motor home asking to use the restroom. As the night moves on they toke a little grass, shed a few clothes and get to know each other. It's The Summer of Love and they want her for sure and it's looking more and more like she wants them. Will she? Dare she?

Sleeping with the Band
4 Ratings (4.3)

Sleeping with the Band

New Dawning International Bookfair

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 10,000
4 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Kayden McLeod
I wish it was longer, but it was still a lively and fun read. One of the best written multiple partner menages I've read.
Professional Reviews

Reviewed by Nattie, Siren's Song Reviews.

My Notes:

I really didn’t think a book that only had 42 pages, could really pack a punch. Then I read it. I was never more glad to be wrong about a little book like this one.

Quick Summary:

Carol is at a concert when something happens to the main band that was supposed to play; instead the opening band was asked to play in place of them. They kicked ass. When it was all over, Carol, seeing their tour bus, knocked on their door to ask if she could use the bathroom as the others are all full. She had gotten soaked with beer and really needed to change. When she enters the bus, she doesn’t realize they can see right through her soaked top. The boys in the band start making plays for her, and she decides to take them back to her hotel room. And so it starts the beginning of a well played out orgy.

Quick Review:

When I read Erotica, I mostly read one on one or a ménage. This was a full blown orgy, and I haven’t read an Erotica orgy so well played out in a very long time. It was hot, hot, hot, for a little book it managed to cover all the right parts, (haha get it right parts) sorry that was me trying to be funny, back to the book. It was without a doubt worth reading, and once again the boyfriend faired out pretty good after I read this book. J Enjoy…..I know I did.

Def a 5 star and it's so damn smoking hot, it'll burn ya!

Reviewed by NOT NOW...MOMMY"S READING, Reviewer: Kristen
Like this novella, this is going to be a short review. Playing with The Band takes the reader into one woman's night where she decides to let her inhibitions go, takes a walk on the wild side, gets high and does five guys...and I'm not talking burgers and fries y'all hear! This short erotica had ME blushing and I love, I mean erotica. From the minute Carol takes those young studs back to her hotel room, the rest of the novella was an imagination sensory overload. Towards the end it was almost too much and I was just as dizzy as Carol! There is a little bit of depth in the story as well. You see right after this wild Hangover-esque night, Vietnam kicked off and three of the young men got caught up in the draft. Two went into the military, one went to Vietnam but didn't make it home, one dodged, one went to college and was deferred for a medical issue. The lead singer went on to compose a song for a movie about that night with Carol, which earned him a Grammy award...and you would never guess who the actress was that presented him with the Grammy and starred in the movie? Carol!

As for the author Dee Dawning, you nasty little perv you! I officially crown you my King of, Erotica! I kneel at your feet forever your loyal subject!

Let me tell you, Dee Dawning will have you holding your breath, gasping in shock, then have you hot and cold all at the same time! I was huddled over my Kindle looking over my shoulder and giggling like a naughty school girl. I LOVED it!

I will give you fair warning though, if you aren't into extreme forms of erotica, like menages and gang bangs, then you might want to skip this one. We wouldn't want to offend your delicate sensibilities would we. *snicker, snicker, wink, wink.

Rating: Four & a Half Bathing Ladies

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As Carol closed the door, Al let Zach have it. "Why the fuck didn't you tell me there was a chick with you?"

"Why the fuck didn't you put your clothes on before you opened the door? What were you doing—choking the chicken?"


The other band members apparently heard their exchange because they wouldn't glance his way or Al's, but they had grins on their faces.

The only place to sit was the banquette. Al sat across from Zach, his back to the others. He glanced over his shoulder at them, then turned back and leaned forward. "Who is that girl? She looks like a fucking model or movie star," he whispered."

Zach shrugged. "Some asshole threw a beer on her and she wanted to use our restroom."

"Yeah, she was all wet. Great rack. Is she by herself?"

Hogan tossed a spitball at them and hit Al in the head. "No secrets, guys."

"Al was just asking if she's alone."

Petey asked, "Why Al? You wanna fuck her?"

Al turned sideways. "You wouldn't?"

Rossi laughed. "A guy would have to be brain dead or a fag not to wanna tap that prime USDA meat."

Hogan stood and started pacing. "Fuck, I get hard just thinking about her. Do you think she would? Make it with any of us, I mean? If she would I would do anything—anything she wants."

Zach nodded. "Yeah, I would, too. Hell, who wouldn't. I don't know? She did say we were great looking guys."

Petey asked, "You really think so. You really think one of us has a chance to score?" He intertwined his fingers and bent them back, the way he did when he got ready to play the keyboard. "I'd start by running my fingers over her fabulous tits."

Rossi elbowed him. "I keep telling you, Petey. Girls like to fuck as much as guys. I wonder what she's doing in there."

Zach leaned back into the corner so he could see everyone better. "Well, it's a given she took that wet blouse off. After that I don't know.

Hogan rubbed his hands together. "I'll bet she's putting in her diaphragm so she can fuck all of us."

His brother smirked. "In your dreams, dickwad."

"Calm down, guys." Zach raised his hands.

Petey wrapped his hands behind his head. "Maybe we should draw straws in case she does want to fuck one of us."

Rossi frowned. "C'mon Petey. If she wants to fuck one of us, don't you think she'd pick who it'd be?"

"You're right," replied Hogan, "I'd sure like to stick my tongue up her cunt. I'll bet her pussy juice tastes like ambrosia."

Petey frowned. "What's that?"

Zach answered, "It's the nectar of the gods. It's from Greek Mythology. You'll probably learn about it when you start college."

Hogan nodded. "That's right. It's supposed to be the most heavenly tasting thing you can drink. I'll bet Zeus and Eros and the rest of his band-mates up on Mount Olympus got ambrosia from hot little sex-kittens like Carol."

Zach laughed. "And I'll bet it made them drunk with lust, like us."

* * * *

That's it. Warm, tingling sensations coursed through her. Carol pushed her fingers deeper and squirmed. Just listening to those horny guys had her climbing the walls. She felt like fucking, too—did she ever. But if she did, who would she pick? Zach, Hogan, Al, Rossi, Petey? They were cute, and if they weren't cute, they were sexy.

She'd heard enough. She pulled her hand from her slippery, wet pussy, sucked her fingers clean, sighed and stepped out. "Hi, I'm back. I hope you don't mind my appearance."

Every single one of their mouths fell open.

Petey cried out, "Jesus, get a load of those choice tits."

Her nipples were at attention and taut. She bit her tongue. "Sorry, I didn't have another blouse to put on."

Watching them watch her as they licked their lips and adjusted their hardware, thrilled and aroused her to new levels. She winked. "Besides…it's not like you all didn't already take a gander at my breasts through the wet top."

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