Spurs and Heels (MF)

Divine Creek Ranch 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 70,810
95 Ratings (4.6)

[#369 Siren Everlasting Classic: Erotic Cowboy Romance, sex toys]

Ash Peterson falls for her the moment he lays eyes on her. She’s a stereotypical city girl, from her manicure to her high heels. Judging by the sparks that fly between them, he knows there’s a fire burning deep inside the blue-eyed beauty. But department store manager Juliana Meyers is thrown by her attraction to Ash. Everything about this quintessential cowboy sets her on edge, from his Stetson and mutton chop sideburns down to his dusty boots and spurs. All he’s gotta do is walk into a room with those damn things jingling and she’s putty in his hands.

When Ash unintentionally injures Juliana, he feels that it’s his responsibility to look after the hoity-toity redheaded workaholic. He pushes her to reexamine her perfectionist lifestyle, but it’s hard for Juliana because she’s used to doing things her way. Can she learn to relax and let him lead?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Heather Rainier is a Siren-exclusive author.


Spurs and Heels (MF)
95 Ratings (4.6)

Spurs and Heels (MF)

Divine Creek Ranch 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 70,810
95 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
This series is so awesome to read! I cant get enough from these characters. Heather has done it again!
Barefoot Okie
I loved it.
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5 HEARTS: "First off, let me assure you that the cover of this book alone will get your heart racing, not to mention the wonderfully detailed description of our hot and sexy cowboy, Ash. While this novella is short on pages, it is long on character development and hot steamy sex. Full of variety, the author does not leave you guessing as to how these two sizzling characters enjoy each other. Ash is definitely a dream. Not only can the man cook, change a dressing on a wound, love his woman creatively, plans a romantic interlude, but the man can dance! The fifth in the series about the decadent but definitely respectable folks out near the Divine Ranch leads you to want to read the others, but don't worry, if you haven't read any of them it won't prevent you from loving this book. All of the characters are reintroduced, but the main story focuses on Ash's slow destruction of Juliana's work wall that she has managed to build around her. Strong characters, fast storyline, and in depth plot will have you cheering for Spurs and Heels." -- Susie Q., The Romance Studio

The Romance Review

5 STARS: "SPURS AND HEELS is the latest book in the Divine Creek Ranch and is my favorite so far! I loved Ash and Juliana as a couple and really just could not get enough of them. Ash sees Juliana at the Divine Creek Ranch and instantly falls for the fiery redhead. He seems to have a knack for ticking her off though, and darn if seeing her pissed off at him doesn't make him want her more. He doesn't let her anger stop him from going after her, although he seems to be doing more apologizing than wooing. Juliana is definitely uneasy about her attraction for Ash, and he seems to be able to make her angrier than anyone else. So, when Ash accidentally injures Juliana, she's not sure that she wants the hot cowboy taking care of her. But as he does such a wonderful job, she's starting to see that maybe she doesn't always have to be in control. Juliana and Ash are just about perfect. The city girl and the country boy. I don't think I've seen a couple that set off such sparks. Underneath all that anger and irritation, it was obvious that Juliana wanted Ash so bad she could taste it. And, Ash's easy going attitude was the perfect counterbalance to Juliana's type-A personality. It was pretty comical though, the way he kept putting his boot in his mouth. He couldn't get anything right when it came to Juliana in the beginning. I'm chuckling just thinking about it. The relationship between Juliana and Ash certainly gets off to a rocky start, but they soon settle into quite the routine together, and it's good for both of them. The love scenes were erotic, steamy, but extremely sweet. You could see the depth of emotion that they both had for each other, even before they said the words. This book is the fifth book in the Divine Creek Ranch series, which follows people who live on and around the ranch. While it is part of the series, it can easily be read as a standalone. But I guarantee that if you read this book, you'll want to go back and read the others. The characters in the series are fantastic and are written in a way that makes you care about them. It was nice to visit with the characters from other books to see how they are doing. There's extensive world building that is fantastic in this book and the others in the series. It makes the area of Divine its own little world and a place that I want to visit again and again. I love when a series revisits previous couples and characters. It gives me a more well-rounded picture and gives a glimpse of what happens after that happily ever after. So, SPURS AND HEELS is another great addition to the Divine Creek Ranch series. With its perfectly matched couple, fantastic chemistry, amazing world-building and great characters, I don't think I could have asked for anything better." -- Rho, The Romance Reviews

"As always, Ms Rainier has succeeded in telling a wonderful story, developed the characters of Ash and Juliana in such a way that the reader feels that they are real people, living just a bit down the road. Their struggles to re-configure their lives--to make some way of reconciling Ash's life as a ranch foreman with Juliana's drive to succeed in a non-ranching occupation, to come to some kind of acceptance that she needs to live unobsessed is the core of the tale that flows beneath all the action and the narrative. As in the other novels in this series, their romance is very erotic and these are two characters who are lively and passionate, who both want to experience a love that can withstand the challenges of any life situation. Set within the context of other characters that have been introduced in previous novels, Ash and Juliana's love story not only stands on its own merits but is a part of this community of people who are connected to the Divine Creek Ranch. And as Heather herself says in one of her interviews, these characters have lives and hearts that are as big as the country they live in. All her characters demonstrate that none of us lives apart from the people who exercise their influence and presence in our lives. And even though this couple are the focus of this book, their love is celebrated as a part of the wider community. One of the on-going scenes in all Heather's novels is the fact that all these women love to dance. Gathering at the Ethan Grant's club, The Dancing Pony, Grace, Rachel, Rosemary, Teresa, and Juliana all love to get out on the dance floor and let the moves loose. Their men love to watch them, too. It is one of the grace-filled moments in these novels that I enjoy as much as any others. It just seems that Heather has filled this and all her novels with men who truly love and appreciate their women, who protect them and surround them with a kind of love that is empowering and heartwarming. This novel is no exception. I am really looking forward to reading the next novel in this series and am curious about the characters whose story will be highlighted--I am sure we have already met them somewhere. And they will, as do all the heroes and heroines, delight and entertain. Don't miss this really wonderful novel!" -- Dr J's Book Place

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Juliana stood for a moment gazing at him, clad in heels, stockings, garter and black lace push up bra and G-string. Ash twirled his finger as he sat up on the side of the bed, and she slowly turned for him, her breath catching when she felt his fingertips trace over her hip, gently squeezing her derriere.

Ash drew her to stand between his spread knees. Her breath left her in a rush when his fingertips slid up the backs of her thighs, gliding under the garter belt to grip each cheek of her ass. He brushed his lips over her abdomen.

She slid her fingers into his thick hair, and he tilted his head back and kissed the underside of her breasts. He held her as though she was precious to him, and it made her heart feel like it was swelling and throbbing.

She was barely aware of it when her bra and her garter belt came loose. His fingers were at the lace tops of her stockings, but she was too caught up in the feel of his lips and his facial hair against the sensitive flesh of her breasts. She moaned in anticipation when she felt his fingertips slide down the cleft of her ass, pulling her G-string aside to run a fingertip through the wet arousal between her thighs.

He lifted his face from her breasts, hooked the waist of her G-string in his fingers, and pulled it off quickly then groaned so deep it inspired orgasmic tremors in her cunt.


He held her hips and looked his fill for a few moments, at her in her high heels and stockings.

As he gazed at her clad that way, with her breasts and mons bare, except for her neat patch of auburn curls, she felt a wave of boldness come over her. She trailed her fingertips over his cheek and reached into the night table drawer and withdrew a condom and the bottle of lubricant.

“I’ve wondered all night, since you asked me to model what was under my dress with my high heels on, if you’d treat me like a piece of fragile china, or if you might fuck me the way a man fucks a woman so she knows she belongs to him.”

As she said it, she turned and sauntered to the end of the plush king-size bed, placing the two items on the bed beside her. His eyes were riveted as she placed one hand then the other on the mattress then placed both knees spread wide apart on the end of the bed and knelt there in a sitting position until he rose and came around to her.

He bent down to kiss her as she leaned back and rested her head against his bulky shoulder, looking up at him as he fondled each breast with his work-roughened hands.

“You know what you’re asking for, darlin’?”

“To be fucked hard? Yes. I do.”

“Your wrist?”

“Healing fine. I can take whatever you can dish out, cowboy.”

“We’ll see.”

He thought she couldn’t handle his rough edges? She loved a challenge. Juliana could handle rough with him because she knew he’d never take it too far and would stop at the first word from her. She trusted him.

“Why don’t you break me in gently. We’ll see where we end up.”

She leaned forward and slid her forearms over the quilt, baring herself to him until she was resting on her elbows, the weight completely off her injured wrist.

He stood behind her for endless seconds as she took her time getting into position, smiling at what must be going through his mind as he watched her, dressed only in her stockings and high heels, her ass tilted up to him.

When she was in the perfect spot, she then lowered her shoulders and cheek to the quilt. She arched her back in blatant invitation, her breath stuttering when she felt her pussy lips part with the action, making herself completely vulnerable for him.

Her thighs were already damp, and he could probably see her juices coating her pussy, which was clenching in needy contractions.

Moaning at the feel of his hand on her ass as it slid down to her slick pussy, she watched over her shoulder as he quickly shed his clothes, dropping them all around him in his haste. Her heart hammered as she heard the foil wrapper tear and the bottle of lubricant pop open. Ash groaned as he spread lubricant over his cock. “You’ve got me so hot, darlin’. I’m not going to be gentle with you at all.”

She bit her lip as his declaration caused more moisture to rush to her clenching pussy.

“Damn, darlin’.” His tongue suddenly made gluttonous contact with her cunt. “That’s exactly what you want, isn’t it? Want me to fuck you hard?”

“Yes!” she pleaded, an edge of desperation in her voice as she felt another spasm and wondered if she wasn’t experiencing a mini orgasm every time he opened his mouth. His tongue and lips played with her for a minute until she begged. He teased more juice from her, making her buck against his mouth, his mustache prickling and making her pussy even more sensitive.

“Want me to fill you full of my cock?”

“Yes, Ash, please!” she begged, wiggling her ass at him.

“Mmm, I love to lick this pussy. Know what I love even more?” he asked, sounding like he now stood behind her. She gasped harshly at the sudden presence of his thick cock at her clenching opening.

“Oh, baby, what?” She cried out as the tremors started deep in her cunt and vibrated outward to her lips, trying to grip him and draw him in.

He groaned loudly as though he felt her reaction to him. “I love fucking this pussy, darlin’.” He grasped her roughly and whipped his hips hard, slamming home in one hard stroke.

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