Sweet Captivation (LoveXtreme)

A Bride for Eight Brothers 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 24,349
53 Ratings (4.2)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Sci-Fi Ménage Romance, F/M/M/M/M/M/M/M/M]

Unable to return to the ice planet due to her pregnancy, Mikayla is left on Earth with Lachlan while the rest of her husbands complete their contract. But an unexpected midnight visitor causes concern. He's injured, frightened and offensive, but he's also Matt's twin brother, Bryce.

When Brock is injured and stranded at the bottom of a snow crevice, Lachlan is called back to the ice planet to help rescue his brother. He has no choice but to leave his wife's safety in the hands of a man he barely knows.

But when trouble comes looking for Bryce, will Mikayla end up in the line of fire?


NOTE! You are purchasing Siren's newest serialized imprint, the LoveXtreme Forever Series. This is Book 2 of 6 in the A Bride for Eight Brothers collection. These books are not stand alone. Each is a continuation of the previous book and must be read in the numbered order. Each book may end on a cliffhanger but usually with a happy-for-now for the heroine and one or more men. The final book contains a happily forever after for the heroine and all her men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Abby Blake is a Siren-exclusive author


Sweet Captivation (LoveXtreme)
53 Ratings (4.2)

Sweet Captivation (LoveXtreme)

A Bride for Eight Brothers 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 24,349
53 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I loved this series.
Barefoot Okie
This second episode in this Series brings in the elements of suspense and imminent danger to Mikayla. It also introduces the readers and Mikayla to the eighth brother Bryce. It is a fast-paced novella and will satisfy not only those who enjoy polyamorous relationships but the spice of undercover law enforcement and the bit of jarring that comes when matters don't move along in expected ways in the story.
Dr. J
Professional Reviews

5 FALLEN ANGELS: "Because of a perverted law on the ice planet where prostitution was legal and pregnancy was outlawed, Mikayla was unable to remain with her seven husbands while the men finished out their contract. Mikayla was not too happy to be stuck on Earth, pregnant with only Lachlan to love. While on Earth, Mikayla finally meet the eighth Davidson's brother, Bryce, who had been estranged from the family for the past ten years due to his horrific criminal actions, when he showed up unannounced in the middle of the night on their doorstep wounded and terrified. Even more surprising to Mikayla was that Bryce was Matt's twin brother! When Bryce discovered that Mikayla was the wife of his seven brothers, badly injured or not, he was determined to leave by doing whatever he could to get Lachlan to toss him out. But Mikayla saw through his tricks and convinced Lachlan to allow his younger brother to stay and heal from his wounds. Then, a few days later, the unthinkable happened. Lachlan had to return to the ice planet to assist in the rescue of Brock who had been injured and stranded at the bottom of a snow cleft leaving Mikayla all alone with Bryce. When a medical emergency strikes, forcing Mikayla and Bryce to the hospital, will everyone recover from the tragedy that results from the urgent situation? Finally! The identity of the eighth brother was revealed and there was more than meets the eye to Bryce Davidson's personality. His character was a mysteriously complex one with deeply buried secrets and a sadness that made me just want to hold him close. I really admired how once she recovered from the shock of discovering yet another brother, Mikayla successfully wormed her way into his heart and uncovered the true reasoning behind his actions ten years ago. And, more importantly, she was able to reunite the all the brothers with Bryce - not to mention gained another devilishly handsome husband in the process. There's not much more to be said without giving away the plot of Sweet Captivation other than the storyline moved at an exciting, rapid pace and the sex with Mikayla and her men was just as wickedly enticing as its predecessor novella. I can't wait to see what's in store next for Mikayla and her men. There is never a dull moment to be found." -- Contessa, Fallen Angel Reviews

4.5 CHERRIES: "Abby Blake has created a series that is unique and intriguing, with characters that are fascinating and fun to read. The books in this series do not stand alone, and must be read in order. I enjoyed meeting each of Mikayla’s seven men in book one, and this one brings us the eighth brother in the family. On a future earth, where polyamory and polygamy are legal, and rather commonplace, Mikayla and Lachlan are staying put, while the rest of her husbands are finishing out their contract on the ice planet where they met. Because of some twisted laws on the planet, prostitution is legal, but pregnancy is outlawed. Since Mikayla is currently four months pregnant, she is sitting on earth until the baby is born. When a wounded man shows up at the door in the middle of the night, Mikayla meets brother number eight, Bryce, twin of Matt. When he discovers that Lachlan isn’t alone, and that Mikayla is wife to his seven brothers, he does everything he can to get Lachlan to toss him out. Bryce is the family black sheep, and they believe he is a murderer. But Mikayla sees through his tricks, and realizes he is basically good. When Lachlan has to return to the ice planet to rescue his brother Brock, he entrusts Mikayla’s safety to Bryce, in spite of his misgivings. Can Bryce protect Mikayla from harm? When a medical emergency strikes, can the husbands accept what happens? Can Mikayla bring Bryce back into the family fold? I love this world. Ms. Blake has built, a combination of Earth of the future, and new and unexplored planets. Each of the characters has a distinct personality, and every one is delicious in their own way. Mikayla is frustrated in this one, with only one husband at her side, Lachlan. He is being overly protective, and she’s had all of it that she can take. When brother Bryce shows up, she is shocked, because none of her husbands ever mentioned an eighth brother. When she spends time with Bryce, Mikayla sees in him the same qualities that made her fall in love with the other seven men. Bryce is not what he appears to be. There are some mysteries to him, both in the past and now. Not even his brothers know the truth about him, and what he’s done for the past ten years. Yes, he is handsome and sexy, just like the rest. But there is a sadness to him, and a gentle caring that sees to it that Mikayla is taken care of above all else. I loved watching as Mikayla found her way into his heart, just as she did with his brothers. I am looking forward to the rest of this series, and I recommend it to those science fiction fans who like their stories hot and sexy, with a side on danger and mystery to them. But these must be read in order, so be sure to read Mikayla’s Men, book one in the series." -- Holly, Whipped Cream Reviews

4 HEARTS: "Six of Mikayla's seven husbands have to return to the ice world where they first met to finish out their contract. A planet where pregnant woman are not allowed. So Mikayla and her eldest husband, Lachlan, remain on Earth. Three weeks into their enforced isolation, an unexpected, and unwelcome, visitor arrives. The black sheep of the family, Matt's twin, Bryce. The brother no one had ever told her about arrives injured, in pain, and running from something he doesn't want to talk about. While all the brothers view him as a criminal and want him back out of their lives, Mikayla's kind heart wants to believe he's something more. In Book 1 of the A Bride for Eight Brothers series, Mikayla met the Davidson brothers, seven of them. Now, in Book 2, Sweet Captivation we find out the secrets of the mysterious eighth brother! Abby Blake takes us from sweet romance to danger and intrigue. And like her other books, this one's a keeper. Great plotting, wonderful characters, sexy men, and spicy sex. Add in a missing husband, danger at the doorstep and pregnancy problems, you have a wonderful story. Mikayla is feeling all the hormones of pregnancy and the weeping that comes along with it. All mothers have dealt with that emotional roller coaster and Blake defines it perfectly. The mysterious brother looks, and even sounds, like her far away husband and she reacts as any of us would. With confusion and tantrums, wanting what she can't have. As with her other novels, Blake makes each character come alive and remain true to their different personalities. This is a real challenge when your cast contains one woman and eight men. The series should be read in order, so look for Book 1, Mikayla's Men. The next book will be Wild Fascination due in May 2011. I can't to see where the Davidsons go from here." --Kathy F., The Romance Studio

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“But I want to come with you,” Mikayla said, trying to hide the fact that she felt like a five year old throwing a tantrum. She was being unreasonable, she knew it, but somehow couldn’t seem to stop herself. “I don’t care about your contracts. I want to be with my husbands.All of my husbands,” she added when it looked like Peter was about to be the voice of reason. She didn’t want reason. She wanted her own way. She barely refrained from stamping her foot like a recalcitrant child.

It was very clear to her on an intellectual level that they were trying to protect her, but thanks to pregnancy hormones her intellect and swinging moods just didn’t seem to align. Hell, she should be grateful not to have to return to that horrible, icy rock laughingly called a planet. It may have been rich in natural resources but it was about as inhospitable as a place could get. So were the people. Add the fucked-up laws that outlawed pregnancy but not rape, and the three hundred to one ratio of men to women, and it was the last place she should want to go. Nobody had even bothered to give the planet a proper name. It was just known as M723gc.

“Honey,” Matt said quietly as he pulled her into his embrace. “I’m sorry that we have to leave you so soon, but we need to finish the job. It’s not just about the money. It’s also a matter of honor. We signed a contract. We should see it through.” She squeezed her eyes closed, trying to will away the stinging in her nose and the tears in her eyes. Damn it. She knew they wouldn’t leave her behind if they had any other choice, but that didn’t mean she had to like it.

“And besides,” Lachlan said as he pulled her from Matt’s embrace. “I’ll be here keeping you so busy,” he said with a wink, “that you won’t even notice the others are even missing.”

Mikayla saw Brock stiffen at Lachlan’s choice of words. They’d all treated her like spun glass ever since she’d announced her pregnancy, and it was starting to grate on her nerves. Never had she felt so loved and protected and so goddamned frustrated in all of her life. Hell, maybe she should stamp her foot like a five-year-old. Maybe then she’d get one of Lachlan’s heavenly spankings.

A shiver of arousal wound through her as memories—Lachlan’s pampering, Brock’s bondage play, John’s amazingly talented tongue, Matt’s need to be in charge, Ryan and Ty’s playful lovemaking, and Peter’s gentle devotion—wound through her memory. She wanted to melt into their arms and demand that none of them leave her, ever.

But even as the thoughts and memories and sense of impending loss conspired to bring her to her knees, Matt held her cradled against him, soothing her with his solid warmth and gentle touch.

“Sweetheart,” Ryan said as he pressed up against her back and kissed her neck gently. “Let’s not spend the next three days fighting. I can think of far more pleasurable ways to spend our time together.” Matt kissed the top of her head, moving away to make room for Ty to take his place. Pressed between the twins, Mikayla felt a small measure of peace. It was only four months—four long, depressingly lonely months—but she’d survive somehow. She glanced at Lachlan, feeling a little guilty for her thoughts. He’d be here with her, but in some ways that made her worry more than anything. Of all the brothers, her relationship with Lachlan was the least comfortable. She loved him dearly, but their connection seemed more rooted in the physical aspect of lovemaking and Dom-sub play than any sense of companionship. Considering that he’d yet to touch her, even casually, since she’d announced her pregnancy, she felt very unsure of his feelings.

“Hey,” Ty said as he lifted her into his arms and began walking toward his and Ryan’s living quarters. “Concentrate, darlin’. Ryan and I are going to make sure you don’t forget who your favorites are.”

She laughed then, the sadness lifting a little as Ryan pressed a kiss to her lips and then turned to open the door.

“Favorites, huh?” It had been a running gag for a while now. Even knowing that she loved them all individually in different ways, the brothers had been happily one-upping each other with claims of being her favorite husband. Ryan and Ty at least were willing to share the title.

Only a few weeks ago Ty would’ve dropped her unceremoniously into the middle of the bed, but of course now that she carried their baby, he placed her in the middle of the bed gently. She wanted to growl in frustration—she was pregnant, not dying—but was quickly distracted by Ryan as he slid onto the mattress and kissed her like there was no tomorrow.




“Make love to me, please, Lachlan. I promise that I won’t let you hurt me.” When he looked unconvinced, she reached up to graze her teeth against the underside of his jaw. “I’m barely seven weeks pregnant. The baby is smaller than my finger nail. Please, Lachlan, you won’t hurt me or our child.”

Feeling his capitulation—and the growing erection nestled under her ass—Mikayla tangled her fingers in his hair and dragged his head down for what she hoped was a control-stealing kiss. He resisted for a moment, but then groaned and thrust his tongue into her mouth. Over and over, he plundered her moist recess, relearning her shape, refueling her hunger. She writhed in his lap as she reached for the buttons on his shirt. Instantly needy, her fingers shook with her intense arousal, and she only managed to fumble a couple open before Lachlan lifted her away from him and arranged her on the sofa on her hands and knees.

He lifted the skirt she wore and dragged her panties to pool at her knees. She moaned as he caressed her ass with his warm hand. “Are you comfortable, sub?” he asked, the voice pure Dom.

“Yes, Lachlan,” she replied quickly. She was so turned on she could feel her juices already gliding down her legs. Her arms quivered with her excitement, and she could barely breathe, but she felt very, very comfortable, and oh, so fucking horny.

She wiggled her ass, trying to get him to spank her, but he chuckled and moved his hand down her thigh. Mikayla sighed quietly and tried to hide just how irritated she felt. She’d forgotten this part. Whenever she’d pushed him just a little too far, Lachlan always responded by slowing down the love play.

He’d once tied her over a spanking chair and then sat beside her caressing her ass for at least twenty minutes while he finished the end of the book he’d been reading. By the time he’d taken his whip out of the cupboard she’d been ready to explode in more ways than one. Arousal shivered through her at the memory, and she felt her pussy squeeze tight and leak more cream down her thigh.

“What are you thinking about, Mikayla? You’re on the verge of orgasm, and I haven’t even smacked this delicious ass once.”

She thought about lying but realized he would probably pick up on that—Lachlan was an expert in body language—so she settled for a half truth. “My last spanking, Sir,” she answered quickly. As much as she enjoyed the bullwhip on her ass, she knew there was no way Lachlan would use it while she was pregnant, and she had no wish to break the mood at this particular moment. She was so close to being spanked she could almost taste it.

The first slap was barely a tap on her cheek but she stifled the sigh and waited for another. The second wasn’t much better but the third made her squeak with surprise. It was much harder than the first two, maybe not as hard as usual, but certainly closer to what she needed.

“Lachlan, please,” she begged, forgetting that he would likely slow the action even more in response. But today, for whatever reason, he gave her what she asked for and smacked her ass and thighs over and over until she was moaning in ecstasy and shaking with the need to come. Only the fact that Lachlan hadn’t given her permission held the climax at bay.

Two fingers pushed into her wet pussy as a rough hand caressed the heated flesh on her ass. “You look so pretty like this,” he said, moving his hands slowly. “Your ass is such a lovely shade of pink, and your pussy is swollen and weeping for my cock.”

She moaned at his words, a sensual haze fogging her brain and narrowing her focus to only this one man. “Please,” she begged as he finger fucked her in slow, lazy motions. “Lachlan, please.”

She wriggled her ass, trying to force him to move faster. But he withdrew instead. She half-growled, but the hard slap on her thigh stopped the noise. God, the things this man could do to excite her. She quivered, her arms shaking, her breath catching, her pussy pulsing. Again he slapped her, and again. “Come for me,” he growled as two fingers squeezed her clit.

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