Purposeful Liaison

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 14,000
0 Ratings (0.0)

A collection of five erotic stories with mixed and varied themes.

Purposeful Liaison by Shermaine Williams

When work calls her husband back from their romantic island holiday, Charlotte is left to enjoy what's left on her own, rather that reigniting the lost passion of her marriage. Her sudden abandonment soon registers on the radar of Matthew, a well-toned holiday-maker looking for company during his stay.

His persistent attention soon wears down Charlotte's resolve, and a late-night invitation for a drink releases more passion than she can possibly control.

Alice and the Red Queen by Jean Roberta

When a young student takes on the job of gardener for an erstwhile tennis star, gardening is not the only activity to leave her hot and breathless. The Red Queen soon sets her sights on the nubile employee and enters into a game where domination is the ultimate prize.

As the game begins, the temperature starts to rise as the former tennis queen samples the many new delights that await her in the intimacy of her well-maintained grounds.

Serial Satisfaction by Cathryn Cooper

Michael can't wait to indulge in his affair with his best friend's wife. In the seclusion of a lay-by Crystal waits for her lover, but has demands of her own in mind.

As Michael revels in her sensuous affection, Crystal takes him to the brink only to stop.

A girl needs commitment and that's exactly what she wants. Crystal wants Michael for herself, not to be shared with his wife. As Michael ponders his next move, he soon learns an important lesson, that Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned.

Shared Experience by Lynn Lake

The saying goes two's company and three's a crowd, but is that always the case?

David is desperate for Amy to join him in realising his yearning for a threesome.

Reluctant at first, Amy eventually succumbs to his wish and arranges for the arrival of the additional party: the voluptuous Cassandra. With her appetite whetted, Amy soon becomes a willing participant in David's lustful scenario. However, her involvement is always going to be on her own terms, whatever they may be.

Sweet Dreams by Jade Taylor

Horny, frustrated and eager to get her toy boy home to the bedroom, Ellie must first lure Greg away from the nightclub. However, the easy distractions of youth interfere with her intentions, despite her most determined and seductive efforts. However, fate works in mysterious ways, and an after hours invitation to Greg's friend Adam's home provides her with a golden opportunity. Employing the power of her sensual allure, she teases them both only to enjoy a return that doubles her delight.

These stories have also been published in Ultimate Sins ISBN 9781905170999

Purposeful Liaison
0 Ratings (0.0)

Purposeful Liaison

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 14,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Elizabeth Ponting

Fixing her with his piercing eyes, he flashed a cheerful smile before walking away; she breathed a sigh of relief when she was sure he was out of earshot, and only turned to glance in the direction he’d gone after a few minutes had passed. He was slowly sauntering up the beach, the sinewy muscles of his back ripping. Shaking her head, she marvelled at his impertinence – no doubt, he thought he was God’s gift.
Resolving to try to avoid him, she lay back down, enjoying the sun’s rays caressing her body.

Looking at her watch, she was in two minds about what to do. Not that she minded eating by herself, but she had no doubt that Matthew wasn’t the type to give up easily, and would probably insist on joining her if he was down there.
She stood considering her reflection; though she would never consider cheating, it was nice to think that she was desirable. Nicholas barely seemed to notice her; he was always busy at work or too tired from work.
Telling herself she was being ridiculous, she immediately left the room, before she had a chance to change her mind; there was no need for her to hide away, nothing was going to happen, she was just being silly.
Having slowed before entering the dining room, she had been able to scan it and saw no sign of him and, thankfully, she managed to finish her meal without having seen him at all.
Somewhat triumphantly, she returned to her room and walked over to the window to gaze out into the darkness, wondering what Nicholas was up to. However, a knock at the door a few minutes later quickly ended her musing. Though she had no idea who it could be, she didn’t ask, and immediately opened the door, eager to satisfy her curiosity.
‘Good evening, Charlotte.’
‘Hello, Matthew,’ she said tentatively, inwardly congratulating herself on being right about him.
‘I wondered if you’d like to join me for a drink.’
‘No, I don’t think–’
‘Please. I’m on my own; I’d just like a bit of company.’
His pleading gained him a doubtful look.
‘We don’t even have to go downstairs,’ he said quickly. ‘We can go to my room and raid the mini-bar.’
She looked at his face and wondered whether she was just being rude, maybe he was just lonely.
‘It’s okay, we can raid my mini-bar,’ she relented, opening the door further.
‘Thanks.’ He stepped past her into the room, brushing his hand against her hip in the process. Though she felt the touch, on the basis that she believed it to be accidental, she didn’t mention it.
‘What would you like?’ she walked over to the mini-bar after directing him to take a seat on the bed.
‘Whisky, please.’
With her back to him as she poured the drinks; she could feel his eyes boring into her and tried to decide what to say to let him down gently if he tried anything. Though she really wasn’t in the mood for a drink, she poured herself one anyway before turning to hand him his.
They clinked glasses and he downed it while she put hers down to turn the desk chair around to face him; by the time she sat down, he was putting the empty glass on the bedside table.
‘So, how are you liking Barbados?’ he smiled.
‘Oh, it’s wonderful, so beautiful and the people are so warm and friendly.’
‘Yes, it’s quite a romantic place.’
‘Hmm,’ she smiled timidly before looking down at her hands.
‘I never would have left you here by yourself.’
Incredulous, she looked up to find his intense gaze fixed on her, as if he could see into her.
‘Look, Matthew, I’m not sure what your intentions were, but I’m married...happily married.’
‘Yeah, I’ve seen your husband. He doesn’t strike me as a passionate man.’
Her mouth fell open as she stared in disbelief.
‘And I think you’re a woman that needs a lot of passion in her life.’
Outraged, she flew out of the seat, trying to ignore the fact that she could feel her face colouring. ‘How dare you! You know nothing about me or my husband and have absolutely no right to say that to me!’
With that, she stomped across to the room and flung the door open, trying to make the hand that was holding the handle stop trembling. ‘Get out!’
Unhurriedly, he got up from the bed and walked over to where she stood, stopping directly in front of her, forcing her to look up at him. ‘See? There’s some of that passion.’
Enraged by the taunt, she attempted to push him out of the door, but he caught her around the waist and swung her in front of him, making her lose her grip of the handle and pushed her back against the heavy door as it closed of its own accord. Her hand shot out, grasping for the handle, but he took hold of it and raised it above her head, holding it against the door.
He held her firmly and she couldn’t release her wrist from his grip, she looked into his striking eyes as he silently considered her face.
‘Get off me!’ she ordered, through gritted teeth.
‘After you tell me whether that wimp you call a husband can satisfy you.’
He pressed his body against her and made her gasp as she felt his hard cock pressed against her belly.
‘Tell me,’ he whispered, bringing his face close to hers. ‘Tell me that he can make love to you all night.’ His lips hovered an inch away from hers. ‘Tell me that he can make you climax over and over. Tell me that just looking at him turns you on. Tell me that he can get you dripping wet.’
She didn’t know what to say; she was breathing hard, hearing his voice over the whooshing sound in her ears, her body got heated, her heart was pounding, he was so close, she could smell the whisky on his breath; her clitoris was throbbing.
She said nothing, he brushed his lips against hers and she submitted to his soft lips and ran her tongue over them before sliding it into his warm mouth, tasting the whisky and moaning into his mouth as his cock twitched against her, desperately seeking his tongue.
Still holding her wrist, he ran his free hand up her thigh, sliding her dress up in the process, and made her gasp with surprise as he roughly pulled aside the thin material covering her pussy; one of her arms was free, she could have pushed his hand away, but didn’t.
Still holding her knickers aside, he left her disappointed as he pulled away from the kiss, wanting to watch her face. Only once he was looking into her eyes, did he plunge his finger into her wet pussy, making her cry out as her muscles tightened around him.
‘Are you wet for me?’
She looked at him through hooded eyes, not knowing what to say, not knowing why he was teasing her.
‘Are you thinking about me or your husband?’ he whispered, brushing his lips against hers as he spoke.
Breathing hard, she pressed her lips against his, hungry for his mouth, but he pulled away as he began stroking her swollen clit, making her lean her head back against the door as she sighed with pleasure. She couldn’t believe how good it felt, she didn’t want him to stop.
He briefly crushed his lips against hers. ‘Who are you thinking about?’
Again, she failed to answer, she knew that she should say her husband, but if she did that, he might stop.
Watching her face, he pumped his finger into her wet cleft as his thumb rubbed her clit, making her body buck as her moans increased.
‘Tell me.’
‘Oh, God …you… I’m thinking of you,’ she panted.

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